CA Anti-Gunner Politician Goes Full Delusional In Attacking The NRA


Now, this may seem like repetition to you, but the phrases “California politician” and “anti-gunner” don’t always mean the same thing. It’s true, though, that many politicians from California (Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, for example) never met a gun control law that they didn’t want to marry on the first date.

Sadly, California Representative Eric Swalwell is one of those delusional anti-gunner politicians from California. And this guy is completely out of touch with reality when it comes to guns and Second Amendment supporters. Harold Hutchison gives us the details:

Last week, Representative Eric Swalwell, who has in the past proposed an Australia-style “buyback” of certain firearms and who threatened to nuke gun owners who wouldn’t turn in their guns, claimed on Twitter that the NRA threatened Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Well, that was a lie and one that was quickly shot down in the wake of his tweet.

But Swalwell’s doubled down on his smears and lies, claiming the NRA is taking Russian money. I guess he’s decided that if he tweets lies that are outrageous enough often enough that they will be seen as the truth. In any case, Second Amendment supporters need to view this increasingly escalating pattern with a great deal of concern.

Hutchison then showed a Tweet from Swalwell in response to a Tweet from the NRA. Swalwell’s Tweet read, “Fancy ad! Amazing what an infusion of Russian cash can buy. But seeing that Russians don’t have gun rights, you should probably ask yourselves why they’re helping you.”


So, Swalwell is trying to paint the NRA as in collusion with the Russians to destroy America.

Yeah, right. Frankly, that doesn’t make any sense. Since gun control doesn’t reduce gun violence, even if the Russians are trying to take down America, why would they do it by supporting the NRA? It’s not like that would cause more people to die.

But, supporting gun control will. All you have to do is actually think it through to realize that Swalwell, like so many other anti-gun politicians, has been sniffing glue before posting on social media.

What’s sad is that so many anti-gunners in America have swallowed that Kool-Aid, too. That’s why we must stay vigilant to protect our gun rights.



  1. Just taking after Trump! If Donnie can Tweet lie after lie, then Swalwell can too! He must be a child of the McCarthy era and see Russians behind every bad thing happening in this Nation today! He, and the thousands who think like him, can’t (or, more likely, won’t) grasp the fact that if the good guys give up their guns, the criminal elements in society, (including and especially the government criminals), will run amok and tyrannize the nation completely! As a true patriot once said, “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand!”

    • Like the rest of the left and far left they do grasp it! They want the average patriotic law abiding citizens to be defenseless against tyranny and overwhelming intrusion by the central government. They are proffering Socialism with every word they speak, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE everything with each and every law they enact. We must stop them, unseat them now and repeal their un-Constitutional laws or we will lose every single freedom and right we have.

    • hey freddie checked your turdo meter.. you can go and gobble up some more cnn schitt… the meter indicates that you are only 98% full of schitt..

      • UP YOUR’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One more time! Start making people like this clown accountable for their actions. The only reason they still abuse power and and first ammendment is because they get away with it. Sure there are some lawyers out there who would love a case like this.

    • So FRED … exactly WHAT are you trying to say here ? It would seem that your wording would say to “US” that you “think” President Trump is a liar JUST LIKE THE LIEING CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS ?? Pres Trump DOES appear to have a penchant for embellishing certain things from time to time but PLEASE REMEMBER that our President is (and was) NOT a “politician” but a business man and everyone knows that “business people” in today’s CORPORATE WORLD must do much more than “embellish” to survive, let alone thrive, in that sort of “Corporate/Lobbyist/Politician” world that we have “progressed” to in America – President Trump will end his SECOND TERM as the U.S. President who did more for America than any group of 3 before him

      • @GKP: Make that the last FIVE (5) presidents. The Bushes introduced the “CULT of PIECES / religion of peace” into America. They also introduce the One World Government idea to America. The other TWO after them just FLOATED. #44 / 0b0z0 introduced and BROUGHT THOUSANDS of his American HATING muslems and mohamMADans TO America.

  2. This type of behavior should get the NRA to sue for liable and slander, That is how you stop it. Hit him in the pocket book.

  3. When does the California and New York DEM’S with money got to tell law abiding citizens ; because they are wealthy’ how we should think or do they got their money from all citizens. They see to think just through enough money at something , make not truthful statements that makes everything good to go . What they are asking for is another Civil War.

    • And regretfully this Civil War will be a true civil war to overthrow a tyrannical government of despots.

  4. As an NRA member I am proof that members are not what the liberal left claim they are. If we were what they portray us to be, we would be as violent as the left is. We don’t need more gun control, we need leftist liberal control.


    • Exactly……..the real problem is Dumbascraps with guns…..and William, your statement is also true and the treason has one point and that is to grab control to do as they will and the minions cannot grasp they will eventually push this country back into serfdom where they get everything and you’d better like it or else.

  5. As a life member of the NRA CAN u hear the anti gunners behind closed doors “we can’t control the criminals so let’s control the law abiding they WILL follow OUR GUN LAWS. THE name gun control name should be changed to LAW ABIDING CITIZENS CONTROL LAW. Anti gunners are “IGNORANT IDIOTS Starting with BLOOMBERG. WE CANT PROTECT OURSELVES BUT HE HAS BODYGUARDS WITH GUNS. His saying must be “HORAY FOR ME TO HELL WITH YOU

  6. You might as well hit their pocket books, because like another great saying….”You can’t fix stupid!” Or another favorite from Forrest Gump…”Stupid is, as stupid does!”
    This could go on for hours, but in conclusion to this…come on people use a little common sense for once in your miserable lives. Stop throwing common sense out the window. Tyranny is upon us and then your going to wish you could defend yourself but… it’ll be too late then. All I’m saying is, wise up America and do whatever it takes to defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. Contact your Officials, Governors, Senators and even our President and make this all go away. Stand proud for this wonderful Country we live in. Make our Forefathers proud and those that fight everyday in our military proud for what they do so we can be FREE.

  7. Swalwell bears watching very closely. Any official who advocates killing any citizen for “failing to obey Swallwell’s orders” is a dangerous person. Remember; dictators always start out by murdering their own people, viz: Stalin, Hitler, Mao and many more. Our lawmakers can state, “Rule of law” until they are blue in the face but they conveniently “forget” that they are are sworn to uphold the Constitution and when the two clash then the Constitution is required to rule. The abject contempt toward the Constitution on the part of Democrats is appalling and needs to be punished at the polls. I, for one, will ***never*** vote for another Democrat.

  8. Far too many Democrat politicians are frightening to listen to. Sadly, Swalwell is one of the worst. Every time I have heard him speak he is so over-the-top it makes me wonder about his sanity.

    • Actually he contracted Trump derangement sindrome after Trump was elected President. 😆🤣🤪

  9. Ever listen to this clown speak — he is not only dillusional, I think he is a cross-dresser. His natural state is dillusional and is as much a waste of oxygen as pelosi, harris,waters and schiff-less.

  10. Hey fellow Americans, get off the posts and do something, like send some money to the National Association for Gun Rights. They are in the court rooms, trying to save our rights. There are a bunch of honest folks out there fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights but they can’t do it alone.

  11. This butthole Swalwell is a liar from the start. He reminds me of a shady used car salesman selling you what he knows is a total lemon solely for the commission. He has NO integrity and knows NOTHING about firearms and will lie to your face. He Makes me ashamed to admit that I grew up in California and is the type that has ruined that state. He and his kind are a risk to both California and the nation as a whole. He talks as if he’s above any slander law in the country.

  12. Hello everyone,
    I thought I would send this out because I am sick and tired of seeing, hearing and being inundated with crap on Trump. Now this has nothing to do with my support of Trump, my support or displeasure has nothing to do with it. What bothers me the most is all the negative, slanderous info put out on Trump when all he is doing is following through with his campaign promises. Why is anyone even remotely astonished, or angry with a man doing exactly what he promised? Wow, there’s a switch, an elected official actually following up on his promises after elected!! I have full respect for anyone that follows through fully on what they have promised. I know of so many people that do what they say, say what they do. These people have my respect weather I agree with them or not. That is not the issue, the fact that they follow through is the issue. These are people from whom you know exactly what you’re getting, whether you agree or not. At the very least, you know where they stand, and where you will need to stand. Those who voted for Trump, hoped that he would be all that he said he would be. Those who didn’t, needed to prepare for the possibility of Trump being elected. These people did not, and now, well now we have these situations happening all over the U.S. and some parts of Canada. Make no mistake, Canadians are involved more than most people care to believe. Why don’t those Canadians who demonstrate against Trump, question or raise havoc on their own current leader, namely, Trudeau. They have done absolutely nothing what so ever to help the common working individual in our province/country. Oh, these leaders, they look good and talk well, just like all the other leaders we have had over the years. They all talk well and nothing ever changes for the greater positive of the working American or Canadian. Obama has done nothing positive for 8 years in the U.S. Check out the many areas of Michigan, check out and see the massive poverty and ghost towns in that state. I’m sure there are many more states with similar situations. Actually Obama has done quite a few things during his tenure, and I do not mean positive either. You need only to do your homework to see exactly the atrocities Obama has done during his 8 years. Of course we never hear, or have ever heard about all that. Of course not, because he spoke well, looked good, and did nothing to help the American worker.
    Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union immigration comments. This is on You Tube, check it out. Exactly what Trump has been saying throughout his campaign, and now following through. Clinton gives this great speech in 1995, and receives a standing ovation; Trump is called racist and everything else in the book for doing exactly the same, why? Is it because he is actually doing something rather than talking about it? Once again, wow, an elected official actually following up on his promises after elected!! I think the ovation Clinton received was for looking good and talking extremely well, because he and his whole administration knew exactly where he was going with it, absolutely nowhere. In fact those of you who remember, quite a long time ago here in Canada when Chretien was campaigning for Prime Minister, one of his promises was and I quote: “If I am elected, I will remove the G.S.T.” The tax added to the provincial sales tax at the time. On that statement alone I voted for this compulsive liar. Well we all see how that turned out. Does not matter what country you are from, it is all the same garbage, or truth. Now with this gun rights issue, we as North Americans must stand up and fight against this tyrannical behavior on both sides of the boarder. It is nothing short of the commencement of slavery. The 2nd Amendment is crystal clear, it must be followed. Trump will hold this up and must have all of our support as well.
    There is so much media information out there on all world leaders’ positive and negative, fact or fiction. How can you believe what you see and read? This is the reality of who we are as people. However, support Trump or not, you cannot say this is another long winded sharp talking leader that has once again fed everyone empty promises and lies as so many have done in all countries year after year. No, he is doing!! Now he is being condemned for his promises. Not commended for his truths. Will Trump better the U.S.? I believe he has already started. However, to answer that accurately I would have to travel to the future as Marty McFly did in Back to the future. Then I could return and tell you. Short of that, only time will tell as history has proven. I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind, that it is so refreshing to see a political leader following his platform agenda to a TEE!! In my life time currently, I still have not seen this. That alone should say something great about this U.S. president. Like him or not, agree with him or not…He is doing!! Justin Trudeau, take notes please….

    Northern Bro

  13. Well, anyone who wants to support anti gun laws should read the history of “Prohibition” in the US. It created a huge tax free industry and not one American ever missed a single drink! Let’s face it, the folks who go shooting people are already violating all the laws of our land, so what will one more law accomplish – it will only cripple the fine folks who might just be able to reduce the number of victims the criminals propose to kill. And then look at how many Americans are killed by cars each and every day, and none of the whiners runs around making laws to prevent that massacre!

  14. Hey Swallwell, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces. Other than run your lie filed mouth, what have you ever done for America. Speak up or shut up! I think you’re a coward!

  15. We, as American gun owners, need to try to prepare for when/ if they try to take our guns. They can overwhelm one gun owner, but if we All BAND together, then possibly we can stop the anti-gunners from their unlawful attempt. When they come for your neighbors guns, every gun owner needs to go and defend your neighbor. Yes it will be dangerous, but if we have our weapons, and show we won’t go down without a fight, they may have to pause and think about how bad things can, and will get! Does the government want a civil war?

  16. it’s alway been about disarmament the communist know the complete take over can’t happen until they disarm us!!
    “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them.”
    – George Mason, referencing advice given to the British Parliament by Pennsylvania governor Sir William Keith, The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adooption of the Federal Constitution, June 14, 1788

  17. I see a lot of folks here still standing behind Trump and the NRA even while they are throwing us under the bus with with illegal and unconstitutional bumpstock bans and red flag laws!!! What is it going to take for you to understand that we are on our own and the 2nd is going away. Trump and the NRA could give two shits about me and you, wake up and stock up folks! The hands are at 12 O’Clock!

  18. Only dictators, tyrants, and genuine assholes attack legal organizations exercising first amendment rights That becomes something more than transient reasons especially if said organizations are shut down because next will be news organizations they don’t agree with. The dummies should re-read the Declaration of Independence, 2nd paragraph for the Transient Reason section. That phrase is the actual genesis of the Second Amendment. For those of you fighting for the Second should also read or re-read that section of the D of I.

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