Was This Armor Manufacturer Crazy Or Stupid? You Decide


Sometimes you see people do things and you wonder if they are crazy or stupid or just really confident in what they believe. This is one of those situations.

If you are a manufacturer of body armor, you obviously want to make sure that your product works. You would want to test your product in a controlled environment. Shoot it with a variety of firearms. Probably do other kinds of testing to make sure that it as the highest quality prouduct that you can produce.

But, then, you have to find a way to sell the product. When you have a product that people feel like they need but no one hopes to ever use, that can be hard to sell. After all, you can’t exactly tell them, “Take it home, have your friend shoot you a few times, and then you’ll know how good this armor really is.”


I don’t know anyone who is going to jump at that suggestion.

So, the director of a Ukrainian company called UARM decided to take that offer for you. That’s right, he took a bullet for you. Literally. See it here:

Here is the situation from another camera angle:

A writer going by Hrachya H speculates that the rifle used in the video “was probably chambered in 7.62x39mm.”

I think you would agree with me that this guy is either crazy or really believes in his product (I suppose that stupid is an option, too, but, as the director of the company, I doubt he’s stupid.). Still, I don’t think that I would ever want to be put into that situation.


As Hrachya H says, there are too many things that could go wrong in this situation, and that makes this a violation of all kinds of rules of firearm safety.

On the other hand, if you can get past that, this may be the company to buy your armor from.



  1. Those plates look like US made sappy plates even have all the English warning labels just like mine when I was deployed.

  2. The owner develop0er of Second Chance Body did demonstrations many times by shooting himself at pointblank range with .357 Magnum full bore loads. He developed quite a customer base doing this. By the way those days it was straight Kevlar with no (zero) ballistic plates.
    Just thought you should know this sort of demonstration is not really new.

  3. Life is too hard for these people to be that crazy or stupid, but they might be a little full of shit.
    The last time I got hit while wearing a 3a vest under a T-shirt square in the chest with a .45 ACP fmj, It felt like I was kicked by a horse and I had an ugly bruise. I know people who were knocked over by more powerful rounds without penetrating the plate. I realize the nature of the construction of some armor tends to disperse the kinetic energy out radially across the plate but physics is physics.

    In foot pounds a 7.62 AK round is at least twice as strong in terms of impact that a .45 auto round and this guy or the vest didn’t even twitch or blink when hit? They used to do slow motion side views of plate testing on all different calibers and there was always flexing distortion from impact energy. (You Tube probably took them off by now) but Something’s funny going on here???

  4. I think its a stroke of genius. The company has a frontman that is proverbially putting his money where his mouth is.

  5. You can tell there is additional protection inside the guy’s shirt by looking at the contour of his belt. So he was taking extra precaution. Also I would have thought the 7.62×39 at close range would’ve had enough energy to knock the man over considering at 50 meters there’s around 1200+ ft-lbs of energy. Making me a little skeptical of what I just saw.

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