Ghost Gun Advocate Starts Nonprofit To Offer Classes On How To Build Your Own Gun


Sometimes, to get around stupid laws, you have to know the letter of the law, so that is what Stephen Bozich is doing. Bozich is owner of Bare Arms, which sells 80% kits. Of course, for people to be able to make usable firearms from these kits, they have to know how to complete the building process.

But, if someone is making a profit from teaching people how to make guns, they have to have an FFL. A giant pain.

So, what did Bozich do to get around this situation? He started a non-profit to teach those classes (hat tip to here for the lead). Bozich said,


I hired a lawyer to assist me in drafting an application for 501(c)3 status for a non-profit organized for the purpose of firearm education and safety. In the application, we asked the IRS if giving build classes, using the tools and equipment under the control and dominion of the non-profit constituted a legitimate (and thus recognized) non-profit activity. They said ‘yes.’

Armed & Safe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to firearm education and safety, which will offer, among a plethora of programs, seminars, and workshops, classes on how to turn an 80% into a 100% using the equipment of the non-profit.

It’s really a pretty smart idea, and, of course, it’s potentially beneficial to you and me even if we never buy a thing from Bozich.

Here why it is good for him: The ATF’s language tells specifically what is not legal under their codes. Bozich intentionally (and legally) made sure that his teaching organization does not meet the definition of what is illegal, therefore, he gets to spread these ideas. Undoubtedly, he’ll profit as a manufacturer of 80% kits from people taking classes from the non-profit, but, as his for-profit company and the non-profit are separate entities, he keeps it all above-board and legal.

Here’s why it’s good for you and me: We can learn how to take the acquisition of firearms into our own hands, and, as long as we don’t sell them, we can use the information which the non-profit provides to build guns for ourselves.

It’s really an ingenious idea, and I hope it works for him.



  1. How do you get around New Jersey and the huge umbrella of disgusting anti-gun laws and threats! New Jersey has just about snuffed out our 2nd Amendment RIGHT against the beliefs of the rest of the nation! It seems that they don’t even care about rulings of the Federal Government!

    • You are correct. The state and some local governments in NJ are openly hostile to individual private gun ownership. Each and every gun law is a felony – intended to keep you from ever legally owning a gun or voting anywhere in the USofA.
      With re. To finishing an 80% lower or building any firearm yourself, the state requires a manuf license – pretty much squashing your federally recognized right to do so.
      Can you fishing milling the receiver in a friendly state, say Pennsylvania, and bring it back into NJ? I don’t know – proving the work was done only by yourself and not in NJ would be a,difficult thing to document and prove if ever you were challenged.
      All in all NJ is a horrid place and I cannot wait for the day I get out!

    • Obtain Constitutional law attorney or better to lawyers versed in case aw for these specific rights ( self defense etc). Anyone in the security industry should have references

    • You most likely have to file suit to prove the states violation of Federal Law. Better line up others to share the costs.

  2. Absolutely marvelous. That said, one wonders as to how the ATF will, at some point “discover” that what it proclaimed for all interested parties to see was yesterday completely legal and proper, will magically have become at the very least questionable, if not blatantly illegal?. How, one wonders, will this magical change come to pass, let along be explained?

  3. Now don’t anybody take this the wrong way, this is good ‘stand up for liberty’ proactive effort, but it just shows how effectively this deep state can brainwash us all.

    There was always a better way to stamp out these vermin gun confiscating totalitarian Marxist Hitlarian criminals once and for all!

    I didn’t get the chance to look into it yet, but last time I checked, you can tell anybody how to do anything (you can already read anything about everything on the internet and in libraries) and nothing is illegal, until the act itself violates some type of ‘law’ which is probably fundamentally illegal itself, in the first place.

    These fiat gun control laws, along with ATF’s administrative interpretations of what we can or can’t do with our ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ firearms rights, are in violation of 18 USCC section 241 and if they try to make ‘laws/rules/etc. to violate our gun rights, that’s specifically covered in section 242. It’s a felony punishable by Death, in some cases! Look it up.

    Why don’t we start signing criminal complaints against these criminals attempting to use gun control laws to restrict our Constitutional rights?

    Then All we have to do is get an uncorrupted state’s attorney to sign off on an arrest warrant after a complaint is filed and have some OathKeeper LEOs pick up these violators, including ranking legislators and government officials and other cops, if necessary, cuff and shackle them, and run them through the prosecution system and see how fast all these gun control problems go away, then Mr. Bosich here wouldn’t have to go through all these hassles and expenses?
    Where’s the NRA on this?

  4. I like the idea of an organized group that can provide complete information meaning properly explained, grammatically correct, detailed instructions on how to build or finish building the receiver and other parts into a complete and fully functional firearm that will be safe to shoot.

    Otherwise, we have to “manage” with whatever we can find and that could be dangerous. Learning from qualified people is great, but if their ability to teach others with limited equipment and skills is poor then we’ll experience poor results or not be able to build anything. Claiming it’s possible because, “I did it” is not enough.

    The one problem I see is the same as Cody Wilson is experiencing right now which is unmitigated panic by gun grabbers who will claim that this information will make it possible for criminals or the mentally unstable to create unregistered guns at home or in a small shop. Even though we know the parts are out there and those who build guns already have parts and jigs, blueprints, photos and diagrams and books detailing the disassembly and reassembly of firearms, the anti-gun left will provide the expected dramatic response that this will create anarchy and chaos. Criminals will build, buy or steal their guns no matter what the law allows or deems illegal.

    Personally I feel it is more of an economic issue and in part, a second amendment issue as making the information available makes it possible for those on a budget to build and own a firearm or two for their security and in doing so, it supports the notion of equal opportunity for all citizens and not just for those who have more money to spend. The law provides that anyone can build a firearm for their own use, so why not make it easier on citizens and as per the right of free speech and the information act, allow the dissemination and availability of such information.

    • Frank, well, then you better have a ‘problem’ with yourself not be taking this course because YOU are ‘mentally unstable’ with your cognitive disconcertion as such.

      Because by the current diagnosable criteria of Being ‘mentally unstable or ill’ is Not a crime. Otherwise you and (me already in an ongoing battle with the VA) and about one out of every three persons in the country shouldn’t have a gun A fucking CRIME is a crime. This is how they keep us all under their fat totalitarian thumb. They brainwash us into believing bullshit that doesn’t represent the reality.

      Because the reality is that NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHO SHOULDN’T OR SHOULD HAVE A GUN. Not even the morally superior holier-than-thou god fearing religionists. And certainly not the corrupted criminal totalitarians.

      The “Shall Not Be Infringed” clause does NOT HAVE any Exclusions, qualifications, or exceptions. And specious hoaxing notions like ‘public safety’ and the attendant tyrannist ‘extreme crime prevention’ tactics are certainly not withstanding’.

      So you shouldn’t HAVE ANY issues or problems with criminals or mentally disadvantaged (‘there but for the ‘grace’ go you, asshole) when it comes to whom may have ‘stuff’. It’s quite properly, not of you dumbshit business. Besides, don’t you feel like a mentally ill moron yourself when you have to know that criminals already make they’re own guns always had been making them. This was the main way punk street gangs got them. (zipguns and slam-shotguns). Don’t you know that nothing, repeat, Nothing stops Anybody from acquiring a weapon to use in a crime. We all should know that by now. That’s why the Tyrannist Gun grabbers sound so stupid? So now you’re going to join them with your whacked notions of who should have or Not have weapons? Then you all should be denied guns because of depths of your stupidity reaching a level of mental illness deeming you unfit to possess a weapon???

      If a person commits a crime, then you deal with it with arrest, punishment, or incarceration. And that’s IT! It was simple and worked very well prior to NWO totalitarian disarmament agenda. Which brought in this programmed totalitarian agenda based stealth confiscation psychology making underlying ignorant supporters of illegal unconstitutional future confiscation who say things like “who the fuck should or shouldn’t have guns’.

      Wake up. Wake Up. WAKE THE FUCK UP!


  5. I like your point Frank. As an Honorably Discharged US Army Reserve Officer and Disabled Vet, living in NYC the Liberator makes sense for me. NYC has as strong gun control laws as NJ or CA. Being on limited income, NYC just to get a permit to legally own a firearm can cost over $500. Forget about the CCW in NYC… Thank you for pointing out how this helps the little guy who has no criminal background was honorably discharged from US Armed Forces and just economically makes this a best choice to protect himself and family

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