Researchers Show Right To Carry Reduces Crime In Chicago


From the “I Bet They Didn’t See That Coming” file is a story that is refreshing in its honesty about guns. Well, it would be refreshing except that the mainstream media conveniently failed to report this story. Don’t believe me? Read on. I’ll bet that you haven’t heard the details of this story before.

See, the specifics are that honest research has shown that increased gun ownership reduces crime. Yes, even in Chicago. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action gives us the details of this research:

Recently, two researchers disproved at least some of Emanuel’s prognostications and added to the growing body of evidence that allowing citizens the right to defend themselves with guns outside their homes can lead to a decrease in crime (see, e.g., here, here, here, and here for examples). Publishing in Applied Economics Letters, Srikant Devaraj and Pankaj Patel (from Ball State University and Villanova University, respectively) used neighborhood-level crime reports from Chicago and Philadelphia during the period January 2006 to December 2015. Their goal was to ascertain the effect of the Illinois concealed carry law on property crimes in Chicago, with the Philadelphia data serving as a “control” comparison over the same term. (Philly was selected because of its similar population density, demographic characteristics, and property crime levels, and because Pennsylvania also is a shall-issue state.)

Using a variation of regression analysis (i.e., zero-inflated negative binomial regression, appropriate when data are counts of an event, occurrence, etc., and having high/frequent occurrence of zeros as values), Devaraj and Patel assessed property crime rates as a function of the availability of permits in Illinois, examining rates prior to the introduction of shall-issue and at three points following the law’s enactment: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 1 year or later. Other, potentially important variables for which the researchers controlled were the number of violent crimes; overall time trend; economic recession; whether a crime was reported on the first day of the year or first day of the month (to account for artifacts in record-keeping); and, the city in which the crime was reported.

“The results show[ed] that after the implementation of the ‘shall issue’ CCW law in Chicago, property crimes decreased,” and the reduction continued across all three time intervals. The authors offered several potential explanations for Chicago’s decrease in property crime, not least of which is that concealed carry “may influence the opportunity cost for committing … crimes, as criminals may weigh gains … against higher risk (with the possibility of a victim carrying a firearm)” (Devaraj and Patel, 2018, p. 1128, emphasis added).

Less crime due to criminals weighing gains against the possibility of an armed victim? Sounds like the argument that gun-rights supporters have been making for a long time.

Really, this information shouldn’t surprise anyone, but, unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn’t report honestly about what really reduces crime and violence (it’s increased gun ownership), so it’s a given that your anti-gunner friends won’t have heard this information. That’s why we need to continue to tell the truth openly that gun ownership increases safety in a society.



  1. Self defense is a Right for decent, honest citizens! Democrats want to take away that Right! Democrats love criminals!

  2. none of the gun control laws have anything to do with saving people
    it’s all about power
    ask Germans of the 1930s

  3. I would like to see a similar study of crimes committed before and after Chicago became a “Sanctuary” city. Also for San Fran & LA County. Blind leading the blind, or brain-dead following brain-dead.

  4. Why is it that the liberals can’t see that if nobody has guns that they will be slaves to the people who have money, and they will have the right to carry and have body guards to protect them, while they will be left defenseless against criminals, and corrupt government. Open your eyes people, when they have what they want, they will take everything from you. It has happened so many times before, go back and read the history books.

  5. Unfortunately, we here are preaching to the choir! We, the gun owning population, know without a doubt that an armed society is a safer society. The problem lies with convincing the mainstream media and ergo the general population of this fact! Since Media only report what our totalitarian government wants them to, the good citizens of our great nation only hear about the instances of gun abuse and none of the legitimate defensive incidents (which, personally, I think are being suppressed in order to further the gun grabbers agenda)!

  6. Take the guns away from democrats security persons and take them to high crime areas and see how fast they change the tune.

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