Hilarious Result Of David Hogg’s Protest


I can’t tell you how sick I am of seeing David Hogg all over the media. The smart-mouthed ill-informed anti-gun talking head has been all over the anti-gun mainstream media since the Parkland school shooting.

You may have also heard about how Hogg has been using his media clout (or what media clout that he thinks that he has) to criticize pro-gun people in the media. Only that hasn’t been working out so well for him. Douglass Ernst writes,

Sponsors who left Fox News star Laura Ingraham’s show at the behest of teen gun control activist David Hogg are missing out on a 20 percent increase in eyeballs.

The conservative author of “Shut up and Sing” lost nearly 30 advertisers since a boycott against her show launched March 29, but those who held firm are benefiting from a ratings windfall. Data compiled by the media watchdog News Busters shows a jump from 2.23 million viewers prior to Mr. Hogg’s campaign to 2.7 million since her return from a vacation.

This is just hilarious to me. Mainstream media anointed anti-gun teen idol tries to get a news anchor fired by, basically, getting sponsors to no longer pay for advertising slots on her show. Then, her show becomes more popular.


So, what happened to Hogg’s statement that he and other anti-gunner teenagers are “going to start a revolution?” Well, it seems that his revolution has failed. For evidence of this, Ernst writes,

The Ingraham Angle also dominated overall ratings Friday [after hogg’s attack on ingraham]. The program had a ratings high and was No. 1 in cable news with 4.7 million total viewers and 1,174,000 in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic.

Doesn’t look like Hogg’s revolution is happening at all.

So, maybe it’s time that someone takes David Hogg aside and tells him that his fifteen minutes of fame is over and the the revolution is being televised. That revolution? That Americans are tired of being talked down to by a bunch of obnoxious ill-informed children whose only experience of the real world is watching TV and high school peer pressure.

The real revolution? It’s people growing up and taking responsibility for their own lives and their own protection. The revolution is people owning more guns instead of blindly following the mainstream media and anti-gunner politicians’ empty rhetoric.



    • HOGG IS NOT SMART ENOUGH OR EXPERIENCED ENOUGH TO COME UP WITH THIS CRAP ALL BY HIMSELF. Someone gave him candy, pointed a camera at him and told him what to say.

    • HOGGY THE HOG Did you know that the Brits were taking guns away form all people before the revolution and if they had of been able to get all guns then there would be No USA and no poor hoggy. Man, wall a lost that would have been for florida. This crazy may be our next shootist as he show he has no brains just mouth. Will be a good liberal piece of shit. Teachers this day and age do not believe this kind of kid would understand Our History so have quiet teaching it. how we became a free country with a constitution for all and freedom for all you would have been a true nazi if you were borned in Germany. An (A plus) student of the hitler believers. They have brain supplements but i do not think they will work on you

      • Also, don’t forget Hitler’s removal of firearms from the people of Germany, Same with Stalin and Russia, the Chinese, etc. The list is endless. An unarmed populace is a “subject” of the ruler while an armed populace is a “citizen”.

        • Absolutely correct! “An armed society is a polite society.” We don’t want to kill each other. The only time that happens is when some “over lord” gets a hair up his rear end and decides he wants to rule everything and everybody, And if he doesn’t like you, you are at his mercy. Learn your history and take away the GOOD lessons it has. To repeat, “An armed society is a polite society!” It is also a safe society!!

        • They can see ahead though- they want a gun- free America and unfettered power. If they can eventually take away every right we have to defend ourselves, they will achieve their goal.

    • Hogg is obviously brainwashed by the liberals. If he had the sense to read what is going on he would see what is right in front of him. 94% of these shootings are in gun free zones. None of the shootings were initiated by an NRA member.
      If he used common sense he would look at what is happening world wide. England has the strictest gun laws, where they confiscated most firearms, and their crime rate increased dramatically. They are now using knives and vehicles to murder people. England now wants to ban knives. Who knows maybe they will ban cars, trucks and buses next.
      Germany banned and confiscated firearms, then murdered millions of people. Australia confiscated guns and their gun related crimes increased substantially. Criminals are now breaking into homes while families are there, so they have a better chance of stealing wallets and purses. Why? Because they know there are no firearms to deter them.
      To be frank, Hogg is scary to watch. He has that fanatical look in his eyes, that was seen in Hitlers’.
      Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying: When the Government fears the people, there is Liberty, when the people fear the Government, there is tyranny. He also said: The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort against tyranny in government.
      Unfortunately many like Hogg have been indoctrinated by the liberals, so he only sees what they want him to see.

  1. Someone needs to knock him down a notch. He’s a typical liberal brat with a disgusting foul mouth.

  2. Ignorant ass-wipe you are David Hogg. Go back to your basement and think of something else to screw up.

  3. He is a young,attention seeking, fame basking, little snot who thinks his anti-NRA bashing, stupid rants are worth listening to by other than the Trump and gun hating press.
    In his enjoyment of his temporary fame, he has been punked by liars like Bloomberg, and others who are keeping their names and their financing of his sophomoric rants a deep, dark, secret.

  4. Hogg is a delusional fool. A puppet of the extreme left. I feel sorry for the little dumb ass.

  5. It might be hard for him to get a job. Look at what happened to Colin Kapernick. I’m not sure I spelled that right. When you play with fire you get burned. He might ruin his life after this.

      • He was on CNN Fri . night with his puppet master, Anderson Cooper…Between CNN and MSNBC, there is nothing going on in the entire world that is newsworthy except Trump and the slut. I’d love to see their transmitting towers fall to the ground and get them off the air.

  6. He got this way from eating too many tide pods, he loves the spotlight and is to dumb to know he is being used, by the left and their media arm. The day I will give up my guns because of some snot-nosed kid that don’t know Jack about life will never come. I am an army vet and did not go to war to have my rights taken away when I got home by some left wing nut jobs. The Democrats know you’re a lot harder to put in the Boxcar if you can defend your self. and may not agree with them even though they think they are way smarter about your life and how to run it than you are.

  7. Just a puppet for the anti freedom anti American. Anti gun democrats. Used up and turned out.

  8. David Hogg and other like him, should remember who are the people committing crimes in schools – their peers who are STUDENTS. Most of the shootings done in High Schools and Colleges/universities were done by STUDENTS.
    SO, Hogg and other like him, should bark at the right tree.
    If students are into learning and educating themselves (how they should be) instead of being preoccupied with violent video games, violent movies produced by the ‘great Hollywood’, SEX, DRUGS, excessive shopping and tattooing, these crimes would not happen.

  9. The little liberal turd wasn’t even at the school when the whole thing started, so he said in one of his original stories. He was a home, when he heard about it on the radio. He jumped on his bike and went to school after he grabbed his camera. So he’s not a sc-called victim at all. Just a lying little snot.

  10. Just another snot-nose little punk, who’s been given a platform, and likes to be used like a hooker, all for the Democratic Liberal Left.

  11. The rantings of the Bolshevik Left, small in numbers but loud in noise, have begun to awaken in me a sense of foreboding that encourages the sense I would feel more secure having an autoloader with several loaded large capacity magazines always within reach. Listening to the rambling rants of a number of high-positioned Democrat speakers, the perception that they have pathological “I am right. You are wrong” controlling personalities is unavoidable. My favorites, to date, have been a Winchester model 70 and a century old side-by-side Parker – accuracy over saturation firepower. Watching them incite mob violence is changing that. Obviously, changing it for a lot of people.

  12. I think we the people should start our own boycott. Get the names of the spineles sponsors that dropped out making million dollar decisions based on some dilussional a•s hole’s opinion . Don’t buy their products !!
    Support a company that supports
    taking away my rights?? Really? I don’t think so!

  13. I like me pilgrim statement on the boxcar,if we are not arm the brown shirts will round us up throw us into boxcars and we disappear
    The purpose of the 2nd Amenment is to protect us from foreign invader and our own government that will turn against us
    The media and the leftist socialist liberals democracts are our enemies their pigs , we are a Nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all

  14. Pray that the Left’s Useful Idiot, David Hogg, just goes quietly, away & takes his Nasty Group of Parkland Followers with him.
    Broward County is infamous for Liberal Fools, but this Mob of Pimply-Faced Poofs should be shamed, Publicly.

    • All in Broward County are NOT liberal fools …. Scott Isreal should be fired and run out of the state. says a 50 YEAR MEMBER NRA PATRIOT LIFE MEMBER BENEFACTOR

  15. Mister Hogg, go back to school, start over, and get the education the public “fool” system obviously denied you. Shut up and listen for a change. Do that and you might make it.

  16. Actually Hogg is a product of his environment. My question is what are they teaching these children? And who is holding them accountable for what they teach? What happened to learning about how this country was formed and the price many have paid to give us the freedoms we have and with that price and those freedoms comes a great responsibility to our future freedoms.

    • You said so it so beautifully. Thank you ! So sad…..the dumbing down of America. This didn’t just happen by accident.

  17. Great Article, it exemplifies the fraudulent futility of trying to usurp our inalienable rights in a free land. Just like Obama’s Clintonian efforts on anti-Constitutional Federal Gun control efforts created a backlash of now causing just about every able bodied man woman and child in America to own an AR or high capacity handgun and literally doubled the amount of high capacity, semi-auto firearms in the hands of private ownership in the eight years of his totalitarian reign. Boosting business in the gun world like never before and punishing his Commie legacy with the humiliating significance that he was the only extreme leftist POTUS who also was the best salesman for firearms in the world! Even some of their own extreme leftist groups are now ‘arming themselves’?

    But that still doesn’t teach them the lesson they need and still breeds fruit flies like this big mouthed moron punk who shill for the billionaire tyrannists in their New World Order agenda.

    Now we must take proactive advantage of our political windfall with a pro 2nd/A Trump administration and start pushing back on these traitors by repealing ALL gun laws and get some momentum going on charging these people for committing anti-Constitutional crimes and prosecuting them to the fullest extent as an example.

    There’s plenty of precedent and statutory grounds here. and of case law decesions like Miller vs. U.S. 230 F 2nd 486 489 “…the claim and exercise of a constitutional right CANNOT be converted into a crime.” Or the well known Marbury Vs Madison which found that “all laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void!”

    And, there’s even actionable statues on the books for the arrest report! Like the one they should charge these fucking banks with, 18 USCC Section 241 and 242: “…if two or more persons conspire to injure, threaten, OPPRESS, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, they SHALL BE fined not more than $10,000. or IMPRISONED not more than ten years, or both, and if death results, (such as someone is stalking you and you were attacked but didn’t have a gun yet because of a waiting period and you died), then they shall be subject to imprisonment for any term or for life.

    I know Ten grand is nothing for a big shot leftist banker like the ones who won’t give loans to gun business or Corporate CEO’s who won’t sell ammo to a 19 year old combat vet but if you cuff and shackle them with these charges and make them do the perp walk for violating his rights, and throw him in the holding cell with a few other scumbags while he waits for his bond hearing, they’ll change their tyrannist anti-gun tune faster than a monster inmate with rotted teeth makes them pull their pants down in the cell and makes them do the ding dong dance.

    So why isn’t that happening every time they try to make fiat ad hoc illegal ‘laws’ to take our gun rights away??!!

    It’s because the leftist tyrannists had corrupted the criminal justice system for their agenda in the last few years to a point where it got so bad that the essence of liberty and justice now exists only to serve the totalitarian power elite is ‘gone girl’ for the rest of us.

    I just saw yesterday on the news feeds that the big credit card companies are talking about a new bar code on firearm related products to distinguish them and deny use of their cards for such purchases! They’ll never stop, until we stop them.

    ‘Breaking news shock alert!!!’ Only six months left, boys and girls, to prom night midterms, where we’ll all get our first kiss…of death in the back seat of their agenda vehicle if the leftist democrats turn the tide in the November 2018 midterms? And they’ve got big guns on board their political battleship.

    But we can sink it if we get up off the couch, take our beer and pork rinds outside and start the Homer Simpson routine of milling about with our fellow Americans to get a political plan going with our particular feckless pussy-ass representatives to let them know the ‘hour is near’.

    “The battle for Truth is a Marathon and we must be prepared for the long term and the long haul…” -John Rappaport

    The living room couch is “…lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep…”

    • Ten thousand dollars might not be a lot of money to some people who violate this Statute, but I am willing to be that none of them want to sit in Federal Prison for 10 years. Let’s make examples of a few of them, and see how the rest of them react.

  18. David Hogg knows as much about firearms as the rest of us know about brain sugary! Every high school has one. Hogg should go on a TV game show. His category would be everything!!!!

  19. Re the corporate leaders who, like lemmings following the piper, misled their companies, how about the shareholders sending them packing.

  20. As I understand it, Hogg(a hog is an oversize PIG) wasn’t even at school that day. He heard it on the news, and peddled his bicycle three miles to get back to the school. Hogg is quite the bully. I bet he bullied the killer for years, until killer Cruz went to the school specifically to kill Hogg, but since Hogg wasn’t there, Cruz shot everybody else.

  21. I just love these teens that have never fought in the damn jungle for their country. The draft ought to come back…… They want to make big boy gun policies for the U.S. but two months ago had to be told NOT to eat freaking detergent. WOW. WTF?

    • Or the desert, my friend (for those of us in later wars. OP: Desert Shield/Desert Storm, beginning to end.)

      However, I do /not/ think the draft should be returned as a form of involuntary accession of manpower or conscription, or you’ll end up with most of the military nursing a bad case of “conscript syndrome” and the screaming “idonwannas” if/when they are told to go into battle. Hell, even the REMFs will bitch & pout.

      Honestly, I’d rather go into battle alone than with conscripts. If we had done “mandatory service” from the start – as with, say, Israel – then we’d have something going. But we’ve had an “all-volunteer army” (except for Korea and Vietnam) since we’ve had an army, and I honestly do not think that should change.

      However, I /do/ think we should adopt a model akin to Heinlein’s _Starship Troopers_. Read the book – not Verhoeven’s abortion on film. He did a CGI series after (Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles) that was closer to the spirit of the novel, but /read/ /the/ /novel/. Its attitude has formed much of my core outlook…

      As far as politicking and news reporting? New rule – not allowed to legislate or report on a topic about which you know NOTHING (or less – as is obvious with firearms.) You want to report/legislate on a topic? Learn something about it, first. At least be able to identify parts properly, or be at a presser without your booger hook on the bang switch and covering people with the muzzle of the AK-47 you’re holding (I’m talking to YOU, Feinstein!) And, since all politicians will be veterans (who have proved that they can commit to something beyond themselves, their families, and their neigbourhoods,) we should see FAR fewer asinine laws come into play. Perhaps we’ll even see a part-time Congress again…

      Another fun read? L. Neil Smith’s _The Nagasaki Vector_. Smith’s a hardcore Libertarian – and it shows in his writing…

  22. Feral Hogg must be employed by George Soros since he teamed up with MoveOn.org. George Soros is a cancer in our United States of America and trying to destroy it by using useful idiots like Feral Hogg. The definition of feral is a wild hog.

  23. Whoa! You guys are mean and Mr Hogg has been maligned by your version of the news, ya know fake news- so many times. ON PURPOSE you believe yur own crap!

  24. I don’t understand why anyone would listen to the opinions of some pimple faced high school kid.

  25. I think the Draft should come back too. Many kids these days are not physically fit, they sit around playing video games. They should serve so they gain a little independence, and they might learn a little respect. They might learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They could learn some discipline.

  26. What bothers me is that someone is paying for all this protesting and crap, it take money to do this stuff, just like those people coming here by swarms from other countries. They all look fat and sassy, are clean, someone paid for their buses to bring them here., they are invading because the Democratic Communist party has paid them to come here and take over, to being a revolution.

  27. Am I the only one to notice the similarity between David Hogg and Nazi leader Adolph Eichmann or
    Hendricks Himmler, both in facial appearance and mannerisms. I am older than most but to me
    it was obvious from the first time I saw him after the shooting at Parkland. Almost like they
    reached back to pre WW II and grubbed him out of someone’s backside to use as a poster child
    for the Socialist Democrats mouth piece.

  28. I have posted this before but it is worth posting again. Look up Joseph Goebbels and compare his photo with little piglet’s (Hogg) photo especially the one of little piglet with his arm raised. Piglet could be a Goebbels clone.

  29. David Hogg protests and cries. Result: Laura Ingraham’s ratings skyrocket. I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  30. The Hog has shown his true colors when he first started, with the Hitler, raised fist like the Black Panthers and dressed like Hitler. He seems to be “sponsored” by George Soros, and his “One World Order” Nazi, socialist agenda that he wants to control, just like 0’bumma, Killery, and Johnny McKane – and others.

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