Don’t Be Fooled: Just Because It Looks LIke A Firearm…

Photo courtesy Piexon AG

Sometimes you come across a product that makes you wonder what in the world is the point. The Piexon JPX6 Jet Protector is exactly one of those products.

Who is Piexon and what is the is the JPX6? A writer going by Hrachya H writes,

Piexon is a Swiss company specialized in manufacturing liquid irritant launching devices. Particularly, they make less-lethal multi-barrel pistols/derringers.

Now, as you can see in the picture above, this looks (roughly) like a firearm. In fact, in a stressful situation like a mugging, that’s likely exactly what this gun will be mistaken for. But it’s not.


As noted above, this gun fires a “liquid irritant.” In other words, it fires pepper spray. To be fair, the company says that their pepper spray is much more potent than the standard pepper spray which is available on the market, and they also say that their propulsion system makes their pepper spray less affected by wind and distance.

But it is still in the shape of a firearm. In fact, all three models are in the shape of a firearm, though they are specifically “non-lethal weapons.”

Frankly, I have trouble calling this a weapon as it’s purpose seems to be to have the purpose of having the “scare” factor of a firearm (in other words, it scares you when pointed at you) without you actually having to have the internal fortitude to do the unpleasant but necessary violence to another person to end a violence confrontation. In other words, if you’re scared to hurt people, even if your life is on the line, then this gun is made for you.

The problem with this gun, like any other tactic or weapon, is that, if you aren’t willing to use it to the extent necessary, then you could be the one to be injured or killed.

Look, no sane person wants to use a firearm against another person, but, when you need to defend yourself, which are you going to choose: the non-lethal weapon (and hope that it works) or the one that you know has the stopping power to get the job done in the only situation in which a weapon is justified (which is when your life is on the line)?



  1. If you have to use a weapon that looks like a gun for protection, it had better be a gun, and you need to be capable of using it as such or it is likely to get you killed at the very least.

  2. Does this NOT lead me toward the purchase of the self-defense device? Well, where is the link? BTW, every time I venture forth here in US NH, I wear openly a Ruger P345. As a former LEO, I don’t mind having a multiple arsenal (I have 4.5 Million volts included in my flashlight). My current pepper spray options are open to improvement.

  3. With so many times you hear or read in the news that someone has been injured or killed because it looked like they were wielding a deadly weapon; why would someone put another thing like this on the market? Better still why would someone want to purchase one of these things?

  4. Toys like this can only serve to get someone killed. As I work afternoon shift, it is usually after midnight when I take my trash down to the curb. If someone pointed this at me late at night, it would end very badly for them.

  5. Oh my, several young kids have been killed here by cops for having toys that look like guns, just what we need one more thing that a parent will think it’s OK to keep in open BECAUSE not lethal. Don’t think this will help save anyone, I wouldn’t use this to protect myself. To many bad things could go wrong if you don’t have ACTUAL PROTECTION.

  6. The AR is a legal hunting gun in many states. There are many OTHER things that look like the AR = BB guns, water (squirt) guns, and even a power washer looks similar. TOO many people only “know” what they see on TV, movies and have NO knowledge about how a gun works. Most “country” people know that guns put food on the table, and are good at it. Squirrels, rabbits and pheasants DO NOT taste like chicken.

  7. For all who complain that something that resembles a gun will “get you shot” you are assuming that those who might use this would carry it with reckless abandon and not use good judgment as to when to reveal this weapon.
    Also, for those who are too uncomfortable carrying a firearm, it’s an option. The problem I think lies in that the fact that the industry, buyers or users of their product, government agencies and law enforcement need to get together and decide how to handle these devices and how or where they fit into our system of laws and regulations.
    In other words, make it clear to all what these things are and what the laws are regarding their use and ownership and make sure users use them in a safe and legal manner and hopefully avoid misunderstandings and friction caused by ambiguity between officers and citizens.

      • You’re right. I think the laws regarding our right to defend ourselves are vague, confusing and even too restrictive. And the way our rights and any action we might take in a given scenario are viewed differently by courts, cops and judges.
        Seems like you can carry a gun and it’s cool if you never use it. You pick up a stick, beat a mugger off and you’re made out to be a bully. It often makes no sense and the good guy gets in trouble instead of the criminal.

    • If “people are afraid to carry a weapon “ why would they want to carry something that looks like one and still put themselves in a serious situation that could lead to injury or death.

      • Some people are uncomfortable carrying handguns in particular, so they will carry a stungun, mace, pepper spray, a kubotan or anything less lethal. The problem is that even these items can get you noticed by others or questioned by security personnel or the police.
        As far as getting shot or whatever, sure, it can happen, but my problem with the comments is that they come off sounding like the only thing one should carry is a gun and anything else, particularly a defensive tool that resembles a gun will get you into trouble with the police or shot.
        I am just saying that any tool or weapon requires proper usage and none of them should be whipped out and used without common sense and used or carried in any way that is illegal or negligent. Generally, less than lethal should bother or scare cops or onlookers to a lesser degree than a firearm.

        • Not saying everyone should carry a firearm. Defensive devices have and should be available to everyone who wants or needs one. I am saying that if one can easily be mistaken for a firearm,why would someone want that devise to look like something it’s not made for?

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