Anti-Gunner Congressman Wants To Weaponize The IRS Against The NRA


If you follow politics outside of gun rights issues, then you may remember allegations during the Obama administration that that administration was using the IRS to target political groups which the administration didn’t agree with politically. The allegations are troubling because the IRS should only be there to collect tax revenue, not to shape public opinion or policy.

Unfortunately, though, an anti-gun Congressman is seeking to weaponize the IRS against a specific gun rights organization: the NRA. The story from ABC News Radio says,

A Democratic lawmaker has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the National Rifle Association in light of ongoing allegations of financial mismanagement within the organization.

Rep. Brad Schneider, an Illinois Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig Thursday to “strongly encourage you to investigate recent reports of possible wrongdoing by the National Rifle Association,” and “respectfully ask that you review whether the recent allegations against the NRA warrant reconsideration of the organization’s tax-exempt status,” in light of allegations of self-dealing first published by The New Yorker.

Schneider also raised concerns about the NRA during a Ways and Means Committee hearing on Thursday.

“It’s incredibly disturbing to see these allegations and to think that NRA executives are possibly misappropriating their donors contributions and abusing their nonprofit status for personal gain,” Schneider said.

While I’ll agree that it’s disturbing if a non-profit misuses it’s funds, I’d say it’s even more disturbing what members of Congress do to buy votes and get elected and re-elected. This is the hypocrite blaming their enemy of that which they themselves are guilty.


And to try to weaponize the IRS is the kind of secret police tactic of which Stalin or Hitler would be proud. This is the kind of thing that makes you ask, “Who’s the Nazi now, Brad?”

Of course, I wouldn’t expect an honest answer to that. It wouldn’t help him politically. But, if you’re in Illinois and in this guy’s district, next time that it comes time to vote, you need to vote this guy out.



  1. I think maybe we should investigate him and the possibility (probability) of funding for this little adventure coming from people with surnames sounding like Doomberg and Soreass!

  2. After seeing all the things the Democratic Party has done in the last two years I proud to say I’ll never vote for another one as long as I live God Bless Trump protect the 2nd Amendment don’t trust anything you see on CNN fake news one sided

  3. Rep Schneider(sp) is a pig. He is anti-American, anti-semitic, American hater.
    Here we go again weaponizing the IRS again.

  4. Typical behavior coming from a crooked democrat politician. When they start pointing fingers it’s always to hide their own malfeasance. After all the commun,…er socialis, uuuuh Democrat party wants to rule us and the only way they can achieve their goal is to disarm us. A free man is an armed man, everyone else are just slaves.

  5. FredK… Schneider is just another commie-democrat who wants to disarm the oeople to achieve control over the populace. Yes, jost like Hitler and Stalin did. Wake up, America, The democrats are out to destroy this great country as we know it.

  6. I don’t believe any of the TLA’s should have any political dealings. They are neither legislature nor judiciary, it is not their job, unless of they are intending on some sort of a coup. Then they are guilty of treason. Those types get executed summarily.

  7. Fairly soon I imagine quite a few of these Democrats will be gone ( Barr investigation) and then a lot of their friends & colleagues will be quiet & hiding for fear they will be connected and brought into the fray. As soon as they realize they are a washed up party they will probably go into hibernation and not make waves because they do not know who will be next on the chopping block/way to jail – their cellmates – Comey/Clapper/Strock – et al – good riddance to a gang of phony corrupt evil bastards

  8. Maybe we americans should get the balls and vote these tyranic asses out of office ! And maybe all gun toten americans black white hispanic etc. To stop paying there taxes for a few yrs to show them who works for who. ! Did we as Americans kick the brits asses out of here for there taxes they wanted us to pay , so why are we paying these people are hard earned money & i think if you own you house free an clear you shouldnt have to pay property tax on that house. Maybe we should ban and abolish the IRS !

  9. Well Congresswussy Schneider, unlike the life time frigging DUMBBOCRUD/LIBERTARDS in the public office, the NRA doesn’t have secret bank accounts and back room deals to pad their wallets!! They us our dues for class’s and programs to teach people how to handle a weapon and to fight ass holes like you in Congress!
    The IRS needs to be investigating you ass holes in Congress for all the shady deals and back room deals that you make every day but they are in the pocket of DUMBBOCRUDS/LIBERTARDS like you!!

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