Are These Parents Complete Idiots When It Comes To Protecting Students?


People tend to react strongly to emotionally charged issues. Often, this strong reaction is, simply, a knee jerk reaction without actually thinking about the implications of that reaction. When that happens, an emotionally mature person will tend to step back and reevaluate their position to try to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to guns, people with an anti-gun point of view don’t seem to have the ability to step out of their extreme emotionalism to be rational about the issue. And that emotionalism only gets worse when it comes to protecting students from gun violence.

So, maybe we can understand why some parents filed the lawsuit which they filed, but that doesn’t change the fact that those parents aren’t being rational or emotionally mature about the issue. Renata Birkenbuel gives us the details about this lawsuit:


A public school district about 90 miles from Philadelphia is reportedly the first school system in Pennsylvania to let teachers carry weapons.

Teachers are already allowed to carry weapons in several states, including Texas, Missouri and Ohio, reports the Associated Press.

However, parents in the Tamaqua, Pennsylvania school district are filing a lawsuit to block the district from allowing teachers to carry guns in schools, according to the AP.

The lawsuit follows on the heels of the district teachers’ lawsuit filed last November. In both cases, plaintiffs challenge a new policy that allows staff to carry guns in schools. The Tamaqua Area Education Association is the lead plaintiff in the earlier lawsuit.

However, the parents requested an injunction to stop implementation of the policy until a judge can rule on its legality, reports The Morning Call.

In the most recent challenge, three parents and one grandparent filed a lawsuit against the Tamaqua school board members, alleging the members have “endangered their community” when they approved a “manifestly illegal” policy to arm teachers and school employees, writes the AP.

“A teacher’s role is to teach. We should not be putting those extra roles on a teacher when it’s out of their scope,” one of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs, Holly Koscak, told reporters at a news conference Friday. Koscak’s daughter is a sophomore in the school district.

Joining Koscak are co-plaintiffs Darrel Flack Jr., Angela Flack and Sara Thierer.

While I agree that a teacher’s role in the classroom is primarily to teach, these same parents send their kids to a school which cannot prevent a student from walking in and opening fire. If we are going to put our kids completely at the mercy of the school system and the teachers in the classroom, then that should come with the responsibility of those teachers protecting the kids. One viable solution is arming teachers.

If these parents and grandparents really care about protecting their children and grandchildren, then they either need to homeschool those kids so that they can ensure the kids’ safety in their home or they need to face the reality that someone has to protect children in the school. If not teachers, then, maybe, these folks filing the lawsuits need to pick up their guns and hang out at school all day to be an armed guard.

But I don’t see that happening either. Do you?



  1. To answer the question in the title: YES!!! Of course they could just be ignoranus’, too – absolutely ignorant of solutions to the problem of school shootings (and in other “Gun-Free Zones”) and so emotionally caught up in the bias that there is rational thought allowed – you know, PC to the extreme…

    • I do believe if someone was to check they would see that all of the IDIOTS in these “PARENTS AGAINST SCHOOL SAFETY OR THE ARMING OF WILLING TEACHERS AND SCHOOL PERSONAL” ARE IN FACT LIBERALS AND THAT THEIR POLITICAL PERSUASION IS DEMOCRAT. I most of these cases where there is a viable intelligent solution to a “MUST SOLVE PROBLEM” that there are two sides. 1. The intelligent NON LIBERALS, CHRISTIANS AND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. AND 2. The IDIOTS, LIBERALS, COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS, DEMOCRATS, LGBT’S, you will also find in this group the ignorant and the STUPID. There is hope for the ignorant. All we have to do is truthfully teach them giving them honest facts. As for the rest. The STUPID. Well, there isn’t any hope for them.

  2. If we allow the terrorists to have guns how are we going to stop them if we don’t have something to fight back with and how are you going to stop them from having weapons

  3. If the law would protect the students and staff and all citizens, then we would not need to carry our guns. But, our laws protect the criminal and do not hold them accountable. I am for the second amendment and what it stands for. Let us get (vote out) the people in our government that want to ruin our wonderful country. Start teaching all students the true history and what our forefathers believed in. If we do not, then our country as we know it, is down the tubes. Gun laws only protect the criminals, gang-bangers. Also our government want to disarm the law abiding citizens, so we will not be able to protect ourselves. Look what happened to Poland and over countries when their government took away their weapons !!!

  4. Apparently those parents are part of the generations that didn’t have any history other than the kind they were and have been propagandized with . Everything has a good and a bad . It depends on what you do with it . In the hands of a law abiding citizen “Guns “ deter those who wish you and your children harm .Thats why we haven’t been invaded by another country as they know we will fight to protect our own . And this is the reason the democrats want our guns as well . All while we all , plus your children are the targets of those they have brought here to kill us with ! They claim they are protecting the children . But yet ! You let them be indoctrinated into a society that kills its own most innocent of us all . And those who are killing our children have a roll to play too . They are out to kill and to put it simply they will any time they want too . For you see those of you are so dumbed down do not realize that law abiding citizens who have guns kill no one . My gun has killed 0 humans but women have killed 67 million babies . But the so called loving mothers have walked into an Abortion clinic and killed 67 million unborn Americans . All while these women who couldn’t keep their pants up make the government and the makeup industry and now the food industry very rich with the killing of our most innocent . Protect them in the womb or shut up about those outside the womb

  5. To insure the safety of students in school, any teacher that wishes to carry can be trained in gun safety at Front Sight in Nevada. By contacting me, I will give them a lifetime membership at Front Sight for free. Verification of teaching licensing required.

  6. They believe their children will be safe because they can use 911 to get the police their to clean up the mess after the shootings are all over. The teachers are not there to do that. In fact, these parent believe the teachers should “take a knee.” I have 6 grandchildren in school and if any teacher(s) wanted to carry to protect not only the children, but also themselves, I would be willing to buy the guns and help supply ammo, if needed. These parents have been brain-washed or are brain-dead.

  7. If these parents are involved with their child at the school,they can know who they are and if they can be trusted. Those using guns at the school want to protect the students they have so that would be a good thing not something to fight. We as parents have to trust the law abiding people to do what is needed not wait for another to come along and harm them. They shouldn’t stand in the way of getting a solution to the school shootings.

  8. The Parkland HS incident has been evaluate.
    The fault of what happened is every one fault, Students bullied, belittled a student with mental disabilities.
    The Staff, administration, board and the police didn’t fallow the agreed guideline for dealing with the situation leading to the shooting
    When the shooting started the police failed to act.
    So how is blaming guns going to make things better.
    Do the “Whole job” of dealing whit the problem, and the problem goes away.

  9. These parents in question consider their children to be expendable.
    Every massacre is a crime of the armed against the unarmed.
    I get sick every time i see a “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign.
    I need some stickers marked “SNIPERS ARE EXEMPT” to stick under those sick signs.

  10. Fienstien just introduced a new anti-gun bill making another 205 guns illegal+any guns with a detachable magazine. This is not about safety it’s about disarmament so she can dictate her agenda while she has a CCW and is guarded by guards with fully automatic weapons! ELITIST HYPOCRITE!

  11. These parents are IDIOTS. Till the schools grow brains and take down and destroy all those ASININE gun free zone signs and do something to show they will fight back against those with guns in a real way not with the useless ways some have like throwing rocks at shooters. All I can say is these parents must hate their children not to want them protected.

  12. These parents are taking action against the will of the other 99% of the community. What stop the community to take class action against there law suit??? If my kids were in that school I will start action to railroad the children of those parents out of the school. Problem solved if it is against the will of the other parents, but the problem is conservatives prefer for the problem to just go away by itself, like voter fraught. Will cost the Americans their country. Advice from a South African.

  13. These parents are worried that teachers have guns? Really? How does having a gun and willingly agreeing to defend your child for you impair their ability to teach? If anything, these teachers should get medals just for being brave enough to step forward and defend the children of idiots who refuse to protect their own kids! Amazing.

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