This Bank Could Lose $700 Billion For Being Anti-Gun


Some people might argue that a business should have the right to do what they want and to take whatever stance that they want on issues, and, in general, I would agree. But when we’re talking about a business that wants you and me to pay for things when they screw up because they are “too big to fail,” then I would say that they need to play by our rules.

And that means not infringing on our rights.

That’s why I have absolutely no sympathy for the plight of Citigroup (yes, as in Citibank). The CEO of Citigroup decided that they are going to make it more difficult for you and me to buy guns and accessories. Here is part of their announcement (hat tip to here for the source):


Under this new policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check, (2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3) they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.

Now, you and I already know how utterly ridiculous these suggestions are (a high capacity magazine is going to make any real difference?), and, apparently, so do sixteen Republican Congressman who want to snatch a $700 billion government contract away from Citigroup because of their anti-Second Amendment stance. Yes, that is billion with a “B.” Peter Hasson gives us some of these Congressmen’s comments (hat tip to here for the lead):

“This flagrant attempt to undermine our fundamental rights by caving to radicals should not be endorsed by our federal government,”the congressmen added. “The federal government should instead do business with companies that respect all of our constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment. GSA should take all necessary steps to review and terminate its contract with Citibank unless they rescind their guidelines, and rebid the SmartPay 3 contract.”

If Citigroup were not at the government trough receiving income from our tax revenues and receiving bailouts from our tax revenues, I would say they have the right to do whatever they want no matter how misguided it is (and this is definitely misguided), but, if they are getting our money, then they are playing by our rules. Citigroup needs to drop this anti-Second Amendment policy or they need to be completely cut off from any government revenues or government protections.



  1. In regards to Gun Control I would like someone to explain to me how a piece of machinery with no soul, no knowledge of self can be evil?? Firearm violence is not the fault of the firearm but is the fault of individuals who want to do evil deeds. Firearm violence is a symptom not the root cause. The root cause is Society and the current way we are bringing up our young people. Our Society to self centered, opinionated and not willing to listen to all points of view especially if it does not agree with them. Liberals have made it very difficult to raise children since they to not believe in any corporal punishment. Children have always pushed their boundaries and always will but must know that their will be consequences for doing so. Without consequences there is no incentive not to do negative behavior.

    • Great point, one with which no honest person can argue, though liberals will try because they are fundamentally dishonest.

  2. I appreciate the concerns of Citibank and am proud to live in a country where free speech in permitted, at least for now, however, I will use my freedom of choice to no longer do business with them based upon our vastly different views on gun control and freedoms guaranteed in the second amendment of our constitution. Since my views are wide spread in our country, I believe Citibank has made a poor business decision in this matter. Perhaps future decisions will reflect a more thorough examination of the facts before they act.

  3. “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”…. My grandparents, parents, me, my daughter and granddaughter all use or used a wooden spoon on our children’s bottoms but only when necessary and then only on the non-boney portions of their bottoms with a thorough Q & A discussion about what they did wrong to deserve the punishment! Having worked in Law Enforcement for a number of years, you can tell the minute you walk up to a vehicle or a group of people who was not disciple and spoiled as a child or a child who was properly disciplined. Undisciplined people have zero respect for others or the law while well disciple people respect the people around them and the laws of the land as well as the God to whom they pray. Maybe one day, the United States of America will get back on the right tract…but many of us will probably never see that day the way things are going……..

  4. Gun control is a method of taking away the God Given Rights of free men and woman to protect themselves. This is part of the Marxist, Communist Totalitarian plan to dominate the United States of America and the world. They fear our right of freedom and that we who object to their totalitarian rule might make civil war on them to take back our rights. Gun Control is a fallacy and is a servant to only those in the Socio-Comminist agenda. If you love this country never support the socialist left agenda. They will enslave you and me.

  5. if Citigroup is being bailed out then Citigroup is a business failure and deserves to go out of business and replaced with a more responsible business that puts customers first. They should be cut off regardless.
    Gun control does not stop crime, or have you so conveniently forgotten about the medieval crime sprees? There were no guns then.

  6. You need to include Bank of America in this group….or rather, now known as ‘Bank of Hitler.’

    • I am in the process of ending my relationship with BOA. It might take a couple of weeks and I will let BOA know why I left. I became a customer through mergers (Talman, LaSalle) and in those several years BOA has been second rate institution. The anti 2A stand and the backing of Planned Parenthood was the last straw.

      I have a Citigroup credit card that I intend to replace after I totally withdraw from BOA for BMO Harris.

  7. I have canceled my Citibank Credit cards. That includes my Sears card as Citi runs the Sears CC program. Check the upper right corner for the Citi logo and the “Blue” Sears card. I have sent Sears a letter explaining that while I have no problem directly with Sears I will have nothing to do with Citi and that includes Sears CCs. If they lose business or revenues because of Citi that is their decision.

  8. They are overseen by State and Federal government therefore they should have to follow the Constitution if not decertify them as a legal bank. Close the doors with a chain and lock. My advice to shareholders is to hold CEO responsible for all losses and send him down the road kicking empty cans wondering what happened

  9. Obviously, exercising your God given right to free speech can get you in trouble and often does. I live in Alaska and we fly our own plane to isolated, road less areas for fishing, hunting, mining and recreation. There are bears out there, big ones, and they will walk right up to you and steal your fish. You may never have to shoot one but you’ll find few people out there without a firearm. The second amendment guarantees our right to self protection wherever we are, but not everyone understands why. (Over two hundred Million unarmed subjects slaughtered by their own governments in the 20th century, among other reasons) or the fact that taking guns from lawful and sane individuals will never stop death by gunshot and usually increases such deaths. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with our Constitutional rights but others, such as self righteous organizations and businesses who loudly disagree rightfully face a backlash when they do. The armed citizen is essential in a free nation.

    • Amen to you Ruth.
      The anti gun lobby is completely oblivious to the reason that the framers included the 2nd amendment:
      An armed citizenry is a deterrent to an abusive and dictatorial government. The government should always fear the power of the citizenry.

      Guns alone do not kill. People with guns kill. If there were no guns, they would use knives, bombs, or baseball bats.

  10. Schools should revive the traditional “Civics” class we Boomers had to take to graduate high school. A class totally without political bias where the students must pass studies on how government and the Constitution works or they do not graduate High School at all. Study heavy on why the Constitution was written, by who, and what their reasons were, also how the “Checks and Balances” are supposed to exist (or used to exist) in our present form of government. How the Constitution protects our rights, and why each Amendment was added over the years. Students today seldom see the Constitution in written form, or even have a civics class available to them. Protesting students of today do not know why they are protesting something that has to have the approval of ALL citizens in at least 3/4 of the States attending a Convention of States before any changes can be made to the Constitution – or its Amendments. Constitutionally illiterate riots and protests change nothing, and it has been the better part of a century since the last change was made. Today, I can think of nothing that would cause 3/4 of the States to change anything. Anti- gun control is dead before it’s birth. A “waste of time”.

    • I also forgot to mention the last time a bank tried to regulate its customers and government loans to get what they wanted. The bank failed – miserably, and started the Stock Market plunge (crash) of 1929 and many other bank failures in 1933. The Socialistic measures that President Roosevelt took weren’t working, it took a war against the Japanese and the Nazis to bring this Country out of the Great Depression in its bid to be the “Arsenal of Democracy”.

    • longshorts, actually in my Grammer School you had to pass a Civics/ Government Class test in order to Graduate to Highschool. Passing score requirements were 100% CORRECT OR YOU FAILED EIGHTH GRADE.
      Few High school students today could pass either test even if passing were 70%.

      • Roneo
        Amen to Ron Matthews. I graduated 8th grade in Yuma AZ, and passing Civics was mandatory. Like you said, most of these protestors have no idea why they are protesting. I believe the leaders are paid by far left organizers such as George Soros. It was a sad day when he was allowed to become a naturalized citizen of the U.S.

  11. When I was 11 my uncle came home after the war in Korea. He showed me how to shoot hand guns. He later became a cop and later the Chief of police. He work with a lot of other cops to get better with hand guns. Well they talk him into going out for state wide police match. Well took the 2nd place. I now own the same model guns he let me shoot and I have got my deer with the 44mag.

  12. Has Citigroup ever returned the bailout millions or billions it received from from the poor downtrodden taxpayers? A silly question perhaps, but an interesting one given that these dirt bags seek to interfere with the constitutional rights of the same Americans whose tax dollars bailed these bums out.

  13. hey citigroup, feel the noose around your neck tightening? our 2nd amend. say’s we can. who are you to tell us we should cave into you? I think you should step back and rethink your rash decision.

  14. There is another bank, Amalgmated or something like that, that is letting Sturm Ruger Arms know they must “behave responsibly” re gun control, or the bank will cease doing business with them. We need to establish a new bank that deals ONLY with arms and ammo manufacturers, and screw the others. But there is a vicious pole shift on our doorstep and before it gets started there is predicted social CHAOS when public discovers that the govt has been covering it up so we go to work and pay our taxes for them to steal…once people discover this huge lie which prevents us from properly preparing, they will feel the wrath of millions of gun owners–it will not be a good time to admit being in government or banking. Russia is the only country informing its citizens, all other in collusion (that word again) to not tell their people what is coming. Before the shift banking will come to a stop, no SoSec checks, no withdrawals, such as already happened in Venezuela, Crete, Greece. So when you get paid, immediately pull out all your cash, pay bills with cash or money order and keep your cash out of banks or lose it when you wake up one day and the ATM won’t work and the bank only lets you have maybe $50…will be interesting to see how many banks then get held up. Value will be in hand tools and ability to use them, and what you can barter. Thee banks know what is ahead and so dies every member of Congress yet they do not tell us so we can prepare as they intend for most of us to die off and just the (gag) elites will remain in their little hidden fortresses protected by mercenaries who will revolt, kill them off and take over the hideout. They should all be hung upside down so wild animals can feast on their faces.

  15. There has too be a good lawyer or lawyers out there somewhere who would take them on for our bailout money they never paid back? I WANT OUR MONEY BACK!

  16. I agree, all our Constitutional Rights need to be protected and honored by those who take the government’s money (our money from taxes). If they don’t, they should be cut off and the contract given to a company which does.

  17. I personally think we should go back to the way it was in the old West if everyone is walking around with a sidearm there is certainly going to be a lot less B.S. and the bad apples will get weeded out just like back then!!!! As for the youth of today the problem is 1. Yes there is no spankings or getting the belt which has made a bunch of pansy punks. And 2. There are absolutely no MANNERS now days people run into you there’s no EXCUSE ME there’s no HOLDING THE DOOR for people every manner we were taught as children right down to not interrupting or not speaking until you have been spoken to when your a little kid and the adults are talk has gone right out the window from these Liberal, Hippie, Whack Jobs!!!!!

  18. I will be checking out to see where Citibank has credit cards. If any of mine are with them I will cancel. And be sure to let them know why.

  19. I’m shocked – and disappointed if they don’t change their mind they are going to lose a “bunch of us” and that’s just not good business – it is a proven fact that where people have guns and can protect themselves be it from criminals or the legal kind – as in governments gone wild – this is a measure that makes them stop and think NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

  20. I immediately stopped using my Citibank card, calling customer service to warn them of the consequences. I’ve moved all but two autopays- an email account, and payments on an NRA life membership (seriously!). I know they must track spending patterns and I want them to see what they lost, how my card usage fell to a trickle after their announcement.


  22. you can add First Bank card center of Omaha to the list they cut all ties to the NRA and will no longer issue cards with the Nra logo on them .I have used this card for years and I recently paid it off and will not use it again until they apologize for their actions .I called them to voice my decision ,but was only able to talk to a clerk. But if you love your 2nd. amendment like I do you will let your voice be heard. They will only listen when it hits their bottom line!!!

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