Proof That Waiting Periods Kill People Instead Of Saving Lives


I wish that I didn’t feel the need to tell this story, that people would actually think through the implications and the actual impact of gun control upon the U.S. population. But so many anti-gunners keep talking about the need for gun control, that waiting periods are necessary, that background checks work, that we must keep telling the truth to counteract their lies.

In the case of this particular story, the lie is that waiting periods to purchase firearms will save lives. Sadly, just the opposite is true. Waiting periods kill people.

Take the sad story of Carol Browne from New Jersey. Stephen Gutowski writes,


A New Jersey woman was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on Wednesday as she waited for approval from the state to buy a handgun. In addition to obtaining a restraining order against her ex, Michael Eitel, and installing security cameras in her home, Carol Bowne had applied for a permit to purchase a handgun on April 21.

Police told the (New Jersey) Courier-Post that she had inquired about the application as recently as Monday. “We did not get the fingerprint information yet,” Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check told the paper.

Unlike most states, New Jersey’s restrictive gun laws require a permit to purchase a handgun. The permit process can take several months to complete. Bowne’s murder has left her friends and neighbors in shock. “She did absolutely everything she was supposed to,” her coworker Denise Lovallo told the paper. “Do they have enough now to get him?”

When you read this story, you need to ask yourself, “How many of these situations happen that I don’t know about because they aren’t being reported?” Any are too many.

Some gun rights advocates say that gun purchase waiting periods aren’t just sad (and, one could argue, criminal because they kill people), but that waiting periods aren’t even about the safety of the public. Harold Hutchison writes,

Waiting periods, especially lengthy ones like that in New York, are just one way to get law-abiding citizens to either give up the notion of exercising their Second Amendment rights.

And if law abiding, moral people like you and me don’t exercise our Second Amendment rights, just imagine what the rate of violent crime will be.

So, we must do everything that we can to end gun purchase waiting periods. How many more lives depend on it?



  1. I was taught from an early age to respect guns I hunted with my father. I have never pointed a gun at a human. God help, the person who enters my home without permission. If I point my weapon at him I will shoot to kill. No warning. Just home protection.

    • YOU are correct, Sue DELAY is dangerous . An intruder will NOT allow you time for deliberation. A mind set and determined action ,PRIOR TO NEED, is imperative. INDECISION is DEADLY .

  2. I believe that a WAITING PERIOD IS USELESS. If an intruder breaks down my door to come in, UNINVITED, he has MAYBE 1/2 second before he is dropped with 3 or MORE 45 CAL SLUGS in his chest.WAS THAT WAITING PERIOD LONG ENOUGH ???

  3. Too bad she didn’t just leave New Jersey and move to Ohio. She would been able to buy a gun. She’d be alive today. God love the state of Ohio.

  4. Ya right, the government knows best — ask the people of Russia and China how that’s working for THEM ? I’ve been to China —

  5. The ostensible ‘reason’ for waiting periods is to prevent a person from getting a gun in the heat of the moment (libs just love putting everything in emotional terms) killing. I have always maintained that if a person – acting in the heat of the moment – goes to their local gun store, fills out all of the necessary paperwork (varies by state but always requires filling out the 4473) pays for the gun and ammo for it, loads it, goes back to where they got emotionally triggered (pun intended) and shoots someone, they are NOT even close to acting in the heat of the moment but have committed a pre-meditated act.
    IOW, waiting periods do NOT perform the function they are claimed to do.

  6. All of this BS is to discourage law abiding and thinking free citizens from obtaining guns until they can eventually CONFISCATE all guns and then convert all of us citizens into SUBJECTS. That is what is the definition of a TYRANICAL government system work.

  7. Gun control, “or gun safety as it is now called” will eventualy become “gun confiscation” It will start off with gun registration just as it did in Germany during Hitler’s regime. The Founding Fathers had brilliant minds. They could goresee that a disarmed populace will be controlled by a tyrranical government. Check out history.

  8. If they try to outlaw guns then only criminals will have one. You need to disarm the criminals first, and let me know how that works out for you. You demolosers can’t even stop the drugs, terrorists, and human trafficking from being smuggled across our borders, how are you going to stop guns from coming in the same way.

  9. Let’s face it patriots we live in a death cult! They to outlaw the death penalty as they murder babies by the millions!! How sick is that?! Demon-rats are obviously all about death! Look at what they have tried to do to our outstanding President! More than a dozen attempts on his life and the life of his family. Funny how little coverage that gets. Last I knew the “Trump family helo” had at least two emergency landings for major malfunctions when the kids were on board, like “parts” not being properly secured. Hmmm, how could that happen. I hope you are all praying at least daily for God’s protection of Donald, his family and his admin/agenda. Thousands of us are fasting and praying every Wednesday midnight to 4 pm. It’s not that hard, very effective and who knows, may even lose a pound or two. Where 2 or more agree in prayer…, just think what thousands can do, or has done in protecting our great president! Thank the Lord! (if you need details go to: God is giving us one more chance to turn this great country around and he’s given us Donald Trump to do it, WITH OUR HELP! IT’S OUR COUNTRY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY! DONALD CAN’T DO IT BY HIMSELF!

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