“Drive-Thru” Gun Thieves Share Their Informed Opinion…


I suppose the only question we should be asking criminals aboutCoffee drive thru sign with reflect from glass window getting guns is “Do you want fries with that?”

As gun-grabbing liberals keep trying to find ways (sometimes silly) to pass more and more gun legislation, these 10 “drive-thru” criminals from a recent KHOU-TV news report gave their opinion…

They could care less.


They’ll just take the guns, according to the report on Guns N’ Freedom:

It was all caught on surveillance video.  A group of at least 10 masked thieves used a pick-up truck to break into a gun shop in Houston.

Footage shows the Ford F-150 being used to simply rip the doors off the building, allowing the thieves to grab upwards of 50 firearms.

Just in case you thought crooks just got all their guns from that make-believe “gun show loophole” this video should provide some clarity as to how little these low-lifes care about gun laws.

Disarming the law-abiding public just makes it easier for the criminals to arm themselves and do their thing.  They (the criminals) don’t give a hoot about Obama, Hillary, and their gang of gun legislation obsessed politicians.

Insanity has been quoted as “doing the same thing over and over again … but expecting different results.”

So when are Obama and the bunch going to stop being insane?



  1. It has NEVER been about safety or reducing the number of killings. England and Australia have proven that gun confiscation DOES NOT WORK. It STILL remains that they ONLY reason any of these people push for gun control is 1. Obeying their bosses, ONE WORLD ORDER. 2. Stupidity.

  2. Mr. Roberts. Your posts is correct , and on so many levels. 1930’s , just for instance, Adolph Hitler , Mussolini , and a guy name Joseph Stalin ALL passed laws to confiscate guns, “for your own protection”, then they set up their dictatorships , shortly thereafter. Fidel , Mao , Papa “Doc” Duvalier , and others paid attention , and followed suite.
    One need only to look to New York ,Massachusetts , New Jersey and some other states to see this alarming trend.
    Take away the guns , control the press , and control the air waves = ONE WORLD RULE>
    George Orwell , Ayn Rand , WHERE ARE YOU!

  3. “Gun control” is not about lowering violent crime. They do not what to lower violent crime they want to make the population scared and dependent on the government.

  4. The anti gun types might sing sweet songs, but push coming to shove, their first desire is to do away with the LAWFUL ownership/possession of firearms, that Virginia being the beginning and the end of the story.

  5. The left will propose that a sign be placed noting the all thieves MUST fill out a registration form. That will solve the problem.

  6. If anyone was to be honest about the people that do all the shootings( mass shootings), they’re all democrats! Even that kid that shot up the church, is a left leaning upbringing. So to put a stop to the gun violence is to take the guns from criminals like in Chicago and outlaw all the democrats from owning a gun! Problem pretty much take care of it.

  7. Hmmm …. Australia does have tight gun laws however it already had a low death toll from gun violence prior to the gun controls put in place by a previous Australian Prime Minister John Howard due to the Tasmanian Port Arthur murders committed by lone gunman Martin Bryant – see the gunman’s detail at the below link -https://www.google.com.au/searchq=who+was+Port+Arther+gun+man&rlz=1C1AZAA_enAU746AU746&oq=who+was+Port+Arther+gun+man&aqs=chrome..69i57.12016j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
    Australia is a unique circumstance regarding gun laws as we do not have second amendment rights under our ‘constitutional monarchy’ system of government i.e we are not an independent Republic.
    I suggest you do not loose your American second amendment rights as this is your last line of defense against the 2 corrupt ideologies that are attempting to invade your country by stealth. Note: we are in the same situation over here!! – your left wing ‘demodogs’, schools and the MSM ideological propagandists are not helping

  8. The liberal left only wants to harass law abiding citizens because they know we wont hurt them..if they went after the real criminals they would probably get their arses handed to them..cant have that now can we ?..sarc

  9. Would like to see just once the media go after the criminals with firearms
    Not the law abiding owning them.
    To get criminals weapons. Send the Chicago swat teams to problem areas
    Of the city, every street corner with 5 hoodalums nets u at least 5 illegal
    Guns. Do something about it instead of just talking, get off your asses and
    do it.

  10. Criminals use firearms unlawfully, so a few of our elected elite assume that ALL gun owners are capable of committing crimes with guns. There ARE laws that carry a separate sentence for crimes INVOLVING a firearm – IF it was ever enforced. It used to be a mandatory (NO parole) sentence for the possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. THAT INCLUDED bank robbery, home invasion or any other crime whether the gun was used or not. The “make more laws”, is useless if the laws are NOT enforced. The crooks should also be responsible for the damage done to the property. NO mention of the “race” of the thieves or whether or not they were gang members…. ????????

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