The MOST fun you can have with an AR-15 (EXTREME FERAL HOG CONTROL!)


    WARNING: Leave this page NOW if you do not like hunting, or graphic footage of wild hogs being slaughtered!

    Todd Huey is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. He runs a channel called “Lone Star Boars” and I’ve highlighted how he puts out great info (like where to shoot hogs and how to hunt them) on my post on hog hunting. Anyways, he has some amazing videos where he tests out equipment on hog hunts and reviews them for you. This is really important stuff because, you may have noticed, night vision and thermal gear — or firearms in general — are not cheap.

    The MOST fun you can have with an AR-15 (EXTREME FERAL HOG CONTROL! 300+ HOGS DOWN!)

    This new video is – like Todd says – one of the best hog hunting videos I’ve ever seen. Check it out:


    Check out Todd’s new site if you’re in the market for Night Vision or Thermal Gear…

    Todd is an EXPERT on night vision and thermal equipment… Just take one look at the wall behind him! He’s used and tested all this equipment on real hunts.

    Also, because YouTube is so anti-gun and they’re demonetizing and censoring gun channels left and right, I want to give a special shout out to Todd and promote his new site here in Todd’s own words:

    “Guy’s Im excited to announce my new store HUEY OUTDOORS first phase will be thermal and night vision sales and rentals. We will be selling units I have personally tested in the field and what I know works. If you are in the market for Thermal and night vision please check us out at.

    Todd Huey owns Lone Star Boars – a hunting and feral pig eradication company that uses advanced weapon technology to help curb the millions of dollars in losses suffered by Texas farmers every year. To say he is an expert on the best gear and methods for hunting hogs at night is an understatement – Todd has kept count of how many hogs he has eradicated and it is OVER 5,000 hogs! That’s a pretty good data point!


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    1. Your site could be hacked. Dots disappeared on Trump survey. I hit contact button and it gave me a n email system without recipient of message. Patriots need to get off Google.

    2. Caleb,
      I don’t know how tasty the hogs are,
      but for those willing to contribute some time,
      there are probably senior centers, veteran centers and possibly others
      who could benefit from from some free meat…
      AND property owners who would be grateful to get rid of the pests.

      • I know of at least one guy on some online forums, who does just that in Florida. Good idea! And I believe Todd, from Lone Star Boars, donates a lot of hogs to various meat processors as well.

    3. Wow! It looked like a herd of Buffalo on the plains. Too bad I live in Illinois, looks like it would be fun just to hog shoot with normal equipment.

    4. It was fun watching those hogs get shot up. Pest control is necessary at times to control the herd. It would sure be nice to use exploding fireworks in the next video to devastate those hogs! Blow them up and have fun!

    5. Umm… Too much fun, no doubt, but having done this from the ground and air, when you are “in amongst” them, MATCH PACE and kill them all. Running through and past them is a gangster play – aka “Drive By”.

      LOVE the gear, the Sport, and the thought, but seriously, SLOW DOWN.

      Last thing – if you guys are not putting down your wounded and harvesting every kill, you are not my people.

      I hope you are.

      Steve Tanner
      Helicopters Unlimited, LLC

      • I assure you Todd is doing the right thing and harvesting each kill, putting them to good use later (he has other videos on that). Thanks for the comments!

      • Wolfs, cats, coyotes hey they all gotta eat too. Sounds like this man donates to all concerned be it human or beast. You also need to get more informed about the damages these hogs do to ranches. There is a hugh demand and need for help with these animals and the meat is a benefit but not the purpose.

    6. Seems like a lot of people who are commenting on this are unaware of the damage these feral hogs do to farmers crops and properties and the costs of that damage and they also have no idea of how many of these hogs there really are in Texas. When Huey said that they can smell and find every corn seed in a freshly planted field he wasn’t kidding. That seems impossible until you’ve seen it for yourself, but it does happen and it does cost time and money and it can literally put a farmer out of business. Sure, it’s a shame to waste all that meat, but I’ve seen many times when I couldn’t even give the meat away unless it was already processed. and there are just too many hogs to even think about harvesting all of them. Also . I know it looks like these guys really wiped out enough hogs to drastically reduce the hog population in that area, but I promise you that you can come back in a week or ten days to find that they didn’t even put a dent in the population. Also , these guys were putting down as many as they could as fast as they could and hogs killed in this manner are a lot harder and more time consuming to process than a hog taken by normal hunting methods where a hunter picks his spot to put the bullet.

      • Thanks for the good input Jeff, and again, for everyone else – Todd donates the meat he doesn’t use.

    7. Shooting Hoggs in Florida sounds like a good fun idea too. With just as much positive beneficial effects!

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