Florida School Principle Issues Warning To Would-Be Shooters


It’s refreshing to see people in the education system who actually seem to have a clue about the way the world works. I know some wonderful teachers, but, let’s be honest, too many people involved in education are completely out of touch with reality when it comes to guns.

But, at least at one school in Palmetto, Florida, cluelessness about guns isn’t a problem for the school principal. Jessica De Leon writes,

Should an armed intruder ever get onto the campus of Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, they will not have fair fight on their hands. They, according to Principal Bill Jones, will be met with swift, overwhelming and deadly force by guards carrying semi-automatic rifles.

Jones isn’t trying to hide the charter school’s security plan. He just hopes his warning acts as a deterrent.

“If someone walks onto this campus, they’re going to be shot and killed,” Jones said. “We’re not going to talk with them. We’re not going to negotiate. We are going to put them down, as quickly as possible.”

Think about how much safer students in that school will actually be (answer: much safer). And David Hogg is probably gnashing his teeth and foaming at the mouth in rage because Florida passed a law since the Parkland school shooting requiring every school in the state to have armed personnel on campus.


But Jones took the Florida law a bit further. De Leon continues:

Manatee School for the Arts, which has more leeway than regular public schools, has taken a more aggressive approach to the guardian program, hiring only military veterans with combat experience and arming them with Glock handguns and Kel-Tec RDB 17-inch semi-automatic long-guns, both which they carry at all times. The rifle is a bullpup, a configuration that allows for a shorter firearm with a long barrel, and uses .223 caliber ammunition, same as an AR-15.

“There’s no guarantee that the guardian’s going to be where he’s needed at the time, but you do the best,” Jones said. “And certainly, the long gun gives you a better range.”

Jones strikes me as the kind of principal who actually gets the reality of the situation and the threat to students, unlike anti-gunners who want schools to continue to be vulnerable anti-gun zones. I know that if I lived in Palmetto, Florida, Jones’s school would be where I would want my children to attend.



  1. FINALLY a Principal with some common sense and a HUGE SET of GONADS this is GREAT with this WRITTEN and PUBLISHED WARNING no shooters family can sue for wrongful Death when the ass wipe is shot down due to the fact they were WARNED in ADVANCE of the Consequents of their Actions

    • That’s good for a deterrent but hopefully Florida schools also learned that when a child sends multiple red flags up as the parkland shooter did long before he took action they react by helping that student instead of ignoring and suspending them they are to blame for what happened along with the police that were also aware of his actions prior to the shooting very sad others had to die before they paid attention to his cry’s for HELP

      • I respect your words and your Wright, but it’s good that schools have armed guards and a good crisp warning, this way if one don’t listen, maybe the outher will. Not everyone gives a warning. Thare are thoughs who just go postal.better safe then sorry.

      • and the rest of parents around the country need to petition the President to fire all of the top rats in the fb&i and those in the doj that were there as kenyan boy parasites.. those aholes were notified more than once that the little scum bag in Florida was full of issues and those leftist scum bags in the education system not only came from Illinois they brought that worthless Promise Program with them…

    • I’m thrilled at all the money they will save.
      No messy court hearings, expensive lawyers, etc.
      No taking up space in our overcrowded prison system.
      It’s a win, win for all!

  2. I applaud Jones, BUT his strategy is sorely misplaced. In order to protect the STUDENTS. There needs to be an armed person with the STUDENTS all the time. From the time they get on the bus to go to school to the time they get home. I Jones scenario where there are armed guards. It will deter many single person attacks. However, those that are determined to do damage and kill as many students as possible. Will first kill “ALL” security persons, “THAT’S ALL” persons that could harm them! There will most likely be more than one attacker. They will be organized and they will have practiced their attack until it becomes muscle memory. Just like the U.S. Navy Seals or Army Rangers. There is only one way to thought most of these attacks. That is to do as the Israelis do. Train and arm “ALL” teachers, and School Personnel. They will have to train and shoot at least once a month. Last but definitely not least. 1. “ALL GUN FREE ZONES MUST BE REMOVED”. 2 “ALL RESTRICTIONS TO THE 2ND AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MUST BE REMOVED, OVERTURNED, or whatever it takes to get rid of them”. 3. NOW NO LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WILL NEED ANY PERMIT OF LICENSE TO BE A RESPONSIBLY ARMED CITIZEN”!

    • No one should have to buy a license any way. when you do: your paying protection money to defend your self, with out it you go to jail, i know. It’s a long story but I’ve been there and it happened to me. A nouther thing. Your saposto be inacent until proven guilty. Thare saposto prove your guilty. How do you prove your inacent sitting in a jail cell and you’ve bin booked and printed. One big problem we have are crooked law makers who make law’s that only benefit them and not the victims. There is one side in the government that don’t really like us. Thay don’t need to be in power thay need to be voted out.

      • Good points, Kirk.
        I highly recommend every responsibly armed citizen join the USCCA and get the highest level of self-defense insurance they can afford. For a reasonable cost, you can have money available to hire legal counsel in the event you have to use lethal force to defend yourself or others. Check out: http://www.usconcealedcarry.com
        Stay safe, folks!!

    • Outstanding comment. There also should be junior rifle clubs like the one I was in back in Oregon. It was sponsored by the Optimus Club and met at the Naval and Marine Corps Training Center using their range. Also the Isaac Walton Club sponsored a Jr. Rifle Club and was taught by my former Scoutmaster a retired Army Col. When I was transferred to Florida there was no gun ranges around now they are all over the place. The last time I shot was back in 1977 for requal. on the .45, 12 gauge shotgun and the Thompson submachine gun.

  3. Sorry Bruce
    If I remenber correctly ,in almost every case of school shootings the shooter/shooters when confronted by someone who was armed they committed suicide or gave up immediately.
    I am not saying someday there will not be a trained group assaulting a school but normally the Idea of meeting armed resistance sends them somewhere else.


  4. I hope a background check is good enough. It’s not like military personnel in the past haven’t decide to mass slaughter. I’m pro gun but I don’t like guns around my children, period! I’m definitely don’t like the idea of putting the trust in someone who has a gun near my children regardless of their background. The issues of mental illness are on the rise and it’s hard to predetermine someone’s thought process.

    • Thoughtful response but mentally ill evildoers don’t need guns to harm children. Let’s make sure the background check is strong. And when it comes to evildoers coming on campuses, I believe that discouraging them is the best remedy. “The best defense is a good offense.” Kudos to Bill Jones. :o)




  5. Put enough Perps “in the ground” and THIS should sound off as a great deterrent. It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Quit disarming our populace to turn them into helpless targets . . .

  6. Way to go my friend and fellow vet. Stupidy is the enemy of the mind. Know what your talking about ,learn and experience is your friend. Thank God for a person with common sense and understanding. We have way to many cry babies neah sayers who want to talk and not take action. The police can t be everywhere.

  7. Finally, a school that uses a common sense approach to the safety of students and staff. I’m sure they do the same thing with education.

  8. The idea is to PROTECT THE STUDENTS. Even if a sniper does sneak in and open fire, (an) armed guard(s) can make a FAST RESPONSE and limit the amount of damage the sniper(s) do. And even if there are many snipers, an armed guard can force the snipers to duck under cover: and that will limit the damage even a horde of snipers can/will do, while help is on the way.
    ¶ I am all for armed guards at school who can be trusted. And able.
    ¶ One armed guard was legally blind without his glasses. And he left his glasses at home on the day there was a massacre. So he was useless to defend the students; and the two snipers were unhindered. That is where the “able” part comes in.
    ¶ And the armed guard(s) need(s) to be TRUSTWORTHY. And COMMITTED to defend the students.

    • Good points, Jonathan.
      Just so you know, they weren’t ‘snipers’. The entire point of snipers is firing from long distance or from hiding. These are ‘murderers’ we’re talking about. Please don’t use the term sniper in a manner that makes it sound like all snipers are evil. We don’t want to give the media any more reasons to promote gun control.
      Stay safe, y’all!

    • The first documented “snipers” in this country (that I’m aware of) were used by George Washington. Snipers aren’t bad just because they snipe. Army, Marines, Navy still use them.
      I agree with Don. You are talking about MURDERERS, not snipers.

  9. the art of human to human speech is almost gone along with common sense thanks to the digital age.

  10. Crime plummets when perpetrators have no clue if or how many ppl might be armed. As for paying the state for my Constitutional right to be armed is Crap in my book. I despise background checks, but with unbridled illegal immigration, it becomes more necessary. Do you trust your Government?? So after 3 Years do YOU think they forgot which guns you bought?? Insurance for armed defense is common sense, but look at the madness that got us to this point.

  11. “DEAR EDITOR” —— The word “Principle” has to do with a thought, idea, etc. “PRINCIPAL” is a person. It is easy to remember if you think of him/her as “your pal.” [Whether or not he/she really is.]

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