This Is The Type Of Gun Control That Actually Saves Lives


Anti-gunners have the concept of gun control completely backwards. They seem to believe that the only people who should have guns are criminals and law enforcement who are only able to show up after they’ve been notified that a crime has occurred. In other words, anti-gunners seem to think that gun control is about keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding people who would only shoot someone else in self-defense.

But a recent story from Florida tells us the kind of gun control that can actually save lives. What is this kind of gun control?

Real gun control is using your gun to protect people, and it is hitting what you aim at.


In the case of Robert Lorenzo Bailey, Jr. of Cocoa, Florida, he was what was being aimed at as armed civilians intervened as he tried to murder people. Chief Joseph Lasata said,

Mr. Baily had multiple magazines on his person.  He was intent on doing harm. The employees stepped up and prevented customers, employees, and other vendors who were in the business at the time from sustaining further injuries. They did a good job.

[hat tip to here for the source]

Before the armed citizens intervened, unfortunately, Baily had shot two people, killing one of them. But, here’s the thing, if the other two employees who had been armed had not stepped in with firearms, how many more people would Baily have killed in his rampage?

That’s the statistic that anti-gunners don’t want to talk about: where someone at the scene of the crime (other than the criminal) is there who is armed, the number of people who die in that incident are much fewer. That is the truth of the matter: guns save lives because gun control and background checks aren’t keeping those with evil intent from committing evil acts.

So, I’ll stand by this statement: Real gun control, the kind that makes sense, is using your gun to save lives and hitting what you aim at.



  1. Anti gun communist simply do not believe in national security or self defence they truly love being raped an sober they simply want some other country to invade and take over they simply do not realize the more rights you deny others the more rights you deny yourself

  2. The true INTENT of the Second Amendment is in the writings and correspondence of the men who constructed and signed the Constitution. Their INTENT was for citizens to be armed and carry their arms freely. ALL laws relating to firearms ARE unconstitutional. The SCOTUS knows this and this is why they refuse to hear, and therefore rule, on cases involving the freedom to “bare arms”.
    Global Government Supporters in corrupt action.
    My wife and I carry EVERYWHERE we go that does not have a metal detector. When I walk by the Gun Free Zone signs, I smile and think where they can put those signs and the sun never shines there.

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