How To Conceal The Firearms In Your Home


You may not realize this, but one of he smartest things that you can do to keep your guns from being taken is to know how to conceal them in your home. Whether it’s from the probing eyes of a government bent on illegally taking away your Second Amendment rights or whether it’s a burglar looking to steal a gun that he can sell to a would-be criminal, you need to make sure that your firearms are out of sight so that they can be out of mind from those people.

Fortunately, there are a few practical options that you can use to conceal your firearms in your home. Our friends at have a few to share with you, and here they are along with our commentary:

  1. Bury Them. This isn’t exactly my favorite option, but gun grabbers and thieves aren’t likely to think that you’re going to do this either, so, if you can keep your guns completely wrapped up to prevent water and dirt getting into them, this could be a practical option of last resort.
  2. False Ductwork. If you have an unfinished basement, closet, or attic, you can put in a bit of ductwork that looks like it’s part of your central heating system in your home but, in actuality, is simply made to look that way so that you can hide things in it.
  3. In the Walls. You may not be familiar with tactical walls, but these can be a great way to hide firearms. Simply put, a tactical wall is a storage box that looks like a picture on your wall or a mantle on your wall that you can open to retrieve your firearms.
  4. Above a Hanging Ceiling. Depending on the building that you are in, you may be able to simply put your firearm on top of the ceiling tiles in your ceiling.

I’m sure with a little thought, you can come up with other practical options for concealing your firearms. The thing to remember, however, is to customize it for your specific situation, and keep your firearms to yourself to protect you and your family.



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