Didn’t We Already Do This? Moms Want To Ban Selling Firearms To Felons


You’ve heard of that old television show “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” Well, that same thing can be said about anti-gunners: they say the darndest things. Unlike kids, though, anti-gunners aren’t cute. They’re very often obnoxiously ignorant. Or simply ignorant.

A perfect example of this crazy ignorance is Kaaren Haldeman, “North Carolina’s first statewide chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” In describing Haldeman’s efforts to be unbiased (which seems a ludicrous thing to try to describe since she is affiliated with Moms Demand Action), writer John Markis says,

Haldeman said she includes conservative voices as much as possible, especially those who belong to the National Rifle Association. For those whose beliefs aren’t easily swayed, Haldeman has developed a number of counterarguments, she noted.

More often, after locating common ground, Haldeman said she finds that many self-described conservatives are more than willing to support universal background checks and the prohibition of firearm sales to felons, two major pillars of Moms Demand Action’s goals.

Now, maybe we could have a conversation about whether those two goals (universal background checks and prohibiting sales of firearms to felons) are good ideas, but it’s simply ludicrous to have them as goals of that organization. Why? Because we already have both of those things in place.


That’s right, in case you weren’t aware of it, background checks before purchasing a firearm are utilized all over the United States. And it has been illegal to sell firearms to a felon (just like it is illegal for a felon to be in possession of a firearm) for a number of years as well.

So, we have to ask, is the leadership of Moms that stupid or that ignorant or are they simply looking for emotional talking points that ignorant people will get excited about enacting (because they don’t know that they already are)? I can’t say. What I can say is that Moms needs to actually do some research before they say something else stupid.



    • Just ask the people in Kalifornia and New York; not to mention Cuba in the 1960s and German Jews in the 1930s.

  1. I’m all for the legal ownership of guns. But gun people can just look at the news anywhere in our country and a blind man can see something has to be done about all these fools who are using guns to kill people. Thats my question to gun advocates what are your proposals to stop this insanity. As we all know guns don’t kill people its the (to use your own phrase) ignorant law breakers who are doing the killing. How do we keep the guns out of the hands of those people. While still protecting our right to bear arms. Any intelligent thoughts on this matter.

    • Gilbert, there are far bigger (and important) issues on gun control. Just look to what happened in Australia, Great Britain, France and Germany when their citizen’s guns were taken or seriously controlled. Almost overnight their violent crime rates doubled and in some localities the ratios were four-fold. First, criminals, world-wide, do not give up their guns, as it is already illegal for them to own or use them. And those criminals know most of their “targets” weapons have been taken—that is why the violent crime increased—just how are unarmed citizens to defend themselves against armed intruders?—they can not do it. And, to appease those who believe the criminals will give up their guns, what will the unarmed criminals do? Simple, they will double their manpower and use other weapons like knives, swords, clubs, fire, bombs and kitchen knives, and again, how do we unarmed citizens defend against all of that? Also, cars kill far more people every year than guns and we don’t confiscate the citizen’s cars. Bottom line, neither guns or vehicles kill people—people kill people, using all kinds of tools or weapons. I have been a Life Member of the NRA for over 50 years, and I acknowledge, guns, to be used, require the same amount of training to use guns as we require to operate vehicles, with strict age limits and controls over those who do not follow the rules.

    • Owen, that is thoughtless. Yes, kids get killed playing with guns, and also with playing with matches, running into the street, operating a power saw, etc., but those are separate issues, just as are underage kids driving automobiles, or using parent’s alcohol or drugs.

  2. Gotta Love Stupid!!! Felon’s are already Banned From Legally Owning a Guns Except maybe in Florida NOW after Last Weeks Election where they Voted to Allow Felon’s the Right to Vote and Won! What makes it even more Ridiculous is MOM thinks Felon’s are going to Obey the LAW that’s why their FELON’S to begin with!!!!

    • Owning guns is specifically excluded from the new law allowing SOME felons to vote.

      • be patient, now that the democrats have a new voter base, they will find more laws they can over rule with their idiocy ! I, for one, voted no on the amendment, but alas, I was out voted by the dead and illegal voters .

    • There are a lot of states that allow felons to vote Richard McClure. Ohio and WV both allow felons to vote once you complete your sentence. I’ve been voting for years as a felon. I vote republican but most of the felons I know don’t vote. Once they get out they are hooked on the dope again and dope addicts don’t vote. The only way it may make a difference is if the democrats use felons to commit fraud. We know the democrats have all kinds of ways to cheat so I’m sure they will find other ways also. Voter ID is a good way to stop voter fraud. We need to demand our states go to voter ID’s. West Virigina you have to show ID but it would be good to have just a voter ID that is hooked to a system that knows if you’ve voted already.

  3. Little covered item of the obama era just before leaving office is that he had 500000 felons drop from the background check system so they could purchase firearms. So once again the democraps create a problem for others to solve. Open up purchase of firearms and let the felons buy them and then scream even more about gun control. Think we need to worry more about democrap control so they dont hurt them shelves or others.

    • Robert,. I was not aware of this. Could you post a link to the executive order or congressional record where this was done? I’d like to read the original document.

  4. These are the examples of dumb people who has a very low IQ has no knowledge or awareness of the law whatsoever they just love to make noise and be on the spotlight. In most cases they wind up being a victim due to being stupid! Read and scene in the news of all the tragedy that have had occurred shooters attack those who cannot deffend them self’s and this individual knowingly for a fact nobody will shoot back till helps arrives but then everything are all news and history. So to all anti gun and dumb people just shut up watch listen and learn might save your life or lives of other by having that weapon/s handy . Think of it as a spare tire you never know whe are you going to need it.

  5. in the history of the human race thugs have never been disarmed. anyone who thinks they can disarm criminals has a sever case of cranial rectitus

  6. Felon’s can own firearms when you have served out your sentence then apply to have your rights restored and have not committed a crime involving violence or use of a weapon. Domestic violence is a misdemeanor and will cause you to loose you right to own firearms.

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