Restraining Order Fails, But She Had This


It’s simply amazing how much blind faith people put into the government’s ability to protect us. Many Americans are of the absurd opinion that, just because government is involved, people will be safe from harm. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, a lady in Clay County, Kentucky was afraid that her ex-boyfriend was a threat to her. She feared for her life. She sought protection by the law and by the police. This protection failed. Fortunately, for her, she had someone with her who understood the safety value of firearms. Jennifer Cruz writes about the situation,

A Kentucky man was shot and killed Tuesday morning during a confrontation at his ex-girlfriend’s home in Clay County.

The deceased man was identified as 34-year-old Jody M. Sevier. The woman’s name was not released, but Matthew Caldwell was confirmed to be the shooter, not the ex-girlfriend. The relationship between her and Caldwell is not known at this time.

Authorities say the couple had a history of domestic violence and, in fact, the woman shot Sevier in the face just last month during an incident with an electrical cord and the woman’s child.

At the time of Tuesday’s shooting, Sevier’s ex-girlfriend had filed an emergency order of protection against him, although it had yet to be served.

No arrests have been made at this time and preliminary evidence suggests the shooting was an act of self-defense. The investigation is ongoing and, once completed, will be turned over to the grand jury to determine whether charges are appropriate.

It’s unfortunate that someone was killed in this situation, but it would have been even more unfortunate if Sevier had been allowed to continue to harm his ex-girlfriend, and it is good for her that Caldwell was there.


It’s simply more proof that legal gun ownership is vitally important for people’s safety. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



  1. I may have to take issue with this. Is it possible that the basic criminal is also a liberal and will NOT victimize a fellow Liberal out of a professional curtesy? Just a thought.

  2. When criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens , then We The People , must protect ourselves.
    The citizen invoked “justice” was served and was appropriate.

  3. I am all for restraining orders. Getting one shows you have reason to fear the person they are against. Just don’t depend on that piece of paper stopping a knife or bullet. In addition to the restraining order do whatever else you need to too give you a chance against the person.

  4. After reading the very small article I can say that we do not know if this was self defense or not. Only two people left alive after the incident know the truth. “Stand your ground,” and the “castle doctrine” do not give open license to kill. Why don’t we wait and see what the grand jury and prosecutor have to say? At this point, using this incident as another example for legal self defense is not serving the cause of gun rights freedoms. There are hundreds of documented cases where having a gun saved a life and/or avoided a confrontation, we don’t need to trumpet an incident for which we do not have all the facts.

  5. One more example of a bad guy being stopped because of a good guy with a gun.
    Hope he had US Law Shield to have an attorney represent him and so he was trained in what to do and how to do it for his legal protection.

  6. G-D made men, Mr.’s Colt, Smith, Wesson, Lugar, Winchester, and their many other colleagues made men EQUAL.

  7. I just don’t associate with those kind’s of people. But I do not want someone after me period. But should this happen I do have a friend. My 9mm if needed.

  8. Violence fueled by hatred is epidemic in this Country now. Violence at political rallies, at our colleges and universities, random on-the-street violence, violence against others’ free speech rights, it’s in your face and everywhere. The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation or requirement to protect everybody. We’re on our own. If you don’t secure the means to protect yourself and those you love, no one else will. Just the facts of life about what America has turned into, at least over the past 50 years of my life. I remember an America that wasn’t this way. Where did it go off the track?

  9. Ricardo Parks America went “off the track?” when we took God out of schools, public assemblies and government. I praise God that He is encouraging President Trump to bring God back where He has ALWAYS belonged. But, God, being a loving and patient God waited until He could wait no more and had heard from His praying children for years, so He is taking America back from Satan. I for one do NOT want to be blamed for standing in His way. I’m all for whatever God has in store.

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