You’ll Love Why This Kent State Graduate Was Carrying An AR-10 On Campus


As you probably know, gun ownership is not a favorite topic on the majority of college campuses these days. In fact, anti-gun sentiment may be at an all-time high when it comes to the opinions of university administrators and faculty members. So, it’s no wonder that so many college students express anti-gun sentiments: it’s the only viewpoint on guns that many of these kids have ever heard.

But a recent graduate of Kent State University in Ohio has her head on straight when it comes to gun ownership and carrying a firearm. Marwa Eltagouri gives us the details:

If Kaitlin Bennett had been allowed to carry a gun at Kent State University while a student, she wouldn’t have carried an AR-10 rifle. She would have carried her handgun instead.

But the 22-year-old said she chose to pose with the rifle for her graduation photos Sunday because it made for a stronger symbol: That, as a non-student, she could at last arm herself on the northeast Ohio campus. To Bennett, the photo was the culmination of her years as a conservative student activist, during which she advocated for students to be able to carry concealed weapons […].

While Bennett is a passionate gun owner, her reasons for taking the pictures on campus with a rifle are primarily political in that she believes gun ownership is important so that citizens can protect themselves from an oppressive government.


Smart lady, and it’s refreshing to see this awareness of the necessity of personal ownership of firearms in light of how governments oppress people historically.

Frankly, if I had a son of an appropriate age, I’d tell him to look for a woman with her head screwed on straight like Bennett. It would seem that I’m not the only one with that same thinking: she apparently has had several marriage proposals since tweeting pictures with her carrying an AR-10 on the Kent State campus.

All-in-all, it’s good to see some young people who understand the importance of protecting our Second Amendment rights and why.



    • At the end of the second paragraph where the word ‘details’ is in blue, click on it. That takes you to the details and pictures.

    • If you click the one word link that says: “details” you go straight to the original site, which ironically is the Washington Post.

  1. My wife said I couldn’t ask her to marry me but said if she needs another Granpa ,I’m available!!

  2. Hey, Little David Hogg, are you listening, Sonny? Poor kid, you’ll never be as important as that young lady.

    • ‘Punk David ain’t the man his mammie was’, (old hood rat saying), but this wonderful young lady gives us all hope that this current young generation can be saved! She should run for a State legislative seat in an appropriate pro gun district and start grooming herself for POTUS.

      • Was his mamma “Ima Hogg, or Ura Hogg?” (These two names are real and historical, from the early 20th century, daughters of a politician name Will Hogg, Governor of LA, or MS, or one of those “red-necked” states from that time – got it from MY mamma, who knew a heluva lot o’ “stuff).”


  4. All of the second amendment folks need to stand up and voice their support for our ability to have guns to protect ourselves and families from harm. This includes a oppressive government.

    • Jerry troll, you also commented in the Colorado article here on ‘securing firearms as a solution’ for school shootings. Which is like saying something abjectly igno-imbecilic like locking your car will be a solution for auto theft?

      Just because you are too cognitively degenerated to ‘see a reason’ for Stand Up Patriotism doesn’t mean there isn’t a very good one by a very courageous young American exemplified in the article.

      Do yourself a favor and quit removing any doubt that you are a moron–we can already determine that– and find someplace else to do your anti-gun troll work.

    • Poor uninformed Jerry the Troll. May I inquire how much experience you have with campus life at the administrative levels? You see it is perfectly legal on campuses to use political cabals of need to be needed ungratified professors to put political pressures in conservative professors to join ranks or to shut up –“Because they can.!” The exact response from a former college president forced into resignation due to pilfiring money from the campus funds. So what ever you might believe in the context of a picture much larger than are you, the opinion you hold is simply unimportant.

    • That beautiful, young girl probably did it to keep weirdos like yourself away from her.

  5. Only the Snowflakes will not get the gesture and complain about this Her Dad and Mom should be Proud of this conservative Young women.

    • Far from ridiculous. Consider the loss of all your freedoms because you choose to stand with opposition to liberty and freedom. What will your kids feel about not having any rights due to your spineless stance?

      • If you think that one pretty girl doing an obvious publicity stunt is in any way going to protect my freedoms…’re an idiot. If you think I’m spineless for pointing this out, you’re an even bigger idiot and belong in a padded box. My “kid,” by the way, will be 52 years old this coming August…and he know me well enough to never doubt my spine….or my stance.

        • Well Mr. Senior Citizen Lannom, some of the initial symptoms of age related Dementia, aka early onset Alzheimers certainly seems to be exemplified in your comments?

          A healthy mentality would easily be able to distinguish between the reality of a person exercising her Constitutional right to shoulder and lawfully open carry a firearm to emphasize a statement of solidarity with our Second Amendment as it is slowly being dragged through the mud and slime by Tyrannists …
          and those who will stop at nothing including truly obvious ridiculous publicity stunts” like staging ‘die-ins’ at public stores and places of business with ridiculous actions like laying down on the floor and blocking people’s access to shopping to make their publicity ‘stunt’ agenda based statement.

          As a member of the Oath Keeper organization we sometimes appear
          at rallies and such with our rifles slung in open carry, not for any publicity, but to illustrate the visual point that we need to protect this ‘ridiculous’ natural right to open carry which is so critically important to our fundamental liberty to be Free from big government enslavement. Nobody accuses us of doing “ridiculous publicity stunts” at these political gatherings.

          This young woman was doing the same thing in her own way but simply went viral due to the uncommon novelty of her presentation.

          I personally think it was great, kind of like the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a Torch, an AR-10. You don’t think the Statue of Liberty is a “ridiculous publicity stunt” do you, Les?

          In any case, do yourself a favor and get a scan, and get some treatment before you lose it all and can’t even distinguish who your son is anymore?

          Caught early enough it can be treated and possibly cured. They found out that Alzheimer’s is also caused by a dormant HSV-1 in the brain that you carried with you in life, and emerging as your immune system weakens as you age…
          probably from another form of ‘Ridiculous Stunt’ YOU once made the mistake of doing once upon a time in your past life???

          • Oath Keeper?? Really??? And you want me, or anyone else, to take you seriously?? You don’t even merit a comment, Mahatma.

    • It is as plain as the nose on your face, my man, that you haven’t the foggiest notion as to why the various documents were written by the founders of this experiment in liberty called the US of A.
      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (SO VERY SIMPLE – the first part establishing that it is necessary for the people to be armed as would be a soldier – and the second part telling authority to keep its mitts off). So, Les, what part of “shall not be infringed” do you have trouble with? And don’t hide behind the phony safety issue.

      • Actually, Billy, I have no trouble…or issue…or even disagreement with any part of the second amendment. If you arrived at that conclusion from my post, you must have difficulty with comprehension of the written word. If you can carry concealed, I think you should also be allowed to carry open. However, going to your college campus and posing with an AR slung over your back is not an expression of the exercise of your second amendment rights. It’s a stunt designed to get attention. The attention the stunt gets is not going to serve any purpose beyond telling the country (especially those who would seek to take away our guns) that those of us who do possess firearms and wish to protect ourselves and our dependents are truly “gun nuts.” I, personally, do not wish to be regarded as a “nut” just because I have and enjoy the use of firearms. Neither do I want to be considered a “nut,” gun or otherwise, because I like having the ability to protect myself and those around me. However, applauding an act that garners the wrong kind of publicity for those of us who do support the second amendment takes a special kind of stupid…and, unfortunately, that special quality seems to be rampant on these pages.

      • But thanks, Billy, for the history and civics lesson. It’s been a long time, for me, but I still remember most of it.

    • To…William Ramsburg….She’s just speaking her mind and beliefs, if you don’t like it….S O O..What, who cares ! ! ! !

    • Les Lannom, it’s not nearly as ridiculous and idiotic as that pussy hat you keep wearing as a publicity stunt. In fact, there’s NOTHING ridiculous or idiotic about her at all. That hat of yours, though…

  6. The death threats are inexcusable and unforgivable. The anti-gun bigots must be getting desperate. If that was not enough, Dana Loesch had to move out of her home in CA because of death threats on her children. It takes a real lowlife to threaten children. It underscores something else: the “antis” don’t wan them all banned; just ones they don’t own and posses. If only ***they*** are armed then they will assume the “privilege” to grind their heels into the rest of us whenever they choose.

  7. The “anti-gun” fools are either insurgents, or they don’t understand how the insurgency is using their foolishness.

  8. dear les, i think you have issues with tolerance concerning the rights and opinions of others ,misguided or not. i dont think they are misguided in this girls case . i think you are tho. btw, who died and put you in charge?

    • No one put me in charge. This page is reserved for commentary. I merely call them as I see them. You may think I am misguided, but I do not. Posing for pictures on a campus with an AR slung over your back isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion of those of us who not only believe in preserving our constitution, but support the spirit of that constitution. I happen to be one of those people. If you think those pictures are a positive representation of exercising our rights, you’re certainly welcome to that point of view. In my considered opinion the act was not only childish, but was detrimental, as well. You’re more than welcome to walk the streets carrying whatever form of armament you choose, but your act will do nothing to change the opinions of those who wish to abolish the second amendment. You will, quite rightly, be regarded as a radical who has no business with anything more lethal than a stick or a bag of marbles. If that’s the image you support and wish to portray, more power to you. I think there are most certainly more pressing issues to consider….such as limiting access to lethal weapons by individuals who demonstrate, either through disorder of the mind or of a particular mindset, that they have no business having such access. I do have difficulty dealing with, or supporting, abject stupidity. Apparently, for some reason that escapes me, you do not. That however, is your problem to deal with and not mine. It is, though, fortunate that you, and others of your particular mindset, are not the arbiters of public behavior where firearms are concerned. I’m sure that, despite evidence to the contrary, you still think President Obama is trying to take our guns. Again, think and do as you will. We are, after all, a free country.

      • You are nonetheless, and despite your feeble protestations, a shitforbrains. A pompous, pedantic, know-nothing, pathetic, shitforbrains.

      • Yo Les Lannom…So you are one of those leftist, socialist, commies that want to do away with the second amendment, then I feel sorry for you because you don’t know a thing about freedom in this country ! ! ! ! ! Without the second amendment we would be at the mercy of not only any invading forces that maybe our Military couldn’t stop or our own government trying to take over and make slaves of us all ! ! ! ! ! You’re not thinking clearly and rationally ! ! ! ! ! !

        • Either you didn’t read all of what I wrote, or you just ignored it. Nowhere did I ever write that I was in favor of doing away with the second amendment. I have said that, despite what some of the jackals on this page have written, I am in full support of maintaining and supporting the second amendment. Having a social consciousness and exercising a social conscience has nothing to do with the second amendment. I just happen to believe that conserving is directly related to preserving, and I am very interested in preserving our constitution, and all that that means, and in preserving our environment and all that that entails. If you think that makes me a leftist…fine. If you think that makes me a socialist…also fine. If you think that makes me a communist…you’re not paying attention. The plain fact is that I am not a member of any political party, though I do tend to lean to the left in most cases.

      • Sorry, Les, but being a closeted defender of the 2nd amendment doesn’t seem to be helping our cause any. It’s time we became a little more “butch” and appear a little more defiant toward those in power, who think they can “bring us around” with slickly weasel-worded dialogue about our “great democracy” in which we’re told that a majority of Brittney Spears fans have been in touch with our congress critters, shrieking for “sensible gun safety laws” and so our congress critters felt forced vote our rights away…

  9. dear les, i dont know who you are ,nor do i really care ,as a college educated ,endowment life member of the N.R.A. i know a good deal more about the gun situation in this country than most. but at least i don’t think myself as high and mighty as you . you impress me as an intellectual snob, an elitist who thinks he knows more than everyone else . by the way bucco , shove your comment about our former pres.( who i rank with you ) ,in your ……..


    • Didn’t like my comment my comment about former President Obama?? Don’t tell me you actually did fall in with the crowd that was certain he wanted to disarm us!! That comment was meant to be a sarcastic jibe. I guess that highly vaunted education you’re so proud of didn’t stand you in very good stead. Perhaps you should take out your brown shirt, dust of your jack boots and lock arms with our boy, Mahatma, in a little stroll down the promenade. You, too, might make an impression and garner all the attention given the pretty young girl on the Kent State campus. Don’t forget to bring your cannon with you. A howitzer always makes such a favorable impact! (incidentally, that last bit about the howitzer was also sarcasm)

    • Obviously Mr Lannon does not remember Osama’s remarks from 2008 and earlier. Yes, that fraud does want to take everyone R’s guns away! The punk even voted in the Illinois statehouse, to impriso n anyone using a gun to defend themselves, or their family from criminal attack. This was also put out of it’s own mouth!!!!! Do yourself a favor before you try to insult me as you have the others. 1,I remember the outlandish displays of our generation back in the 1960’s. 2,Look at the Declaration of Independence, You will see the signature of one of my Ancestors on that document! One George Ross!! That young lady’s display was NOT CHILDISH! SHE WAS EXCERCISING HER FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO FREE SPEACH, ON A CAMPUS THAT SHOWS A HATEFUL DISREGARD, AND DISGUST WITH ANYTHING THEY DISAGREE WITH!!!

  10. I appreciate what the young woman was doing. And being in agreement with what she was standing up for I am glad she did what she did and happy that nobody gave her a hard time.

    She’s an attractive and sexy young woman for sure, but that should not be held against her. Instead support her for her character and moral fortitude. I doubt it was all that easy or comfortable for her to walk around with that rifle hanging off her should dressed in a dress and dainty shoes. Yet it’s that very image that grabs people’s attention and the fact that she is not somebody dressed in camouflage or wearing a safety vest or in law enforcement.

    She’s not just a pretty girl or silly bimbo posing for cameras or pulling a stunt to earn easy money or to get attention, but a young woman standing for what she believes in. And for that she should be recognized and not hated for her looks.

    • Frank, your points are well taken. However, donning a frock and slinging a large gun over your shoulder to take a walk around the campus (where, presumable, no-one else is armed) still ranks as a publicity stunt. It’s a big loud “Hey look at me!” that has definitely gained nation-wide public notice. I’m not saying that her intentions were wrong (although I do believe they were not motivated purely by patriotism), but I do think they were misguided. To applaud every silly stunt, just because it is done by a pretty girl, does not make sense in the over-all scheme of things. And I certainly am not so stupidly tunnel-visioned as to “hate her for her looks,” or for any other reason. I hope she is pleased with the reception her actions have gained her. I just don’t think it was a very good idea, despite what those who are riding in the clown car might think.

  11. mr. becker ,i agree with some of what you write. but ,what you have to realize is that mr. lannom is not what he appears to be. unless i am wrong he is leslie lannom, a former grade “b” , bit -part actor. he has a new role these days now that he is washed -up. he now pretends to be a supporter of the 2nd ammendment , and by extension the 1st . mr. lannom thinks i am afraid of obama . obama comes from the state he lives in not mine. i believe obama to be a buffoon. what i fear are people like mr. lannom , a liberal ,maybe socialist deciever in the guise of a supporter of the 2nd ammendment. old les is arrogant , intolerant , and pompous . he has a superiority complex i think . i could forgive him that if he wasn’t an ex – hollywood fake
    he pretends to stand in favor of the bill of rights , but then criticizes those who exercise theirs , or the manner in which they do it because they dont march in lock step with his opinions . i may be wrong about who he is, if i am i apologize , but i dont think so. i fear people who hand out the b.s. that he does , lest some take it to heart.

  12. when you write or talk to people about brown shirts and jack boots ,look in the mirror . not only are you an elitist but you are also a progressive, probably N.W.O. you are no more a conservative than i am a socialist. and i was beginning to think you had some modicum of intelligence les old buddy.

    • J.R.W., when you refer to me as a progressive or socialist (and I have absolutely no idea what an N.W.O is) as though those are derogatory names, you do little to further your position. Unions and the working middle class are both the result of the early socialist movement in America. However, I am not in favor of communism, oligarchy or fascism, though I do believe in having a social consciousness and a social conscience.

  13. For a guy who says he doesn’t know or care who I am, you seem to have done a great deal of research. Some of your assessments are patently incorrect. I never made claim to being a “conservative” in today’s fashion. Politically, I lean toward the policies and politics of Theodore Roosevelt. Do a bit of digging and you will find out how he regarded himself. He was asked about that very subject shortly after having delivered his “Bull Moose” speech, when running for re-election. I do support the 2nd amendment. Nothing I have written would have led you to believe otherwise. Neither did I say that I thought you were actually afraid of Obama. Come to think of it, you would have probably fit in well in the McCarthy era. All of that having put forth, I must also point out that I am not hiding my views behind a pseudonym or set of initials. And I do think that it is important to stand up for what you believe…. in a public forum….especially if it conflicts with the majority of sentiments presented by other contributors. As to my position in the hierarchy of my profession…..think of it as you will. As I posted somewhere else….it is a free country, after all.

  14. dear les, in another letter on this site, (environmentalist ,etc.), you say you are not so much liberal as progressive . you think that has something to do with unions ? have i got that right? if you are a progressive you know damn well what the N.W.O. is. new world order, or one world gov’t. this has nothing to do with unions either. if you don’t support this you really should not call yourself progressive. also i dont believe you support the 2nd ammendment ,in spite of your remarks that you do. i know you dont care what i think. fine. i just want people to know what i believe you really are , i believe you are a charlatan. any way les , i dont like communists, have no use for socialists ,less for liberals , these 2 go hand in hand many times . what i am is a cross between conservative and libertarian. i use the i.d. that i do because i rarely get on sites that often . i usually only do when someone irks me for some reason ,like having a huge ego. what makes you so almighty that you can put others down for the way or manner in which they express their opinions or exercise their rights . who gave you that right? do you that being a 2nd rate ,minor actor makes you special? btw , i dont have a gadsden flag sticker on my bumper. before you make one of ypur absurd remarks. i read once that actors have to have a big ego,to bad your talent doesnt match yours. also les , i never meant to imply you are a conservative, far from it. your comment on the environmentalist letter , you do remember this dont you, (where is mahatma when you need him)?i agree with you on thing ,you said that some people would be better off for their demise. have i got that right right? if so, lead by example, start with yourself.

  15. well les old buddy ,if you dont like like the content of these pages, why do you keep getting on them ? i guess you need to occupy your time since hollywood doesn’t want you anymore.

  16. also les , i think progressivism is one of the most dangerous things i have ever seen. sooner or later it will lead to one world govt.

    • J.R.W., let us both hope that you are proven wrong. It is obvious that you know very little about the business in which I worked and even less of me. Again, think what you will. As I said before, it is still a free country, and I am proud to be a citizen of it.

  17. Jerry Brunson … You see no reason???? You are the reason she had to do that. And in glad she did. Many she sill help some of the other kids that Fineztine has brain washed

  18. Les You sure made for some good reading. I read all the comments. But the story was about Kaitlin being a student at Kent State. Where she was an activist for carrying concealed carry guns on campus of Kent State. The picture was a AR 10 because it made for a louder statement. And the story said if she was on campus she would only be able to carry a hand gun. You said being pretty with a gun had no place that it was a pubic stunt. Kaitlin can not help it if she is pretty. Would it have been a better public stunt if she were ugly. You made a comment away from what the story was really talking about. I don’t know why and the other readers looks like they don’t know why either but thanks for the reading.

    • Pied Piper, the story was about a publicity stunt, pure and simple. And it would not change things, had she been ugly. It still would have been a publicity stunt. Please note that I wrote publicity….not pubic and not public. Okay?

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