Are Anti-Gunners To Blame For “Rape Culture?”


Today we’re going to talk about feminism. Not in the extreme way that so many in the media use that term but in the way that the definition of that term really means: the idea that men and women should have equal rights. And, just to be clear, this includes the right to not be harassed (especially not sexually harassed) because of your opinion on a topic.

But some anti-gunners, it would seem, don’t believe that women have the right to have different opinions from them. In fact, some anti-gunners believe that it is acceptable to sexually harass pro-gun women. Stephen Gutowski writes,

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, four prominent pro-gun women detailed the deluge of vitriol and attempted intimidation they face. Each shared their own experience with death and rape threats as well as threats and hatred directed at their children. Each explained how they’d been forced to involve law enforcement during credible threats to their safety.

To make this situation even more infuriating, these women “have had to alter their daily lives in order to minimize the risk that someone angered by their advocacy might find their homes or where their children go to school.” That’s right, these women felt that both they and their children were in danger of physical harm because they support gun rights.


Where is the outcry by feminists about abuse of women? Where is the media outcry about “rape culture?”  It’s not there. In fact, the national mainstream media probably won’t ever report this type of story. It wouldn’t fit their narrative because this situation shows that anti-gunners are promoting rape culture.

And you don’t have to be pro-gun to be offended by the message an anti-gunner posted on a pro-gun woman’s facebook wall. He wrote,

It’s a f&%king shame you weren’t killed when that scumbag raped you, you f&%king despicable, lying, lowlife, Right-Wing, Neo-Fascist C*^T!

Note that I edited the above quote for language; the guy who posted actually used the unacceptable swear words.

How would you feel if your wife, your daughter, your sister, your friend received a message like this simply because they supported the right to carry a firearm to protect themselves from assault and rape? Ironic, isn’t it, that the violent wishes came from a “peace-loving” anti-gunner?

No matter your position on gun rights, no matter your position on feminism, I think we can all agree that this type of abuse is never acceptable and should not be tolerated. It’s exactly the kind of people like that guy on facebook which makes women want to train with and carry firearms, and I think every woman should.



  1. If we don’t take the responsibility for this kind of anti-women/ human, vitriol then more women will be assaulted or die because of it. More women should train and protect themselves and their children.

  2. I believe in the 2nd amendment. ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS with no record of arrest, domestic violence, mental disorders,etc, should be able to carry a firearm if they choose to. If they are attacked, shoot to KILL. That will end the violence in this country if only by attrition. Gun control is hitting what you are aiming at…….

  3. if you attack the left on twitter or are pro-gun they will shut your account down. but do nothing to the nasty abusive people that berate you on twitter. in there socialist/communist twisted minds that’s ok!!!! they anti-gunners socialist communist are all scum and prevents!!!!! time to fight back!!!!

  4. I highly recommend that all women receive instruction on firearms and carry. When I was conducting classes for women I stressed that they aim for center mass, the same as was taught at the police academy I attended back in the 80’s. That will end the threat instantly, and in many instances permanently.

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