Has The Great White North Gone Full Nutzo On Gun Control?


Canadians have a reputation for being nice, polite, decent people, and I’ll be the first to admit that the Canadians that I have met fit this description. Canadians also have a reputation for being calm and level-headed in general. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to guns, the Canadian government is leaving rationality and level-headedness behind.

It seems that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has decided to try to closer emulate his anti-gun friends in Europe. Trudeau’s government has proposed legislation which will require firearms retailers to keep records on individual purchases for twenty years and is requiring that a gun license is held in all gun purchases, even in transfers.

Think about how ridiculous this is. If you own a gun shop in Canada, you would need to keep track of everyone that you sold a gun to for the last twenty years so that the Canadian government can blame someone years down the road. They are trying to make law abiding business owners do something that they, apparently, aren’t willing to do themselves. If it’s no big deal, why doesn’t the government track that kind of thing? Oh, wait, in many cases they already do, don’t they?


Of course, the Canadian government is trying to make everyone feel nice and safe about this abuse of personal rights. Matthew Moss writes,

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who is sponsoring the bill, was keen to stress that access to a retailers records would be subject only to a police warrant. The Canadian government stressed that they respected the rights of law-abiding gun owners with Prime Minister Trudeau tweeting that the legislation change was about “taking action for common sense gun control, better background checks, and safer communities – while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

There is that phrase again: “common sense gun control.” Remember, that phrase is simply a code phrase for taking tiny steps towards completely repealing gun rights. It’s a nonsense (and dishonest) phrase when spoken by U.S. politicians, and it’s the same coming from a Canadian politician.

The truth is that the only “common sense gun control” is NO gun control. Only then can people be free to defend themselves. That is common sense.



  1. Typical bogus socialist lies. Turn what used to be the Canadian ally into another Venezuela. Just what we do not need.

  2. I am still dwelling on the human problem. Human behavior or the lack of it, is the problem, not any specific choice of weapons. “Weapons” are endless. Eliminating one does not eliminate all others. That is why we cannot find any answers in weapons solutions. What other options do we have? People themselves. But we cannot yet fix that problem either. Maybe one day we will be able to but not yet. Therefore we have to use weapons as offsets to other weapons.

    • Jerry,

      Perhaps when CRIMINALS are caught using weapons, and MORONS like N.Y “elites” deblasio and cuomo, and “moonbeam brown of mexifornia, let them go, to do it all over again LONG BEFORE their “sentence” is done, and issue a “pardon” to set them free, is STOPPED, things might change. BUT DEMOCOMMUNISTS LOVE CRIMINALS, because they ARE one of “them”. It is the LAW-ABIDING citizens these “elite” creeps “target”, so their criminal “friends” won’t get hurt committing their crimes. THAT is why they want US “disarmed” for easy “takeover”, or “ELIMINATION” whenever they see fit to do so. And don’t feed me that old line of “conspiracy”, because all you have to do is look at what has happened to other countries over the years after disarming the citizens to “protect them”.

  3. Absolutely correct! ! Proper gun control is being trained to hit only what you are shooting at. Controlling any aspect of gun ownership is tyranny, plain and simple.

  4. I sure am glad my grandparents on both sides had the good sense to come to the USA in the late 1800s. Canada is getting more messed up every year. Farther and farther to the left. Trudeau is an absolute moron.

    • Going to have another communist country in this hemisphere soon. Canada will fall then probably Mexico. Civil war is coming and that right soon.

      • SO keep your guns and FIGHT the communist scum (democrats) that are dead set against REMOVING them from Law-abiding citizens and they ONLY “protection” WE have against a TYRANNICAL “deep State government”.

    • You do realize that the Gun Control Act of 1968 created the documentation on all gun buyers in the U.S.? That’s what the form 4473 was–you showed your DL, and filled out your name and address, answer a dozen or so questions about citizenship, use of drugs, criminal convictions, and declare loyalty to the U.S. Then, the gun dealer filled in the make, model and serial number of the weapon purchased. He files it away permanently until the shop eventually is sold, or goes out of business, then all forms are sent to ATF who uses the documentation to create the database and registry of guns and gun owners started (illegally) under Janet Reno and the Clinton gang…

  5. Good Canadians will be totally disarmed when the U.S. invades and takes over their entire country and turns it into our 51st state! What a dumbass move.

  6. People criticizing any nation’s armed citizens are either ignorant or they are idiots. Maybe ignorant idiots. Or maybe they can’t count. History is no longer taught in or government schools. Instead we have social studies which can be summed up as, our nation is racist, violent and awful. All other nations are better than we are. No mention of the fact that over Two Hundred Million unarmed subjects around the world were slaughtered by their own governments in the 20th century. On top of that, the God of the Bible is being traded for government as God. While governments have become alarmingly more powerful of late the truth remains, God will have the last word.

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