Did Trump Betray 2nd Amendment Supporters With This?


Anti-gunners love to paint President Trump as a wildly pro-gun President, and he certainly is doing more to protect our right to keep and bear firearm than our previous President. But, for anti-gunners to call Trump pro-gun all around is to show their ignorance.

For example, even though the Department of Justice dropped their suit against Defense Distributed who wanted to distribute plans on the internet for how to print a firearm using a 3D printer, a Federal judge in Seattle, Washington, Robert Lasnik, has since blocked Defense Distributed’s right to post their plans on the internet. And President Trump openly supported this judge’s decision. Bob Fredericks writes,

The White House on Wednesday said President Trump agreed with a judge’s decision to block the release of 3-D printed gun blueprints.

“The president is glad this was given more time to review,” said spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, adding that he also agreed with an existing law banning such guns.

The comments came after a judge on Tuesday blocked the planned release of the blueprints hours before they were set to hit the internet, siding with states that sued to halt publication of designs to make weapons that security screening may not detect.

Federal Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle said the blueprints’ publication could cause irreparable harm to US citizens.

The decision blocked a settlement that Trump’s administration had reached with a Texas-based company, which initially said it planned to put files online Wednesday.

When you think of it, this is horrible behavior on the part of the White House. Part of the reason that Trumpt got into office was his support of gun rights, but this feels like a betrayal of both gun rights and the right to free speech.


Trump’s administration has been catching heat from the biased media and from big mouth anti-gunners on social media, but maybe it is time for people who support the Second Amendment to make our voices heard and to demand support for gun rights without apology and without exception.



  1. This is what it takes…”United we stand, divided we fall.” It speaks for itself. But “We The People” are the only ones that can get it done. Our Forefathers set these Regulations in place for a reason. We must ALL fight for them. Tyranny…is just the beginning of the End. Corrupt government will be the down fall of this Great Nation. If “WE THE PEOPLE” let it.
    But that’s why we have the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS. We must “stand together” as our Forefathers did to defeat this God forsaken tyranny. The Right of the People to keep and Bear Arms…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. What part of, shall not be INFRINGED, do they NOT understand? They need to focus on the mindset of the person or persons in these Mass shootings/Murders and focus on the person or persons themselves, NOT the GUNS or the law-abiding citizens of this GREAT Country. Because the law-abiding citizens Respect the Law, criminals have NO respect for the LAW. And for that simple fact, WE THE PEOPLE need to protect ourselves against those who chose NOT to abide by the LAW. Foreign or Domestic. Because once the only protection we have is gone, foreign and domestic Invaders will be roaming free to do as they please, whenever they please. The Apocalypse of this Country will begin without regards to Life or Liberty to anyone, in the criminals minds it’ll be an open season for non-stop criminal activity. And we’ll ALL be defenseless and have to surrender to their demands or suffer the consequences. It’ll be a day of reckoning for us all. And that will be the down fall of this Great Nation we once called…the United States of America.
    With that said, support the 2nd Amendment, your local Law Enforcement and fight for your RIGHTS, just as our Forefathers did. Keep America Great and we won’t have to make it Great again.

    Thank you for your time and consideration and GOD Bless us ALL.

      and as such congress, the President, or any judge has NO POWER TO OVERRIDE THE 2ND AMENDMENT.

    • Scorcher_33, my friend, you have taken the very words from my mouth ( and written them better than I could)! You also see the problem we will as a nation face if the Gov’t. takes LAWFUL guns away from responsible, law abiding citizens so only criminals (and the military forces) will have guns.

    • Evil people already get guns… that’s the point. Anytime you prohibit (aka ALL gun control) you only stop the good guys from acquiring arms. Bad guys, by definition, do not follow laws.

  2. That’s outright betrayal of the second amendment. I consider this a betrayal since it is the beginning of the long journey to compromise the second amendment and let the left have their way. It started with Bump stocks, now 3D gun prints…who know what else will get banned …don’t forget that change takes time and small steps will translate to bigger steps over period of time …I don’t see any problem with 3d gun prints coz if someone wants to have an illegal gun. They will with /without the 3D gun prints.

    • Thanks Flem. And it’s “Brother” by the way. Lol.
      I sank my heart into that statement and trust me, I meant every word of it. I just hope there’s more individuals out there that’ll speak their own truth on this subject. It’s what unity is all about. The unity is what makes the United in this great United States of America. So, let’s keep getting the message out there and establish that unity that no one nor anyone else can break. It’s the way our Forefathers would of wanted it to be.
      Have a great weekend and let’s ALL keep the fight, faith and commitment to our Constitutional Rights. God bless.

  3. We don’t think a 3D printed plastic gun is a viable firearm.It is only good for one shot,and the 3D printers are NOT inexpensive.We believe this was a good choice from the safety aspect of things.Now we are not against the right to keep and bear any arms one chooses to bear,but if this plastic gun is fired more that one time,the user could be seriously injured.

    • You’re talking only about the liberator plastic gun. In the near future, there will be tons of printed firearms – you can also 3d print in metals, not just plastic. This is not good for the 2nd Amendment. Period.

    • You can obtain a rather decent 3D printer for $99 + free shipping (a TRONXY P802E) on Walmart.com, Amazon.com, or eBay. It can print a reinforced AR-15 lower receiver in 14 hours, one that’s usable for 500 rounds or so before too many small features break off. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if Defense Distributed is ever allowed to release their files. Those files have been, and still are available in many places, and the files are updated and upgraded constantly.

      I say this because I’ve already built a pretty decent lower receiver, based on those files. That said, that print is already useless. The plastic I used is polylactic acid, or PLA, and it is very temperature sensitive. It warped into uselessness after a couple of months.

  4. We should have freedom to make our own weapons as we see fit! Felons can get whatever they want, regardless of any existing laws.Liberals are all Communists & want all free thinking,law abiding patriots under their thumb!If I understand correctly,Trump is crawfishing on His promises,like with bump stocks!”Honest politician is an oxymoron “ 💀🇺🇸

  5. I agree with Trump and small on this one. I believe in my gun right whole heartedly, but to allow just anyone be able to print a nondetectable gun. Sorry, don’t agree. You still have your gun rights, I know I have mine, why would you want a weapon that cannot be detected? Who’s going to use it? A law biding citizen, I think not. It will become very very popular for the crime scene. This isn’t about our gun rights that are on the market, this is about stopping a complete catastrophe, I’m sorry, I agree. I guarantee the forefathers would not have thought this is a good idea

    • First, none of the 3d-printed guns are currently undetectable. The liberator plastic pistol comes close, but last I checked it needed a nail/metal part for the firing pin.

      Even if it was undetectable, again, you think banning them will keep them out of the hands of criminals? Good luck with that.

      You guarantee that the forefathers would not have thought this was a good idea is laughable. You’re talking about the same men who personally owned cannons, and battleships… REAL military arms. Think about it.

    • Give the government an inch and they’ll take a yard! That’s how it starts…inch at a time! Fact of the matter is that, WE(the law-abiding citizens) don’t need to give them a fraction of anything. WE(the law-abiding citizens) deserve to have the FREEDOM whether WE use that information or not. A law-abiding citizen shouldn’t have to worry, it’s the lawless criminals that will be the ones misusing this information. So, that’s where the government should be looking. The ones that do not follow the LAW. And don’t try to tell me, they can’t because if they can track a pediphile or a felon on parole and arrest them, then this should be a cake walk for them. It’s all a matter of willing to get out there and be noticed, that the FEDS cut no slack for weapons violations to criminals! PERIOD! While a law-abiding citizen, if he or she chooses to or not to, print his or her own gun, should be allowed.
      If this or any other INFRINGEMENT were so, then, we should be under the rule of a King or Queen, right? But our Forefathers created the Constitution just for that reason. Freedom from all that.
      To be continued….🙈🙉🙊

  6. President trump needs to stand firm on the 2’nd amendment period along with the rest of the constitutional rights of the people!!!!!!!

  7. I’m an NRA Life Endowment member. That should count for something in this discussion.
    I believe that 3D printer guns are stupid. These things are not serious firearms. Plastic? Really?
    Look, I realize that the lunatic fringe will disagree with me, but I love marksmanship target shooting, and I support hunting. The Second Amendment is the only one that guarantees the rest.
    Some things just should not be, even if you can do them.
    Plastic printer “guns.”

    • You sound just like an NRA member…

      This is how our rights have been diminished before, people like you and the NRA:

      “it’s just a bump stock, those are stupid” (yes, you’re right) BUT that does not justify banning them.

      “its just 3d printed guns” yes, you’re right, but that does not justify banning it.

      In either case, the technology is here. You can’t stop it. Merely banning it will make for 100% certain ONLY criminals will continue to use the technology to acquire arms.

  8. The president is not against the 2nd amendment, he is just following what is already the law. If he was to let people print guns, that would be still against the law that is already on the been on the books for some time

    • There are no laws on the books against printing or manufacturing your own weapons. period.

      There IS one law on the books about not having undetectable firearms (to metal detectors). That law is also an infringement like all gun laws but I digress…

      You can already print guns or manufacture them for yourself in any way you see fit now.

    • Yes, there is because you’re not keeping criminals from having unregistered guns. You’re keeping law abiding citizens from having unregistered guns. The criminals will continue to steal them, make them or acquire them whatever way they do now. All gun rights are infringements.

  9. Go with 80% builds before that becomes another insult!!! Those who know the true price of Freedom should understand what I’m saying. If not, find out!!!

  10. Sounds like President Trump is trying to sit on both sides of a picket fence, bare back, said fence having sharp pointed pickets, an action that can quickly become most uncomfortable.

  11. laws are only obeyed by honest people. there will never be a law that will disarm thugs

  12. Never surrender.. fight anyway possible even embargo buy only a what you need, and nothing more if it comes too this, break the economy, money (taxes) coming in. Stop going out eating, movies, parades, celebrations, concerts etc. it will be very hard, but hold steadfast. With all the conservative bans on FBI, twitshit, etc why have anything too do much with the internet. Very basic cell phone.

  13. We the people will never be completely disarmed. I will just become a criminal, or dead, but I will not be disarmed. You may become disarmed only if you are a coward. If you allow yourself to be disarmed then you not only hurt yourself, family and innocents but you give up your God given Right to protect yourself and others. If you give up your 2nd Amendment rights you will deserve what will follow shortly thereafter. Why would you go to war to defend your country and our way of life and then fail to protect yourself?

  14. Aren’t these old plans, as this has been going on for years…and this is just really a fanning the flames of gun control????

  15. I will go a step further. The Constitution specifies that citizens have the right to bear arms. Period!
    The Swamp and all their cohorts are not only out to take arms away from citizens, but eventually take
    all freedom away. Hitler took the germans guns away and the german people were at the mercy of the
    NSDAAP party and their thugs, which eventually resulted in WWII. Only one country in Europe requires
    that all men over 21 have a weapon at home – Switzerland. The country has a ciitzen militia and to my
    knowledge the Swiss have never started a war, however, the people are capable of defending themselves.

  16. Re Judge Lasnick’s ruling and accompanying statement and conclusions, see same above, I wonder who, or what it is that winds him up.

  17. In my opinion we need to go beyond the Constitution for our rights. As we can see, the government, both federal and state, give themselves the authority to “interpret” the 2nd Amendment. If we research deeper into this matter, we should begin to realize that ALL of our rights, including the right to defend ourselves and bear arms, derive from God Who created and owns everything. There is no higher authority than God Himself.

    Just that faith alone in the Almighty is the reason the Communists/Socialists/Liberals are subverting religious faith in our rights. If they can destroy our faith in God with legalizing abominations as sodomy and involving our kids with such perversion in our universities and schools, then overthrowing the Constitution will be a lot easier when people find no reason to resist it.

    We the people need to band together and demand that the communists in our government keep their hands off our God-given rights which are protected by the Constitution.

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