Just When You Thought Gun Control Couldn’t Get Any More Stupid


It’s no secret to readers of this site how stupid some people who support gun bans really are. Just look at some of the government actions that have been proposed.

But, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more foolish, you run across a story about anti-gunners making even more ridiculous suggestions. Rachel Blevins gives us this one:

The United Kingdom, a country known for its strict gun laws, is now battling soaring knife crime rates, and as bans on the utensils have failed, one judge is now suggesting that citizens should be forced to dull their kitchen knives in an effort to help prevent crime.

Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge said he fully supports a government ban on knives, according to a report from The Telegraph. The logic he used to argue for new legal restrictions was eerily similar to the talking points used by politicians in the United States who seek stricter gun control laws.

Yes, you read that right: this judge wants to pass laws to force people to use dull knives and knives without a point in an effort to reduce knife murders in the U.K. In fact:


Madge said he believes it is the responsibility of manufacturers, stores, police, local authorities and the government to push for a ban on the sale of “long pointed knives.” He said he believes they should be replaced with the sale of “such knives with rounded ends.”

Is there anyone who didn’t see this type of stupidity coming?

This U.K. judge is just another anti-gunner who doesn’t want to acknowledge that the problem isn’t the tools available but that there are people who want to hurt other people, and any tool can be converted into a weapon by someone so inclined to want to do horrible things to other people.

The only viable, realistic way that people can be safer from those who wish to commit violence is for peaceful but realistic people to have the ability to physically stop those who wish harm. And one of the best ways to do that is to have and know how to use a gun.



  1. There is no reply for stupidity you can’t fix stupid that’s what’s wrong with politicians in this country Glad other places have just as stupid judges and politicians as we do here

    • Right, you can’t fix stupid, not even with duct tape. But here’s the kicker.
      Everybody posting here is ‘stupider’ than even these morons in the UK. We actually know better…AND WE LET THEM FUCKING GET AWAY WITH IT!

      There’s actually definitive prosecutable laws against everything they do to try and achieve gun control. Even Compromise as these corrupt politicians on both sides always do is technically illegal. “Shall NOT be Infringed means just that. No fucking Compromise, Stipulations, qualifiers or exceptions. See 18 USCC s. 242-242. Everyone trying to make or pass a gun law is subject to Felony prosecution under these legitimate Laws of the Land! And there is established precedent SCOTUS case law supporting the prosecution of anti-Constitution illegal fiat laws! So why aren’t criminals like this congressmoron from Florida trying to pass a universal background law in Fantasy Land there doing a perp walk with cuffs AND leg shackles?

      Because the people are too busy complaining instead of DEMANDING THAT corrupt Prosecutors and judges quit ignoring this and allow police to follow up on an arrest.

      They play us like a cheap night at the crap table.

      And we must like it. So kiss your shit goodbye if we don’t start ENFORCING the 2nd/A!

  2. I think something crawled up in his head and laid eggs….. How far out can one become; (and how)????

    • Considering how empty his skull is, Many things could’ve crawled in there..with room for more!

    • Well JB, I don’t know if anything crawled up his leg and laid eggs in his ear, but it is obvious that the best part of him ran down his fathers leg.

  3. Well what next a BAN on baseball bats, Golf clubs, garden tools etc. MAYBE THEY SHOULD PASS A BAN ON PEOPLE HAVING HANDS AND AMPUTATE VERYONE’S HANDS AT BIRTH that way a person could not hold anything to use as a weapon. I know people will say this is extreme but this is where the world is headed with all these idiotic bans.!!

  4. Oh say about as stupid as putting a man in jail for 13 months, in a couple of hours from arrest to prison. But, BUT IF your Muslim an rape babies you can have acid hand grenades, the works an still walk free.

  5. Somebody give this Judge a Nice Steak to go with that Dull Knife. Next News Headline/ People Stabbed to Death with Dull Knife>Screw Driver>Ice Pick> Sharp Stick that was Sharpened before Knives were Dulled I’ll stop know there’s just to many to list. ( DUMB ASS’S )!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not to put too fine a point on it (sarcasm) this judge needs to be put in a straitjacket in a padded room and kept juiced up on Thorazine as he is clearly non compos mentes. It takes no time at all to shape and sharpen a piece of scrap metal to make a knife. Remember prisoners turn plastic tooth brushes into shanks.
    I had the security people on a B ritish Flag cruise ship freak out because I had a Swiss Army knife, that is why I no longer cruise on Princess cruise lines.
    This nonsense is why we kicked the Brits out in 1776 and again in 1812, because they just love to be told every move to make by their “Benevolent” government.

  7. Just another example of how modern day liberalism is a disease. It literally eats away all common sense. And at the rate we’re going, with the help of 90% of the media, the US is heading in the same direction. I laugh every time I hear a liberal try and say Trump is taking away our liberties.

  8. It’s time that we stopped calling these schemes “gun control” and started calling them what they are. The are outright plans to overthrow the United States Goverment! As you just pointed out, guns have nothing to do with it. Knives, cars and trucks would do just as well. This is outright “Treason”

  9. Really now,well if you ban pointed knives then next it will be files and grinding stones from bench grinders and so on. The tools that sharpen the weapons will be the next item on the chopping block. I know there are stupid people in this vast world , but how stupid can stupid go ?

  10. Any thing can be considered as “Assault what ever” as early man use to use large rocks. Then mankind progressed to using slings, slingshots, crossbow, bows and arrows up to the items we have today. Its just what you want to call as an assault weapon( that being said any thing used to commit assault on another is considered assault weapon includes cars, trucks, pressure cookers and the list goes on). The left wants to ban firearms totally so can we ban the assault stupidity of the left?

    • they want to ban all guns so the USA will be like south Africa the blacks taking over your property and u not owning a thing I remember when whites ran south Africa the USA cut off all aid also the rest of world followed suit if they didn’t turn over the country to the blacks

  11. THIS MUST BE A FAKE NEWS!!! I can’t believe this is true, this is just a fake news, mainly because most the knife became null and need to be sharpened multiple times, are the sharpening stone be ban also? Sorry Caleb Lee, you need to show the source of this news or you are taking us for stupid.

  12. Back in 1963, my father (a radio newscaster) observed that almost all of the wacky news stories were datelined England or California.

    He nailed it.

  13. Ya all are getting close to the real problem? Way back when it was pitchforks and Axe. Now were more civilized ? Right the best defense against and attacks is just simply Ban Government. Then use anything appropriate for defence and just might be needed if anyone thinks to create another Government use said items on them. End of problem. Most people want to get along and work together. But not Government they want control and town everything so they do anything to get it. Get it!?

  14. Of course. When are idiots lke that moron judge going to demand Rock control?,And pencil control. perhaps even Key control, I have an old skeleton key, that I could use to injure, or even kill With This proves that a subspiecies of Homo- stupidus exists. Things that make an amoeba look like a geniou in comparision…

  15. Take their knives away and a decent citizen in England still would be a helpless prey for all the predators infesting the country. There are roaming gangs of troublemakers assaulting innocent people over there. And they’re not all Muslim immigrants either. Only way to defend yourself successfully is to be a really proficient martial artist. Who has the time and money to train for that? As for America, enforcement of existing laws and stiff sentencing would do a lot to reduce crime and violence, but politicians don’t want to punish criminals. They vote democratic!

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