We Shouldn’t Let This Mass Shooting Out Of The Media Spotlight


You see it everyday: The mainstream mass media in concert with anti-gunner politicians and activists tell the story that mass shootings are all alike and that only specific people with specific weapons commit these specific horrific crimes.

And it’s all a lie.

A recent mass shooting completely flips anti-gunners’ narrative on its head, and, so, it’s already getting very little press coverage. Amy Swearer writes:


On Thursday, four journalists and one staff member of the Capital Gazette were murdered in the newspaper’s Annapolis, Maryland, office.

While the event was initially widely covered by all major news outlets, the media is likely to quickly move on from the story, just like it did with the Santa Fe High School shooting, because it doesn’t fit the right narrative. (Unlike many of the Parkland students, the Santa Fe students didn’t respond to the tragedy by calling for gun control measures.)

So, why aren’t you hearing about this shooting? Swearer gives two reasons. The first reason is that this shooting proves, yet again, that gun control doesn’t prevent mass shootings.

How can we say that? Because it happened in Maryland which (like Chicago) has very strict gun control laws. If Maryland’s gun control laws couldn’t prevent this tragedy, why does anyone think that gun control anywhere else will prevent future tragedies? The fact of the matter is that gun control won’t stop murders because the human heart and mind can’t be predicted. Gun control won’t ever solve the problem. People prepared to respond are the only viable solutions to the problem of mass shootings.

The second reason that the media doesn’t want to talk about this shooting is because they tried to immediately pin it on Trump when it happened saying that his accusations of fake news caused the shooter to fire the gun. The problem with that thinking? The shooter wasn’t politically motivated. The shooter had a personal beef with people at that newspaper. So, the mainstream media’s response isn’t to own up to their error and acknowledge and correct it. Their response is to try to pretend like it didn’t happen.

And these two reasons are why we can’t let this story die. If people on the fence are to understand the truth about the mainstream media and gun activists and the truth about how to protect people from mass shootings, then folks have to be educated. This shooting is a perfect wake up call to give the world and to keep repeating over-and-over-and-over. No, not to glorify the shooter, but to educate the ignorant and to shame the dishonest and opportunistic.



  1. Gun control advocates are incapable of a logical thought process! The want to disarm decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have their guns. If gun control worked, Chicago would be a decent city! Now it’s a crime ridden disaster.

  2. I am still waiting to gun control to work. Besides, the person used a shotgun, a normal hunters’ weapon. Consider that eight people were injured severely and one died from a knife attack. A knife is not a gun even. I see no outcry for knife banishment except in London. People will have to butter their toast with a finger.

  3. You asked “why does anyone THINK….”. THINKING, and whatever mental or emotional process it is that gives rise to tantrums supporting the fairy tale of GUN CONTROL are about as far removed from oneanother as is possible to be, and still remain in this universe.

  4. There is still another point. Drugs are illegal yet you can buy drugs on any street corner. Outlaw and Remove all the guns from the country and you will create another black market. Every country that disarmed the people has Gun violence. In Russia, China, NK, yes even Europe the criminals have arms and always will. The Governments just like the Democrat Party here know that criminals will always have weapons. They are not a threat to the Socialist Communist Liberal Racist Democrats, the people who can resist their take over and agenda of a one World government controlled by the elite. The rest will be their slaves. Just like before in the 1800s. They already have the paid KKK out threatening and Harassing any one that is not part of their order.

  5. The only “Gun Control” that works is the one where the GOOD GUY with a Gun that is not afraid to pull the Trigger and has a steady hand and nerves of steel and HITS what he AIMS at goes against the “Bad Guy with a Gun” and STOPS the threat dead in his tracks

  6. Sadly this was the media’s own doing…it had created a negative situation with this individual and for whatever reason they must have recently further frustrated or inflamed his hatred. There is much we have not been told or likely will be…

  7. The gun control liberals have no answers. If they are so opposed to guns then why don’t we remove guns from their security details ? I’d love to see Hillary’s secret service detail be disarmed. Make the same apply to Nancy Pelosi as well.

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