Check Out Reptilia’s New AR-15 Grip

Image courtesy Reptilia Corp.

If you’re not a gun enthusiast or, even if you are and you’re not familiar with the AR-15 (have you been living in a cave?), then you know how much of a difference that little customizations to your firearm can make. A tweak here and a tweak there can be all the difference between a usable firearm and a firearm that is a joy to shoot.

So, if you have an AR-15 or are considering purchasing one, then you may be interested in a new grip being produced by Reptilia Corp called the CQG (hat tip to here for the lead). Reptilia’s website describes it this way:

The CQG pistol grip has been specifically designed to enhance ergonomics and performance for the rise in popularity of compact sized short-barreled rifles, AR15 pistols, and pistol caliber carbines.

Featuring a more pronounced vertical grip angle, anti-slip front and rear texture, and an enhanced beaver tail design; the CQG encourages the shooter’s hand to be positioned higher on the grip, for greater control and improved comfort.

The CQG is designed for a wide range of hand sizes and weapon configurations. Molded from high-strength reinforced polymer, the CQG is compatible with AR15/M16, AR10/SR25, and SIG MPX/MCX platforms that features a full lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects – buy with confidence.  Made in USA, all mounting hardware included.

Even if you’re not familiar with customizing your firearm, it doesn’t take too much thought to realize that the comfort of your grip can affect both the stability of your shooting and the likelihood that you’re going to take that weapon out for usage at the firing range or out hunting. That comfort is much more important than many people would think. But, then again, most people aren’t gun enthusiasts, so how would they know?


So, if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive upgrade for your AR-15, check out the CQG grip. It may be what you’re looking for.



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