March For Our Lives Is Starting To See Scary Results In This State


If you’re reading this page, it seems pretty safe to assume that you believe that the Parkland, Florida students who started and are pushing the March For Our Lives movement may be well-intentioned, but are definitely misguided.

To put it plainly, their efforts to ban guns are wrong on several different levels and won’t decrease violence.

But, unfortunately, the State of Florida seems to have bought into the gun control propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Mac Slavo writes,


More than 450 people in the state of Florida have been ordered to give up their guns by the state government. Under the new law signed by totalitarian governor Rick Scott, the Risk Protection Order aims to “temporarily” remove weapons from gun owners who have been deemed by a judge to possibly be a threat to themselves or others.

In the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland Florida, Governor Scott signed gun control bills into law just three weeks after 17  people were killed at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. According to Fox News,roughly 200 firearms have been confiscated in the state since the law was enacted.  Sgt. Jason Schmittendorf, of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, told WFTS-TV, “Around 30,000 rounds of ammunition” were also stolentaken confiscated seized.

Look at those numbers again. 450 people have been ordered to give up their firearms not because they have actually committed a crime but because their state government thinks that they might commit a crime with a firearm.

In other words, it’s Minority Report in real life (in case you’re not familiar with the story, in Minority Report police arrest people before a crime is committed because they can predict that the person will commit a crime). Except that in Minority Report, the government’s computers could actually make the predictions. In our day-to-day world, people can’t even predict what they will eat for their next meal, much less when someone else will commit a crime.

This Florida law is an anti-gunner’s dream come true, and, because of that, it’s simply a way for the government to make people less safe.

Way to go Florida for both trampling the Constitution and people’s safety.



  1. Who would want to live in mickeyrat land to begin with? Walt Disney would have had something to say about commie tactics,such as disarming innocent people. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty? That’s what I get for thinking! As Merle Haggard said “Are we going down hill like a snowball headed for hell?” YES! We are my friend! These commie liberals are “Walking on the fighting side of me”! There is a race of people who are(supposed)to be our “Greatest Ally), who have been kicked out of EVERY country they lived in! They own the media, banks ,a lot of politicians ,the Fed ETC. Ted Nugent even said that they were the ones behind gun control! Guess y’all know what race I’m referring to.These are the real threat to our FREEDOM. Even George Washington warned us about them. Think about it!!GOD Bless America 🇺🇸💀🦅🇸🇴

    • You forgot to clarify: they’ve been kicked out of every country they’ve lived in, by MORONS like YOU — if that’s something to be proud of in your mind, then you’re even a BIGGER Moron than I originally thought.

      And here’s “Part B” of your incomplete and utterly-ignorant reportage: exactly WHAT happened, to EVERY SINGLE ONE of those countries, AFTER they were kicked out? Take a look, schmuck — from Egypt, to Nazi Germany, to the Soviet Union — WHERE, exactly are they, now?

      Fv¢kin9 Idiot

  2. Nowadays you’re guilty until you go thru hell and back to be considered innocent…..corrupt as hell government!! All they care about is their money and power; they dont care the least bit about the people.

  3. If you are referring to the Jews, you are a jackass, Dave. You sound like a RACIST!! The Jews do not “control” anything, but only have a share in most everything in America. We are also on the conservative side are 100% behind Trump! Keep your RACIST comments to yourself, and go back into your bunker!

  4. Stop picking on your favorite scapegoat “the Jews”. You people are really ignorant. The people who gave us the Uzi sub machine gun, and who have required their 18 year olds to do their military service, have strict firearms rules, have more common sense than all of you dumb rednecks combined. I still support the 2nd Amendment, but I strongly believe that incompetent psychopaths should not have access to firearms. Don’t blame the Jews for your lack of good judgment.

  5. Your just like Dave he blames jews for everything and you blame rednecks for what one dumbass said. You guys are two peas in a pod.

  6. Michael,I suggest you study REAL HISTORY!Obviously,Not Every jew is demonic! Jesus called them “of their father the devil “ yeah, the Romans did the dirty work, but the high priests made them do it. Schofield’s fantasy called them “GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE “ Wrong! Only those who accept God’s Son,JESUS CHRIST are God’s chosen People! There are Many Billionaires fighting to take away our 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Amendments .Bloomberg,Soros etc. There are good & bad I’m ALL races! Look at killery Maxine waters,Diane Feinstein,ad nausea. Check out the facts, before judging me & my “Redneck” friends. Could be you’re a communist. Stalin Trotsky& Lennon were All Jews! They were responsible for Thousands of murders during the Bolshevik revolution! Check out Brother Nathaniel on utube. He was born & raised in a Jewish family.This Man knows a thing or two about The jews! Don’t let the liberal commie voices of jewmerica turn you against patriots!🇺🇸

  7. It is fashionable for all Marxist/Muslim Emperor wannabes with delusions of Godhood, Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate cabal seeking dolts and Progressive Democratic parasites and professional prevaricating thieves to be anti-Jew and utterly STUPID , too! When you allow a group of under-educated, ignorant of the U.S. Constitution or obligations of American Citizenship because the public educational system today has more in common with the Nazi Hitler Youth or the former Young Pioneers of the former Soviet Union, and does not adequately TEACH HISTORY OR THE CONSTITUTION, all you can expect is what we have seen! David Hogg is a tool and not bright enough to comprehend the FACT he is naught but a tool to be used in the hands of his financiers, Tom Steyer and George Soros. His fellow Parkland students are in formation like the little unthinking , uneducated autobots they have been designed and indoctrinated to be in a system that has been failing us all since the political assassinations of the 60’s took JFK, RFK and DR.MLK. away from us and destroyed their UNIFYING characters and replaced them with the DIVISIVE ones financially and socially, racially and religiously of the lunatic left and the relatively new in THIS country Muslim Brotherhood; all of which should be held BOTH responsible and accountable for their treasonous and seditious activities but WON’T BE, since they have, over time, also totally corrupted the SJC with a politically appointed Marxist SJC majority until recently and a former decent DOJ totally corrupted by Obama appointees Holder and Lynch, one found in contempt of Congress over refusal to answer pointed questions over the Fast and Furious scandal; the other who met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac prior to the DNC and likely were conspiring to rig the 2016 election in Hillary’s favor. Note too, that Comey changed wording to protect her and deflect the possibility of indictment for negligence or worse and, that the Watchdog Agency Judicial Watch is STILL finding evidentiary data which may eventually put her where she belongs; IN PRISON, and if she goes, she will take the rest of the career parasites, thieves, prevaricating pundits and professional parasites and conspiracy driven dolts with her: I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE JUSTICE DONE TO THEM ALL!

    • 🖒What Nakita 63, said. As to the 450 that had their 2A rights, “temporarily suspended” … each case should have lots of sunshine on each event so we all know the 5Ws of each. Thus, the POTG can know which are BS statest over reach and which are JUSTIFIED. Take the drunken shithead that shot our house from 500m away (HIT US THREE TIMES), just to see if the elevation on his SKS was ON..I had to use my weapon to shut down the party with the Sheriffs help. Personally, that POS should never touch a firearm again…EVER.

      So, engage brains before opening your pie hole.

      And NO, the Jews aren’t the world’s problem..I don’t see any Jews blowing themselves up to kill Infidels and apostates.. look to Meca for that.

  8. These radicals won’t accept – indeed, they prevent – a reasonable compromise with the pro Second Amendment side, one that permits them not to possess guns if they don’t want to and permits the opposing side, the pro-gun side, to possess guns if they want to – and are not on the government restricted list. That’s perfectly reasonable, allows them to be gun free, places no obligation on them to arm themselves, requires no identification or application, no permit, and doesn’t tax them to exercise the privilege of not being armed. And we give this up to them willingly! Why are they so bent upon controlling the people on the other side?

  9. That is like saying that someone could possibly be a thief, rapist, child molester, etc….. POSSIBLY, MAYBE, COULD BE, …..What a crock. Definitely unconstitutional. You know, AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES……

  10. Interesting isn’t it how the law makers who created these new laws have so readily forgotten their oath of office. Perhaps the voters will have something interesting to say to these law makers come November.

  11. This is really not surprising, and was to be expected in our SouthEastern branch of the land of fruits and nuts State. Seriously, I’ve been expecting even more lunacy to come. The fact that the failures of the Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement bodies, and the School District’s own failure to deal with the perps issues has been overlooked by the MFOL sycophants in their fascist drive to repeal the 2nd Amendment is what anyone informed would expect. The truth and reality is suppressed for the sake of lies, sensationalism and political agendas. The cry for more restrictions and laws isn’t done yet (in spite of the fact that legislation was already in place that was “supposed” to prevent these tragedies), and more “knee jerk” laws are passed on the Local, State and Federal levels, will the hue and cry be silenced until the next tragedy, real or contrived, comes along. Unless we stand united and present a solid front at the ballot box, the 2nd Amendment will be whittled away to nothing. MOLON LABE

  12. Phil & Alan,Most kids never learned REAL AMERICAN History! They know nothing of the Declaration of Independence,The Constitution or what our Country was founded on! Too many moronic video games,Drugs,porno,wanton murder,etc. As far as politics are are concerned, a good oxymoron is an” honest politician “ One of The worst crimes our country persued was “Manifest Destiny “but that’s another issue! It’s time we took back our country & through the bums out of D.C. The love of money is the root of all evil!!! Sure, You Can Trust the Government! Ask a Vet,ask a Native American! The more people I meet, the more I love my DOGS!🐺🇸🇴🏜🌵

  13. Desperation does not open the door for ignorance. Yes, something can be done about school shootings. Crack down on irresponsible parents for not securing their weapons. Let them cool their jets in prison for awhile. Put the shooting on their record also.

  14. Florida like California could drift off into the ocean and no one would give
    Two shits about it.

  15. Sadly common sense has been replaced by emotionally driven reaction. Someone got shot, so we ban guns and take guns without promise of return or even compensating the owners.

    Gee what if you hit a pedestrian that runs out in front of you or you are involved in a minor accident with another vehicle? Will an agent of the government show up and demand you car keys and driver’s license and any guns you have at home leaving you without transportation, identification or a way to defend yourself. Would they take your shoes so you don’t leave the house?

    These Parkland idiots are ignoring the fact that despite the rude comments above, Florida has a large population, and we are seeing increased crime, but these morons only seek to create the illusion that they are making schools safer. This isn’t a gun ownership issue, but the failure of the state to recognize a troubled teenager and problems resulting from bullying and class separation of students. When the kids learn to respect each other and are taught good manners and such behavior is ENFORCED, then these kinds of shootings or bomb scares will become a rare event.

  16. My fear is that the tyrants of America will have the high advantage if good people are unable to do anything. What’s bothers me is that you don’t hear police departments advising the people that they swore an oath to protect to arm themselves, because by the time you call 9-1-1 and report a real crime, it will have already ended (in possibly tragic results). So how the hell is it that corruption and abuse of power is shown so extensively when we have a Constitution, when we have a Bill of Rights, when we have all of these wonderful resources, when we tremendous access to human freedom every given day of the week? Why have we, as a free Nation, let these tyrannical anti-American gun-grabbers get so out of control? This is as criminal as it gets. Especially when we’ve stopped to the level of “guilty until proven innocent”. This isn’t Mexico. It’s horrible when our country has become to this point and it’s not Trump’s fault. It’s the Democrats fault. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I firmly believe that the shooters in all of the mass shooting since Columbine, were hired by Democrats to take gun from the law-abiding and brainwash the clueless. I mean, they all know the statistics. They know that more guns equals less crime and that’s why they’re going against it give criminals more incentive. I mean… Why would anyone by that soulless and evil. Our 2nd Amendment was not written to be this condemned. It was put in place to defend ourselves against this and they had a sucker-punch tactic. I’m appalled at what this country has allowed over the years. We have the answer to school safety we have the solution to the most dangerous places in the world, which are zero tolerance, criminal, gun-free zones. I said it just now and I’ll say it again: More guns… Less crime. An armed society is polite society. What more proof do idiots need? It’s as simple as that. Debate it however you want, the facts, the history, and the evidence are out there. It all revolves back to the same answer.

  17. All I want to know is did our military ever go to war with no weapons and expect to win a war. Go fight North Korea with no weapons and see what happens. Dumacrates.

  18. Scoobydoo – You certainly have a way with derogatory commentary! Dave seems to have done his homework regarding historical events. You liberals can’t do much without using 4 letter words to get your point across! Dig a mite deeper into REAL history, not what the deep state media wants you to believe! You probably support the removal of Brave Confederate Icons! Being from the SOUTH, I know what groups of people instigate this idiocy. Do you know who were the largest groups were who made a fortune in human trafficking? You call me a bigot & a racist. That’s exactly what you are sir! We don’t want another civil war! The group I referred to wants us to kill each other, so they can gain more control! I don’t hate anyone! I just believe in Liberty and Justice for ALL! Read the Constitution,Declaration of Independence &The Bill of Rights! Thank GOD for Freedom of Speach!& the 2nd Amendment . God Bless America!🇺🇸🦅 & God Bless you & your family! Molon Labe!🇸🇴

  19. We do not have specific medical proof yet on whether a person can be legally deemed unfit to have a firearm. How then, does anyone make that decision? Meanwhile, the Second Amendment says what it says.

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