What Do You Do If Crime Is Up 27%? If You’re In The U.K., You Do Something Ridiculous


I like many things about the U.K. I’ve always been a fan of British music. My wife and I drink tea. I like castles. But I think the Brits have gone off their rocker when it comes to many of their political policies.

For example, gun amnesty was tried in the U.K. in 2014. If you’re not familiar with the term, “gun amnesty” means that you can hand in a firearm to police, and they won’t automatically charge you with the crime of having a gun (though, if you committed another crime with the weapon, you might face charges later). People handed in over 6,000 guns at that time.

This should have solved the crime problem in the U.K., shouldn’t it? But, no, crime has risen in the U.K. by¬†27%. That’s not a typo. So, what does the government want to do? Have another try at gun amnesty. Because, you know, it worked so well the first time.


Now, why would any sensible person give up their firearm? Well, in the U.K., you might do it to avoid prison. Alix Culbertson writes,

Detective Chief Superintendent Jo Chilton, head of Nabis, said: “Perhaps you have a gun that has been handed down through the family or you have found a firearm in your loft or shed which has been gathering dust and you had forgotten about.”

Illegal possession of a firearm can result in a five year prison sentence. If you are found guilty of possession with intent to supply, it could lead to a life sentence.

Now, you have to ask, who determines if you intend to supply someone else with a firearm? And the answer is: the people who want you disarmed anyway. So, for those living in the U.K., if you plan to pass on your firearms to your children, don’t let the police know. You could end up with a life sentence.

This is the most wrong-headed, backward thinking about guns that I’ve ever encountered. Simply ridiculous. Folks in the U.K. need to stand up and vote these foolish anti-gun politicians out of office, or they may find that, when they need their gun to protect themselves, they won’t have it. And that will be too late.



  1. The world is lost. The people are gutless to stop it. Here in the U.S. we are headed towards the same thing.

  2. Nonsense! Everyone knows they can trust the government. Everyone should take a couple of minutes and read an overview of a highly acclaimed, well researched and documented book that proves beyond a doubt just how far everyone should trust their government. That overview can be found by Googling — Death by Government by R.J. Rummel.

    You will see that turns up a website at the University of Hawaii. They have an excellent website dedicated to this book. Click on it, read the information, and you will understand why the Founders were so lacking in their trust of Government – any Government.

  3. And it appears that despite the blatant failure of such programs, the 27% crime increase if that number is correct, British Officaldom seems immune to learning from experience.

  4. You just can’t fix stupid why don’t they try giving everyone a gun and watch crime drop but that would make sense there’s only one agenda for you to be their slave

  5. It’s not just the Brits, the Aussies have had much the same experience
    I figure as soon as Our 2nd Amendment rights are taken away we’ll start getting deluged with ‘refugees’ just like Europe

  6. George Orwell once wrote that the gun belongs on the wall of the British household and added, ” It’s our job to ensure that it stays there!” Between that and Britain’s spy cam overload, he’d probably think he’d awoken in hell if he could see Old Blighty now.

  7. Do the Brits not remember a rather minor historical event that the rest of us know as WORLD WAR II?
    Do they not remember that bloke Hitler and the fact that the UK was his invasion target AFTER he leveled London and other cities on the island with V-1, V-2 and bomber attacks?
    Maybe they should talk to a few of their neighbors in France and Belgium and Poland to find out whether they would rather have the option to have firearms or not.
    Australia is another prime example on how gun control has worked.
    It’s not about the guns, it’s about the control.

    • No, they don’t. I’d guess that more than 50% of their population is either too young to have been there, or migrated from some other country, with a hop[e of taking over when they outnumber ethnic Brits. Either way, they’re not long for this world. Side note: They also choose not to recall that they lost a colony (thirteen, actually) that threw them out BECAUSE they had guns to do it with.

  8. It has been a fact for some time now, that gun control does not stop crime and killings. What the Government means by gun control is, control over every aspect of people’s life. There is no better way to accomplish that than through gun control and health care. Obama wanted to it that way and the democrats are still trying to do it.

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