Texas Students Protest David Hogg’s Idiocy


If you were to only see David Hogg as the example of what students are like these days, then you could be forgiven for thinking that kids these days are obnoxious and clueless.

Fortunately, though, there are kids who will restore your faith in the future of America [hat tip to here for the lead]. Sam Dorman writes,

A group of pro-gun Texas students is challenging Parkland survivors in their attempt to push gun control after the Santa Fe High School shooting last month.

The group, called March for Our Rights, sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott urging him to consider its pro-Second Amendment viewpoint. The letter came in response to another letter sent to Abbott and signed by organizers of the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives.

The letter, published as a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle, called for policy change and asked Abbott not to pander to the gun lobby.

Not only did March for Our Rights publish this letter, they’ve also directly addressed Hogg on Twitter, which seems to be one of his main platforms. To a David Hogg tweet which said “(They don’t know it yet) but the young people will win.”, they tweeted back:


Hey we’re a 100% student-led movement. Most of our staff is in high school. We weren’t given millions from PACs and celebrities. We represent students nationwide, including some from Parkland and Santa Fe and we disagree with what you stand for. You do not speak for us.

Yes, March for Our Rights gets it. They seem to understand that gun rights are about people being able to protect themselves from violence and not about causing violence. March for Our Rights understands that the majority of people who own guns are peaceful, law-abiding citizens and that those who commit violence nearly always obtain their firearms illegally.

Yes, David Hogg and his crew are clueless, but, thank God, not everyone of his generation are ignorant about firearms.



  1. These TEXAS kids are in Boy Scouts and they learn guns and gun safety early on.
    I am proud of these kids.
    Hogg talks about the holocaust.
    These people were killed because Hitler took all the weapons.
    He doesn’t seem like a very bright kid.

  2. If these STATES go in for GUN control It should BE COMPLETE GUN CONTROL!!!! All guns REMOVED FROM THE STATE!!! that means no police AND no Bank gardes and No national gardes and all other legal holders of fire arms. Boy would I feel safe when I went to my bank or pharmacy knowing that there was not a legal gun any where available, would not you feel safe too?? All bank gardes and cops could carry a bucket of rocks to protect us all from thieves and murders. Can I get the T shirt concession to sell t shirts with bullseyes printer on the front and back? YOUR MAKING IT EASIER FOR THEM AND HARDER FOR US TO LIVE with your senseless new laws that mean NOTHING !!! Did you all go to school to learn to be dumb?

    • hey, while we’re at it, lets have Pyg Boi Davey go explain to MS-13 why THEY need to turn in their guns too. How’s about it, Dumbass Davey? Ready to put your money where your big fat mouth is?

      • I agree with the point you are making, but MS-13’s weapon of choice is a machete, they rarely use guns.

    • I agree 100%, they will get my guns when ALL, and I mean EVERY LIVING PERSON IN THE U.S, have been relieved of theirs…Get that Lefties, YOU won’t have any protection at all, now go and cry in your basements because we are not putting up with you lot any longer…..

      • still won’t give up mine, cause right behind that action, our enemies would walk over our WIDE OPEN borders with theirs loaded and ready for our slaughter!

    • The arrogant little Hogg looks more like the Hitler type with his fist salute and just needs a cheesy little mustache to complete the likeness. He already has the rhetoric down pat.

    • john,
      I know of no way to eradicate guns. They are rampant in every major city in the US. Besides, there are millions of people who have had firearms for many years and they are not registered. What then?
      But then again, it is people who are the problem, not weapons. Most anything can be used as a weapon, including cars, trucks and busses. Are we going to abandon all forms of transportation as well?

  3. Both students have a right to their believes. I work in a high school and when comes to this issue 92% of the student supported sensible gun control and no AR 15s. Maybe in Texas it is different but here in IL, we feel something has to be done. I’m in rural IL not the city so it is not that we don’t have guns. I personally worry about how easy it is to get these weapons. It is unfair to call the Parkland students’ ideas idiotic. If you were shot at a watched your friends and teachers die, you might see this differently. Stop the name calling and dismissive attire so we can have a real conversation.

  4. David the Hogg is a despicable brat being urged on by his CNN mommy! Had he actually been in school that day perhaps he would have a very different viewpoint as the students who were there had no protection because of fools and gun free zones. Go smoke that little David!

  5. It is refreshing to know that we have young people who are able to think on their own and are not bought and paid for by Liberal Anti-Gun, Anti-Second Amendment politics and have not been brainwashed by leftist education that has been forced on them in the schools all over the country. Our forefathers wrote the Constitution and early Amendments to protect the People and their foresight now protects us from what they obviously feared would happen as the years passed. They saw a need to protect us from the powers of government that they saw and experienced in the countries they left to be in America. These young people provide us hope for the future.

  6. Gun control protect only CRIMINALS. WE AS LAW ABIDING LAWFUL GUN OWNERS WILL FOLLOW THE LAW. More gun control will make us consider finding a way to keep firearms just like criminals. Might want to change sides too keep ur family safe. They only control law abiding citizens. They know they can’t control gang bangers and CRIMINALS I BELIEVE THERE “FEAR THEM”

  7. Kudos for the March for our Rights group ! Hopefully they can organize youth to counter-demonstrate at David Hogg’s silly bus trip around the country. Perhaps their group has to work during the summer to save for college – – instead of being an political activist during a “gap year”. Hogg is pathetic but unfortunately supported by the rich liberals and media.

  8. Thank God for these students who are not paid to protest. These Texas students and other students in other states are not snowflakes or democrat antifa, thanks to all of you

    • well he is a communist of the Cuban persuasion. His mommy who is teaching him to expand on her communist beleve system should go back to Cuba and resume her humping castro.

  9. Love it! David Oink Link’s band of followers are in for a real “porker” of of surprise? Yup, one full of bacon and chops?

  10. God bless Texas when they have a disaster they pull together as humans and take care of things from floods to everything else we all should learn from the great people of Texas and I agree Hogg and his friends are all rich spoiled brats that don’t have a clue and a total disgrace to the American people

  11. If the media were really fair and balanced, David Hogg would be “David Who?” now however, he is enjoying their support and protection because he is one them-so big surprise, huh?

  12. Schools have been the backbone of this awesome U S of A for over 200 years, at the same time there have been “guns’ of some kind in each and every house hold and there were no students hating each other enough to do the kind of damage we see these days.
    The shooters are not grandparents or parents or teachers or terrorist or law enforcement , the shooters are from each school, driven to a high level of hate for their fellow students to commit these shooting. Driven by social media and the day light to dark badmouthing on their cell phones.
    It is time for the students them selves to spend as much time cleaning up their own act as to what they are trying to accomplish by laying all blame on’guns’. Students and guns have shared a common ground of respect for over 200 years . Students need to look into a mirror to see today’s problem.

  13. It’s nice to know other young people see the holes and flaws in David’s arguments.

    Gun bans will not reduce crime, but actually cause it to increase.

    • Frank, you are absolutly correct. Take away the protection and the bears will attack the flock.

    • Yeah man. Send him and his little ignorant followers to Germany. They murder links with knives over therd.

  14. If it were not for the liberal social left “LYING” media paying this lying creep he would not even exist.
    This is a major example of how the “LYING” media will do and fund anything to spread lies and to DESTROY our country.

  15. He knew before hand the massacre that’,s why mommies little coward stayed home. He will grow up to be a traitor just as evil as Obammma

  16. Useful idiots abound, Mr. Hogg. Governments around the world are waiting for the U.S.to disarm so they can invade us at last. Our own deep state govt. is anxious too. Disarmament of our free armed citizens would be a dream come true for all tyrants, murderers, thieves, rapists, gang bangers and human scum.
    You are ignorant by design. Deliberately mis-educated to favor socialism, communism and any type of equal this and that pie in sky philosophy. All these approaches have Failed, but you were told they were good ways to govern people. I’m sorry to inform you but people are not inherently good. All of us are sinners, that old fashioned word used in the Bible to describe us. Most of us control our sin nature to some degree but we All need a Savior before we can become acceptable to God Almighty and the eternal life He offers.
    During the 20th century an estimated 266 Million unarmed subjects were slaughtered by their own governments. You and your sheep are pushing us down that road of destruction. You are being pushed by the scum named above. Read the Bible, ask God if Jesus Christ is our only salvation. Pray from your heart that you may believe the truth God offers you. I and thousands of other believers are praying for you.

    • This UN led world wide gun disarmament push is calculated to pave the way for the mark of the beast from the Book of Revelation!

  17. david hogg is just a product of the demagogue socialist lefties, enjoying his little Hitler syndrome. He will pass but the democraps will continue to attack the second amendment as long as they have breath in their bodies. Just like they don’t have a problem with abortion, it’s amazing that a baby with it’s own dna is considered not human but if it’s dna were found at a crime scene it’s dna wound be put in a data base and it would be looked at as a suspect. Sorry I got off subject, the democraps are ruthless about getting their way and they have the fake press to do all their lies.

  18. David Hogg was not present the day of the shooting? Seems quite suspect to me. Isn’t his daddy an fbi agent? Kind of reminds me of the copious amounts of officials that took the day of 9/11 off. Then the the next day these same people start squawking about the patriot act. Very similar to how David H started suawking about dismantling the 2nd Amendment.

  19. David Hogg wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. What would the result be? The decent, honest citizens would be defenseless. The criminals would still have their guns. The result? Most of America would end up like Chicago. Decent, honest citizens would be murdered and the criminals would just keep on killing! Thanks to David Hogg and his cohorts!

  20. You know David, well on second thought you not only don’t know, but you don’t want to know that since 1950, ( last time I checked 68 years!)
    All but 4 mass murders have taken place in what we now call “GUN FREE ZONES”!
    Duh! That doesn’t take a rocket surgeon or brain scientist to figure out that, that DOESEN’T work!

  21. No those good conservative students of Texas, should not be protesting this little pig, as little pigs fear no words however they do for a repercussion and he should be visited by a few of these good patriotic conservatives and give it a good good very good blanket party that he will never forget!

  22. The Texas students was taught the right way, Hogg and his demented friends were not taught the Constitution.

  23. Three cheers for the students of Texas
    They are teaching their students about our rights under a Constitution of Free Men and Women
    I don’t have the money to pay private body guards to protect me and my family like the celebrities or politicians or the rich do
    No I was brought up to protect myself and my own
    I will stand up for those who can’t and if I would have to draw my gun to protect another I would even if they are one of the David Hogg type
    I’m a God believing and fearing person and so is the rest of my family and all believe he will protect me in the end
    When my daughter turned 21 she ask me if I would by her a handgun for her birthday present she said she was never going to be a victim
    She said ever since she could remember I always carried a gun wherever we went and she knew I would do anything to protect her and her sister she ask how long I had carried one
    I told her everyday for 31 years even when I go to work but no one ever knew but if I ever had to use it I knew I could
    To all the gun grabbers haters and all who will never understand I will never draw my gun if I don’t have to but to all know if I am forced to know it will be them and not me
    I will always stand for my Flag and kneel before my God
    I won’t disrespect my God or my Flag or country like our supposedly sports hero’s or politicians WHY

    BECAUSE I’M AN AMERICAN and that says it all. !

  24. Mark, God Bless you. I wish everybody thought the way you did. Thank you for letting others hear it. It made me feel alot better know that there are good men like you still out there in this crazy world.

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