Snopes Busted For Anti-Gun Bias In Their “Fact Checking”


“Fact checking” websites seem to be a go-to source for people looking to put forward a certain position on an issue. And, in an ideal world, a fact checking website would actually check the facts and tell the truth without smear or bias so that people can come to well-informed and intelligent conclusions based on the facts of an issue.

Unfortunately, though, fact check websites lie. Or, at least, slant the information presented in such a way that a certain conclusion is more likely to be reached regardless of the facts.

Take a recent article on popular fact checker website about mass shootings. Andrew Tuohy takes this article to task when he writes,


Snopes, everyone’s favorite fact checker for mundane internet disagreements involving Elvis sightings and other minutiae, has again waded into the gun control debate with an article titled “Were AR-15s Used in Every Major Mass Shooting in the United States After Aurora?“.

The article was based on an incorrect Twitter post claiming that the Santa Fe High School shooter used an AR15, but even though the post was wrong, Snopes declared it mostly true, saying “while the statement is accurate for the most part, the weapon most commonly associated with such massacres was reportedly not used in Santa Fe.”

By starting with the conclusion that the AR15 was “most commonly associated” with mass shootings, it was easy for Snopes to call the Twitter post mostly true.

Tuohy then proceeds to list of eleven “mass shootings” since the Aurora shooting (using the definition of a mass shooting as resulting in four or more deaths) none of which used an AR-15 in the shootings.

It’s just another example of a media site intentionally slanting information to match their bias (and this isn’t the first time that has been called out for bias in their “fact checking”).

What it comes down to is that, if people want facts, then they need to do their own checking, and needs to try to actually check the facts instead of reporting their bias.



  1. Snopes is a hard left leaning DEMOSCUM husband and wife team running the website, if you want the REAL TRUTH watch Alex Jones or FOX NEWS

    • I totally agree that Snopes cannot be trusted and realized this over a decade ago…but Fox? Alex Jones?

      Get a New Testament. Read and study it! Jesus is coming soon. Have u obeyed the gospel? ***Acts 2:38***

      Cain killed Abel with a rock…it’s all a heart problem.

      • Who had a Bible prior to Gutenburg’s printing Press?. And have you joined and obeyed Jesus’s historical 2000 year old Church he started? Probably not. Many followed Luther” He was smarter than Jesus and corrected his word. Good analogy, really hard to confiscate all the rocks. but could outlaw a rock slinger like David’s. Easy to make, two three foot lengths of string like rawhide, tied to a leather 2″ by 6″ stone holder. Takes lots of practice and quiet operating and inexpensive. Swing it real fast in a circle and then let go of one of the strings at precisely the correct time and “presto” food on the table. No liscense required either. Make sure no one is near you when practicing. It could actually kill someone if you let it go at the wrong time. write on the leather: “Caution this is not a toy” range-300 yrds.

      • I’m skeptical of Alex Jones, but I wouldn’t trust that douche nozzle at Snopes further than I can spit a goat

    • Unless they finally changed it with the many complaints I made about how they define the Heller v DC case they only give you a partial definition in the case. Their statement is that guns are for home defense only as the SCOTUS ruling.

  2. Smiles is now and has been a lefty bias website. As a “fact checker” it is worthless unless you are looking for a totally liberal bias on everything.

  3. Snopes is a whinney liberal 2 person non wodking queer illegal muslim obams supporter. They lied from day 1, their facts are a legend in their own minds.

  4. Snopes has always leaned to the left as far as bias. I don’t use them personally, I search for my own facts.

  5. Snopes is a Constitution trashing freedom hater! They obviously haven’t read the 2nd Amendment!

  6. I sure don’t know how the hell they got it wrong. Within 24 hrs., all the information was listed and the shooter utilized a shotgun and a .38 revolver. How the hell does that weaponry turn into an AR-15? DAMN LIBERALS!!!!!!

  7. Again your better off buying The National Enquirer at Walmart check out line and get the real truth than depend on this leftwing internet Rag of Misinformation.

  8. A friend sent me something years ago and said it was verified by snopes, which I knew was a lie. I was there at the time mentioned and place so I sent them an email about how wrong they were and they said they try to get it all right but wouldn’t offer a rebuttal or correct it so, I wrote them off. I told my friend about it and he did the same thing with the same results. Snopes is worthless, please don’t waste your time with them.

    • When anyone uses snopes to support facts I always never believe anything that comes after snopes is bs!

  9. “To tell the truth is a petty bourgeois habit, whereas for us to lie is justified by our objectives.” – Vladimir Lenin – The Progressives who want to return this country to a feudal system run by the Controlling Elite (who KNOW how everything should work) have no trouble justifying the “By Any Means Necessary” ethos. People with an effective means of resisting them are dangerous. And I am highly suspicious of the probity and ethics of anyone manifesting that philosophy who opposes voter I.D.

  10. It appears that Snopes, Twitter among others, are overweighted with opinion, unsubstianted, while being under weighted with facts. One wonders why.

  11. Your local bartender is a better fact-checker than Snopes. Come to think of it, your local barber, and the kid who mows your lawn, are better fact-checkers. But, the Left pays them, so………what the hell, it’s their job.

  12. This is off the subject, but hard to find where I could post what I think about the shooting in Las Vegas I’m wondering if he wasn’t targeting Trump supporters. Any one else have this same thought, they just keep delaying the answers and it would make sense to me as if that was true La Vegas could loose a lot of business and The Democrats could lose a lot of support. Just wondering.

  13. I have read that the Annenberg Foundation funds Snopes. You can google what kind of liberals they are.

  14. “Depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is..” – “The AR15 was ‘most commonly associated’ with mass shootings” – The association is because mass media attaches AR-15 to mass shootings, hence the association. If the AR-15 had never been used for a mass shooting but it was brought into every reporting of one, the readers of the report would associate it with mass shootings. The promoting of this association is deliberate and is used to push an ideologic opposition and establish a precedent: “If we can ban this specific item, then we can ban other specific items, then we can ban a specific genre of items, then we can….” It establishes, with intent to deceive, a false limitation on a Constitutionally protected right – one which benefits and protects only those who will break these laws.

  15. That’s not the only point of their bigotry. They’re nothing but a leftist propaganda machine.

  16. Hey don’t quote me as gospel but doesn’t soros have some sort of say in snopes???It’s a shame when you can\’t even get the truth from the alleged fact checkers.

  17. You can’t comment on an anti-gun site unless you sign an anti-gun partition, that makes them all agree. I guess it makes them feel everybody is against guns !!!

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