FISHY: This Major City Is Only Place In That State With A Decrease In Gun Licenses


There are some strange things in this world. But, somehow, things always seem to get stranger in certain places.

For example, some people say that the Bermuda Triangle is a very strange place. Beautiful, but strange. Why strange? Because, supposedly, airplanes flying through that relatively small geographic area have a bizarre tendency to simply disappear. As in gone, completely.

Kind of like the bizarre way that gun carry licenses in the large city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania decreased when (quite literally) gun carry permits in the rest of that state increased. Stephen Gutowski writes,


Pennsylvania experienced an explosion in gun-carry licenses in 2020—except in Philadelphia, where residents were plagued by shutdowns and roadblocks thrown up by local authorities.

While 62,737 more gun-carry licenses were issued in the state during 2020 than during 2019, an increase of 25 percent, Philadelphia saw a 19 percent decrease. The city, which houses about 12.3 percent of the state’s population and its largest African-American community, issued just 2.3 percent of gun-carry licenses in the state. Philadelphia has the state’s largest population, but 11 other counties issued more gun-carry licenses in 2020. Philadelphia was among just 7 localities to see a decrease, compared to 60 that saw an increase, according to a recently released report from the Pennsylvania State Police.

Only Lackawanna, Potter, and Delaware counties saw a bigger percentage drop in the number of permits issued in 2020, with Lackawanna posting a 34 percent decline. Philadelphia saw the largest raw-number decline by issuing 1,795 fewer licenses in 2020 than in 2019. The Philadelphia Police Department and the sheriff’s departments in the three other counties did not respond to requests for comment.

The drop in licenses issued by Philadelphia came even as gun sales in the city jumped by more than 158 percent to 31,368. That far outpaces the 54 percent increase experienced by the rest of the state.

One of the biggest blocks that Philadelphia officials put up to prevent issuing gun carry licenses was “to shut down the application process at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and to keep it shut down longer than counties in the rest of the state.”

But, hey, if you’re anti-gun, any excuse, no matter how legal, irrational, or immoral, will do if it allows you to steal people’s right to bear arms, right?

Think there will be any lawsuits against city officials for this nonsense? There certainly should be. The people of Philadelphia have just as much a right to self-protection as everyone else in the rest of the country, and blocking residents from being able to carry both violates their Constitutional rights and endangers the entire city.



  1. Pedophile Joe and the Scumocrats will NEVER take our guns or keep us from using them when we need them!!!!
    Just more proof that Scumocrats are the most useless form of life on the planet!!!

  2. Maybe they carry without your permission!
    They feel secure in their own persona and know they can handle themselves in a situation where it would take 20 minutes for a cop to show up? As the police gets defunded, it is easier to take care of business on their own!

    • Steph – “Maybe they carry without your permission!” – in filth-a-delphia? Oh wait I get it – you are joking, right?
      Seriously, I’d be willing to wager the family farm that they have one of the highest per capita rates of illegal carry in the country. That is highly likely since they do have shall we say a ‘bit’ of a crime problem.
      Note I am not saying that requiring a mother may I card is a ‘good’ thing but how many felons actually jump thru the hoops to get that card and they carry anyway, and not just there. Meanwhile, Law Abiding Citizens (who ain’t the problem) get shafted by a gun hating mayor and a fouled up system……………..

      • Amazing isn’t it, that businesses like Sonic drive-in restaurant chain and some mall chains do not want legal concealed carry people as clients. Does it mean that those chains prefer to have clinets that illegally concealed carry?

      • That so called permit is just another TAX grab, that is why a lot of places will fight tooth and nail to make sure that your right is only a privilege, as they cannot tax a right.

  3. Sounds like time for a lawsuit against the city for deliberately and maliciously exposing citizens to violent crime – possibly even murder. Or sue for protection by personal bodyguards since they won’t allow private citizens to have the means of self-defense.

  4. The people of Philadelphia aren’t wasting time and money on government approval. They WILL protect themselves. Way to go Philly!

  5. I saw the comment and my first thought was, Philadelphia. So when I read the article I was not at all surprised. Pennsylvania, my home state, is a “shall issue” state but for some reason the laws are different in Philly. I’m so glad I live in the country away from that billshit! I’ve had my carry permit for several years and I’m not sure I’m even allowed to carry in Philadelphia. Total bullshit! This country needs constitutional carry or at the very least a gun permit in one state should be legal in all states. One should not have to worry about reciprocity laws when traveling.

    • Now why would you need to carry in Phily!!?? How many murders, shootings, rape, etc in the city of “brotherly love” in the past six months??

  6. Filth-a-Delphia had 500 murders in 2020. The vast majority (over 400 )were persons of color. They majority of these murders were also committed with handguns not so called assault rifles) This mathematical statistic followed suit in every major Democratically controlled city.
    But the B-L-M movement is worried about 10-15 questionable police involved shooting a year nationwide. Biden & Bloomberg and Soros are after the black guns first . But then the murders will continue and then they’ll want your handguns next!

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