Campus Carry Causes Gun Violence? Here Are The Real Statistics


Anti-gunners everywhere freaked out when sensible pro-gun people suggested that law-abiding students and other citizens should be allowed to carry firearms on campus.

Anti-gunners just lost it. They swore up and down that school shootings would skyrocket, that gun violence on campus would run rampant, and that guns would suddenly become a huge problem on campus.

But is that what happened? Brad Polumbo gives us the truth:


The argument in favor of arbitrarily revoking the Second Amendment rights of college students, as is done in dozens of states, has ostensibly been rooted in safety concerns.

And it just got a lot weaker.

Two anti-gun professors wrote in the Washington Post that “campus-carry laws will invite tragedies on college campuses, not end them.” Another liberal professor, writing for the New York Times, warned that “when there are more guns around, there is more risk – it’s as simple as that.”

The trouble with such predictions is that they tend to be tested as time goes by. And as it turns out, they simply weren’t true. Students just aren’t waging the gun battles that anti-gun activists expected. A new report from the College Fix looked into this narrative, and it came up empty.

When a reporter reached out to numerous universities that permit campus carry, “all of the schools that responded confirmed that they have seen no uptick in violence since their respective policies were put in place.” Responding colleges included Emporia State University, Dixie State University, and Valdosta State University. Separately, the Texas Tribune has reported that after the Lone Star State implemented campus carry at four-year colleges state-wide, it resulted in “no sharp increase in violence or intimidation,” and in fact, the following year was “quiet” and “uneventful.”

That’s right: “No uptick in violence.” But you wouldn’t know that if you only listen to anti-gunner politicians and the anti-gun mainstream media. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

So, if you want a regular dose of the truth when it comes to guns and their effect on the real world, keep reading this site.



  1. My concern is that there are those groups/organizations/individuals who would purposely cause gun violence on campus to prove that open carry is dangerous.

    • Yoda – I won’t disagree that there are indeed low life anti-gun folks that would stoop to any level to ‘try’ to prove that campus carry is ‘bad’. I can’t say for sure about other states but Texas does NOT allow open carry on campus. IIRC there has been one accidental/negligent discharge on any campus statewide. Amazingly enough NOT a single professor has even threatened, much less murdered by a deranged student.
      BTW – there is no such thing as “gun violence” – that is a term made up by the antis – violence is committed by people, not tools.

      • Yet in CAla infested Colorado Red Flag State Campus CArry is legal fior over a decade and a half.In Rifle CO Open carry is legal in Private Buisnesses.My Second Amendment is guaranteed but the enemy within Communist don’t agree..I will not Live in a Shit hole turd world country yet we see it growing everyday.The Democratic=rats will be held responsible by Christ God himself, in Judgement Someday for the fall of America.

      • But to your Knowledge about Texas Gun laws is shocking.You are a Beto O’Rourke democRat in disguise!?
        Texas community colleges allow guns starting Tuesday › nation-now › 2017/08/01 › campus-carry-texas
        Aug 1, 2017 – Texas Senate Bill 11, also known as the Campus Carry Law, allows people with a license to carry a concealed handgun on the grounds and in the buildings of colleges and universities. … People must be at least 21 years old to obtain a concealed carry license in Texas

        • Michael – I guess you just like haranguing people – my statement was VERY obvious – I didn’t see any need to cite the specifics of the laws, apparently you did.
          Happy New Year.

    • Well anyone who open carries is a fool. If someone comes in to shoot up the place and sees someone with a gun, there going to be the first one shot.

      • Or the shooter comes in sees an armed person and decides to leave before ever pulling their gun out at all, and goes to look for easier prey who can not shoot back.

        • Or positions himself to ensure that doesn’t happen….like behind the carrier. That’s the problem with open carry.

      • bill – I’ve asked before for someone to cite a single verified instance where a shooter specifically targeted an open carrier, so far I’ve gotten no replies. I suspect the scenario that DNFU postulated is more likely.

  2. I would be interested in seeing the actual figures on all sorts of violence on college campuses pre and post campus carry regulations. I would hazard a guess that overall violence of all sorts would decline, but this does not fit the liberal agenda.

    • The problem right now is that all the violence is currently not reported…for instance at OSU in Columbus, Ohio, if any thing takes place on a street not specifically designated as part of the CAMPUS, it does not get reported by OSU, yet some of the neighborhoods near by are not very good and according to the OSU set of rules, no students are even supposed to even own guns, even off campus. So trying to gauge any change in criminal activity would be impossible since most of it is not reported in the first place, since it technically is off campus and unreported…you would find these neighborhood stats impossible to get from the Columbus police since they cooperate with OSU on hiding these stats.

  3. It seems odd my post from 10 minutes ago is now nowhere to be found for this article…either from your Email to me nor at your home site = ?

  4. The anti-gun people are as stupid as they sound. The statistics all show that gun owners are more responsible and that anti-gun activists are liars. None of the anti-gun movement mouths are telling anything near the truth. It is true with schools, churches, gun free zones. Criminals will do criminal acts, crazy people will behave as crazy lunatics and liberals will always lie to make their case sound better. None of what they threaten will stop anyone from shooting others.

  5. Anti-gunners will always lie, and so will the “fake media. There is no such thing a “gun violence” The gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon

  6. There’s a simple way to ensure it never happens. Don’t allow Democrats to carry, period. All to the shootings have been done by them of their associates.

  7. Well I have one thing to about all this noise about gun violence is that no one knows the meaning of gun violence,people have misinterpreted the meaning of gun violence since the 60s,it’s not like any gun asks for anyone to pick it up and shot someone or anyone,this society is really to blame on both sides of the fence,U take away the guns and as Obama said in his first Year’s of office,people will resort to manufacturing body bombs pipe bomb,suitcase bombs stick bombs,and there is a way to make a ways to manufacturing any type of explosives because of the books and literatures out there that u can buy on the internet online or offline,so let’s get real here people

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