More Teachers Are Willing To Consider Carrying Guns In Class


If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, then you’ve seen a few pro-gun comments supporting statements from people like President Trump that we should consider arming teachers with firearms to prevent future mass shootings at school. Of course, you’ve probably seen a boatload of people on the other side arguing that teachers don’t want to be armed. So, what is the truth?

The truth is more nuanced than just blanket statements. Kasey Hansen is a special education teacher in Utah said,

I was honestly scared of guns. I thought that they would just randomly go off, and that they were dangerous.

That’s not too much of a surprise as so many people graduate with a college degree in left-leaning politics (regardless of what their diploma says) which dictates that guns are dangerous by themselves. So, your anti-gun friends are right about some teachers not wanting to carry firearms.


But that isn’t the case with all teachers. In fact, Hansen feels differently about guns now for a very good reason. She says,

I did not go into teaching thinking about a shooting in my school. But holing up inside a classroom and hoping the shooter doesn’t see you didn’t seem like a good idea. So I decided to take a class to get a concealed carry permit.

In other words, Hansen decided that she wanted to carry a firearm for personal protection, just like so many other Americans and like an Ohio teacher who says,

When you have these shootings it’s about the high number of casualties, and these shooters think they’re successful when more people die, But we can stop them and if I can save the life of just one student than I think it’s worth carrying a gun.

So, you’re anti-gunner friends are also wrong: many teachers now want to be armed for the safety of their students and themselves. Frankly, I think those teachers are the ones who have actually educated themselves.



  1. it is about time and remove the gun free signs allow parents with a cpl to carry on school grounds and in buildings

  2. I taught for 35 years… first and second grade. There is no way on this earth that I would carry a gun in a classroom! What about the kids getting a hold of these weapons? If you want , why not a policeman or fork or fork up the MONEY for better security

    • So if you are carrying in your 1st and 2nd grade classes how would your students get a hold of the gun…unless you are irresponsible enough to take it off of your body and leave it laying around for them to find it…Well then you’re right YOU are one of the ones that SHOULDN’T carry. Let’s get honest….the gym teacher in florida had enough guts to take bullets for his students…you can’t honestly sit there and tell me that if he had been trained and carrying that he wouldn’t have had enough guts to shoot that idiot and not only have an excellent chance of stopping him but save his own life and his students. I’d bet my house he would have shot that kid.
      Remember the guy in Oregon at the Clackamas town center mall? He started shooting people and when he saw a guy who was carrying take his gun out and start towards him…he went around a corner and shot and killed himself. They don’t seem to mention that do they….

    • If so careless as to let your students have access to your gun….THEN MAYBE YOUR NOT QUALIFIED TO CARRY OR EVEN BE IN A CLASSROOM..

    • You’re concerned about a first or second grade student getting hold of your gun? You don’t understand a thing about ‘concealed carry’ and firearm sizes, do you?

    • If you are worried about a student getting their hands on your handgun you really need to educate yourself a little more about the proper ways to conceal a handgun. A properly and comfortablely trained CCW carrier would know where their weapon is at all times and no one would take it from them without their knowledge. Try some training and see if you still feel the same about this situation.

    • Nobody was saying that teachers should be REQUIRED to carry a gun; only that they should have the option. Honestly, I’m all for you not having a gun on you at school, or anyplace else. I think its great that you admit not being able to handle the responsibility, but do not think for one second that you get to speak for me. I am a teacher and have been for many years; I am also a responsible gun owner who holds a concealed weapons permit. It is flat out stupid that I am not allowed to carry where I work, and its utter insanity that I’m safer when I’m out playing mini golf than I am at my job

      As for your simplistic “solution” that the only possible answer is “more money” or “bring in the cops” let me remind you that there WAS a police officer on duty at that school in Parkland, and he hid outside like a coward. Additionally, this nation has spent BILLIONS on improving school security, only to 1000% screw that up by agreeing to this flim flam nonsense of “gun free zones”. They don’t work! All they do is to announce to all the psychos out there that they can have a free for all in a place where no one can stop them. The shooter at Parkland not only killed all those people, he managed to get away and go get himself a soda. Real great “security”, that gun free zone….NOT!

      I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND MYSELF. You wanna hide in a corner and hope the boogeyman doesn’t see you, well, thats your “solution”, not mine

  3. I really wasn’t going to leave a reply until I took a second look at the photograph. Personally one of my favorite firearms is a p89dc that was my father-in-law’s and was passed to me after he passed away. That gun looks a lot like the one in the photograph. The DC stands for decocker. There is no safety. It does bother me that she took a concealed carry class yet clearly has her finger on the trigger in the photograph. Just saying!

      • The slide is forward. Is there a round in the chamber? Bang! Rule #1 is “all guns are always loaded”. #4 is “keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot”. Her finger should NOT be on the trigger.

  4. Now stop teach garbage leftist revisionist ideologies in schools and we are on a proper trajectory. Ignorance is where all this stemmed from to start with. This lady said so herself. “” I was truly afraid…guns would go off randomly.”” Self education is important as is firearms safety and safe use of a firearm. But outside of ones self are those maleable minds that have been lied to for quite a long time. You have a firearm now- so what? Do you honestly want to deny our students the rights they possess to make the type of choice you made for yourself by withholding truth from them? You are no hero in my eyes. Liberals did not suddenly discover firearms safety or use. The desire to carry is a right all should and do have. But start telling the truths behind the decades of Feinstein lies!! There you have a story. One of citizens disarmament but only liberal teachers can carry. BS.

  5. if some teachers want to be armed ,that’s fine . look into what Isreal does. have pro security& or former military provide security in schools.

  6. Rightaway my lib/dem leaning friend says to me, in her strained voice that tells me she could never have a calm discussion of political issues, “now they’re trying to force teachers to carry

  7. Some teachers are coming around.

    We don’t have to have ALL teachers armed, but if 15% to 20% or so ARE armed, that would make an AWESOME difference.

    Any teacher (or other school employees who want to go through a regular CCW/CPL class and an extra “active shooter class” should be able to. As long as they pass the regular background check and a psychological evaluation.

    (We had a teacher that my wife and I had for science class who shot his truck because it was acting up. He was a strange teacher anyway!!)

    SOOOOOOO, you don’t want ALL of them to carry!!

  8. I applaud these teachers and I think we need thousands more willing to concealed carry! At the same time I don’t think those who are afraid of guns should ever be coerced to carry. Personally, I would never even think of leaving home without mine!

  9. I would not want to teach in a gun free school. that tells that there is no guns in the school. If say 1 third or half of the teachers had a gun. that stops the open season on our children. And the school is no longer a gun free zone or school. Just that alone would probably stop 95% of all shooting. Teachers with a gun the shooter dos not no what room has a teacher with a gun. A guard with a gun is also very good. But the shooter could wait for him to go to the bath room or fall a sleep or so on. Both would be very afective. We need to be able to reach out and be able to help people when you notice a problem. WE NEED LAWS SO THAT PEOPLE AND GROUPS,POLICE CAN REACH OUT AND GET THEM THE HELP THAT THEY NEED. AND PARENTS TO. STOP BEING SO POLITCLY CORECT . IF YOU OUR OLD ENOUTH TO VOTE AND GO INTO THE MILITARY YOU SHOULD NOT BE DENIED A GUN TO GO HUNTING ………….

  10. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot… or it may go off randomly… Not sure the photo and the article are a good match…

      • C’mon meathead- is there a round chambered? That’s how most people get shot by “unloaded” guns. If you follow the rules of safety, her finger would not be on the trigger. Rule #2 is “never point a gun at something you are not willing to see destroyed”. If everybody followed the rules, there would be no more negligent discharges. There is no such thing as an “accidental” discharge. If a firearm discharges when it shouldn’t, it is the direct fault of the operator. If it occurs as a result of a mechanical fault in the gun, it is the direct fault of the operator. It is the operator’s duty to make sure the gun is in proper operating condition before loading it. There are no excuses. If you are going to carry a gun you must take all responsibility for any and every event that happens because of that decision.

  11. While I believe it is a good idea for educators to become aware and proficient in concealed carry, the first suggestion I would make is you keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to discharge the weapon! Rule #1 all guns are loaded at alll times until verified safe! Rule #2 don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot! Rule#3 Know what you will hit when firing and it is a target you wish to hit or destroy! This is NOT a game!

    Phil Owens SFC Ret

  12. I think those teachers have educated themselves. My thoughts are, those in Washington sold weapons to drug dealers south of the border knowing it would cost lives and the reason is then they would get support to take our long guns. Recently in Florida a known and certified nut was left alone until he acted and then while Teachers and Children were being murdered security was told not to enter the building. Now the gun grabbers have their case. It will be a sad day Americans can no longer protect what is theirs. Just my thoughts.

    • I guess then that we will just have to do as the thugs and criminals do, get our guns illegally and protect our families. If the criminals can do it, then so can we. Just a thought.

  13. Thank you President Trump for standing for Teachers across this nation who can now protect themselves. This is the answer for our protection. That is why we have the Second amendment right to bear arms.

  14. I am a Firearms instructor. The lady in the photo is committing a cardinal sin. : leaving her trigger finger on the trigger, when she is not actually engaging a target. It belongs on flat on the frame until needed to actually fire the pistol. Never trust a mechanical safety; keep your fingers where they belong to prevent negligent discharges .

    • Dale, it would be a good idea if you would let the audience here know where they can contact you so they can utilize your services for better and safely gun usage. I would be beneficial for your community and perhaps entice other firearms instructors to do likewise. We need safety instructions to properly use our firearms.

      • Bendecido, here are some rules for gun safety. #1 All guns are always loaded.If you always treat a gun as loaded, always keep it pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger, unloaded or loaded, you will soon learn to do it each time every time. #2 Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to see destroyed. #3 Be sure of your target and what is behind it. Bullets can and will go through targets and continue at deadly speed. #4 Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot. It is best to put your trigger finger along the gun’s frame above the trigger guard. For instruction, look up NRA or United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) on line. USCCA offers insurance in case you are involved in a shooting and I believe NRA offers this too. As for practice, ask the clerk where you buy your gun about local shooting ranges. I hope this helps.

  15. When I was a kid some of my teachers didn’t NEED to carry guns. They would attack a grizzly with a willow switch (and beat him to death with it) I would think that any teacher who has collected a bachelor’s degree, ought to be (I hope) intelligent enough to understand what a gun is, hoe it works, and when to use one. And, hopefully, somebody might have a lightbulb-over-the-head-moment, when they realize that it ISN’t about guns. When I was in school, except for the New York years (Sullivan law, ya know) a kid could buy a gun at a hardware store, army surplus store, and of course sporting goods and gun shops. We bought them, owned them, carried in trucks, shot them, and NEVER did we ever hear about some mass shooting. The guns haven’t changed in all those years, ever wonder what has?

  16. I’ve said on other blogs, let the teachers carry. At Sandy Hook and more recently in Florida, teachers placed themselves between the shooter and the students knowing they would most likely lose their lives. I fully believe when it comes to saving the lives of their “kids”, they will use their firearm to take out the shooter. If the teachers or staff have a CCW permit and are proficient in the use of their firearm, let them carry and let the public know that their school is armed. For God sake’s, end gun free school zones.


  18. I agree. I would much rather carry a gun and be able to try to stop the shooter then just sit there and be a target. I want to be able to try and protect myself and my students. It makes no sense to be a sitting duck.
    I also think that the shooters might think twice if they know there is some one that could shoot back in the schoo.

  19. The most important reason to allow teachers to carry is to remove the assumption on the perp’s part that he will be entering a gun free zone when he enters a school or other public place. That uncertainty will deter all but the irrational perp who, if he persists in the insanity, will stand a good chance of meeting at least one armed and trained defender before he can accomplish his mission of mayhem. Some damage may be done before the perp is neutralized, but it far less likely that repeats of mass shootings of the past will be successful.
    No teacher or staff person should be coerced or otherwise forced to carry. Only those who are dedicated to protecting themselves and those they are responsible for should volunteer for such sacred duty. Such heroic individuals should be trained and equipped at public expense and receive recurring updates to maximize their effectiveness and be observed by their peers for suitability for the mission.

  20. I don’t think anyone needs to force teachers to carry guns. I think there are enough of them that would carry if the schools would let them. If we trust them enough to teach our children, then we should trust them enough to be smart enough to carry responsibly. If I was a teacher and responsible for the safety of the children in my class, with the way things are now, I would insist I be allowed to carry in school. Just my opinion.

  21. Look, this is easy to study. Just train the administrators and teachers who are willing to be armed. Then store the guns in a biometric gun safe, in a drawer, in the classroom or office. Identify 1000 schools who want to go this way and then see how many mass shooting occur at those schools.

  22. There are three school districts in Texas that allow teachers to ‘carry’ if they desire because the Superintendents are smart enough to realize the answer to protecting staff and students . There are signs posted at entrances which inform that there are armed staff with the ability to protect the students. Bet there will never be a shooting at any schools in those districts.

  23. All the comments on this topic are common sense comments but sadly Liberals don’t know anything about common sense as they have never had any.

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