You Won’t Believe The Ridiculous Reason This School Was Locked Down


Ignorance. Ignorance about guns is the main cause of people’s fears about guns. And make no mistake about it: ignorance is rampant.

Case in point: A elementary and middle school in East Manatee, Florida were locked down recently because someone saw a history teacher bring in a replica of a flint lock rifle to show students. Keep in mind that this replica of a Civil War era gun does not work (i.e. does not shoot), and it’s muzzle loaded.

So, some ignorant person panicked and called 911. Over a muzzle loaded rifle. Daniel Jennings gives us more details:


Middle school principal Randy Petrilla said the incident was a misunderstanding.

“A teacher at our school brought in a Civil War era rifle for a demonstration in their class,” Petrilla told the Bradenton Herald newspaper. “This teacher had previously notified the school [resource officer] that he would be bringing the rifle to school. As he was bringing the rifle into the school this morning, someone saw him and reported it to law enforcement.”

Think about how ridiculous this is, how ignorant about weaponry that the caller felt seriously threatened by a weapon that you couldn’t load fast enough to get off more than a shot or two in the whole time that you used it if you were going to be psychotic enough to attempt a school shooting.

Now, granted, Nancy Pelosi would probably call it an assault weapon because you could swing it around to hit several people at a time with it than you could load it an fire it. Not that Pelosi’s ignorance is any justification, but she is a prime example of fear born out of ignorance.

If people want to stop being afraid of guns, then they need to get some training on how to use guns, how to care for them, how they actually work and what threat that they actually pose.

The problem with those pushing gun control is that they have no idea what they are afraid of. They are just terrified of a bogeyman in their own mind that they have labeled “guns.”



  1. To express things honestly, it all boils down to a blatant desire for control, for power, a desire to rule others to the greatest extent possible. Others may differ with the above stated view, that is up to them.

  2. The anti-gun crowd goes to bed at night after locking all the doors and windows (those that can be opened). Then the set the alarm system, make sure the night light is on, turn off the lights and lay their in the dark, staring at the ceiling, and listening for any sound that seems out of the ordinary. Then they turn on the lamp, check the closet to make sure nobody is hiding in there, and check under the bed for the boogeyman. All that instead of having training and a handy pistol. They are so afraid that they can not think rationally. After all, who in their right mind would believe that by banning weapons, the bad guys would do away with theirs? Who would believe that just because there is a law, all the weapons will disappear? That’s worked so well in England and Australia, as well as cities in our own country. Who would believe that with firearms gone, people would cease killing others? That they wouldn’t use some other means? Humans started out killing each other with sticks and stones and they are still killing each other. Terrorists once used guns and bombs, and today they have added trucks. What’s next from the anti gun people? Will they seek to ban trucks?


  4. This what happens just prior to to a country that is about to lose their FREEDOM. Which we cannot allow to happen in this country!!! Remember Van Jones? He is the one that said: Everyone is their place, we are ready to go, Bottom up,, Top Down….. He said that to a rally of young people just prior to Obama becoming President.

  5. I see total control coming. And we the people will hand it to them. Too many smug people on both sides. Man is such a failure. But don’t tell him that. Lord no.

  6. A reason they are called SNOWFLAKES. They are so ignorant of guns that they can’t recognize a flintlock. And the idiot principal and “resource” officer knew too. They just couldn’t risk trusting a socialist who is terrified of guns and did not trust the obvious FELLOW TEACHER to not be a danger.
    So now they all know. This snowflake does not trust ANYONE.


  8. I have owned shot and hunted all my life since I was 12 yrs old. They had a test on line last night on different types of guns. I got a 95 out of a possible 100. I am 82.

  9. Ahhhhh Yes ! The incontestably intelligent and OH SO morally superior beings that are endowed with the knowledge by the Creator that they must watch the great unwashed closely and see that they follow, to the tee, the ridiculous rules they have put upon them !
    Or, if you prefer, a bunch of nosy, holier than thou, bastards, minding everyone’s business but their own.

  10. The gun-phobes think that guns are evil talisman that cause people to become evil because they know but refuse to acknowledge that they can not be trusted with a gun.

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