This Pistol Aims To Make Guns Great Again

Photo courtesy Cabot Guns

Our current President is controversial to many people in America. What is clear, though, is that his successful Presidential campaign to “make America great again” appealed to many voters including gun enthusiasts.

To celebrate that enthusiasm, Pennsylvania-based Cabot Gun Company has decided to release a limited edition firearm. The weapon? The Trump 45. Susannah Breslin writes,

Behold the Trump 45, the Rolls-Royce of firearms made for Donald Trump supporters and Second Amendment fans.

It’s finished in 24 karat gold, made with real meteorite, and has the blessing of the NRA.

Could this limited-edition 1911 pistol engraved “TRUMP 45” make presidential firearms great again?

Whether you are a Trump fan or not, for the collector, this sounds like a beautiful weapon, though, you’ll need to be a high roller to purchase one of this limited run of forty-five weapons because the price tag is expected to run between $15,000 and $35,000 per pistol, with some as high as $50,000.


Still, for that premium price tag, you get a unique weapon. Breslin continues:

In addition to its gold finish, the Trump 45 has its name engraved on one side and “45th President of the United States on the other and is made of steel “to aerospace tolerances and with artisan finishes.”

The grips are made from the American holly tree, and the trigger and front sight are made from 4-billion-year-old meteorite that, according to a statement released by Cabot Guns, symbolizes the “meteoric focus of the Trump Presidency and commitment to America.”

Love him or hate him, Trump has had an impact on America and on American politics. For some people, this pistol is another example of what they would consider Trump’s extravagence, but for firearm collectors and Trump aficionados, this pistol is a wonderful opportunity to get a gun that very few other people will ever even lay eyes on.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind getting a feel for one of these pistols in my hands, too.