CA Governor Is So Ignorant That He Has To Swear When Making A Stupid Anti-2nd Amendment Statement


Maybe it’s because I grew up in the American South, but my mother told me growing up that swearing was the sign of a limited vocabulary. My wife says that to our kids now, too.

By this logic, California governor Gavin Newsom is functionally illiterate. His perspective and position on gun ownership would tend to further this conclusion about his (lack of) intelligence (his picture above reminds me of similarly clueless Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau). AWR Hawkins gives us the details:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) spoke about the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting Monday and claimed that the Second Amendment does not protect “weapons of God–mned mass destruction.”

Newsom’s statement was in relation to one of two guns the Garlic Festival attacker legally purchased in Nevada.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Newsom saying, “You can’t put borders up, speaking of borders, to a neighboring state where you can buy this damn stuff legally. How in the hell is that possible? I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment, you have a right to bear arms but not weapons of [god–mned] mass destruction.”

Breitbart News reported that police believe the gunman lived in Nevada for a time with family, and that is where he legally purchased two guns. One of the guns was a rifle the described as an “AK Variant,” according to LA Times, the other was a 12 gauge pump shotgun. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that firearms such as the shotgun “are permitted in California.”

Because both firearms were purchased “legally” from gun stores, the gunman would have undergone FBI background checks to acquire them.

This is important because Newsom also brought up background checks, saying, “California’s doing its part, but Jesus, these guys, the folks in the White House have been supporting the kinds of policies that roll back the work that we’re doing in states like ours to get rid of large capacity magazines, to address the issues that we’re trying to advance on background checks.”

Newsom did not mention that Gilroy Garlic Festival was a self-declared gun-free zone. In such a zone a criminal with any firearm has every advantage over the crowds of unarmed people.

You don’t even have to know much about guns to realize that Newsom doesn’t have a clue about what could actually prevent criminals from getting their hands on a firearm or what will stop a criminal from doing evil (or more evil). This guy is a governor without a clue making statements to shift blame for the failures of his gun policies to President Trump.


And, apparently, Newsom thinks that it makes him seem even tougher when he swears to promote his pathetic, useless, and delusional gun control policy positions.



  1. I’ve also noticed that Gov. Nuisance has curtailed the death penalty in the state of Calif. When these shooters kill someone with impunity and no fear of losing their own lives guess what they will kill people. We have tried banning guns now let us try banning the shooters. By getting rid of these shooters by using the death penalty and permanently getting rid of these murderers. But I suppose Gov. Nuisance doesn’t realize that murder is also against the law. A trial, Appeal then a public execution. No lethal injections firing squads will work. Let the public observe and see if this doesn’t bring these shootings to an abrupt halt, after all gun control doesn’t seem to work.

  2. Gov Nuisance is Pelosi’s nephew and is as liberal nut job as she is. To all gun grabbers like this idiot, gun free zones are just shooting galleries to every disaffected idiot around. Ask yourself why gun shows, target ranges,gun clubs, or any other place where guns are routinely carried by the majority do not have any incidents of mass shootings. The cowards don’t go and shoot up these places because they will be shot and killed before they even start.

    • That’s for sure!! The COPS are only good for POST MURDER EVENTS! We have police in our family and a State Trooper and they will tell you “ We TRY too PROTECT! “ The words :
      SERVE AND PROTECT are there to make you feel safe! The reality is YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY!

  3. Yep, Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the only way to stop mass shootings or stabbings, let someone that has been well trained with a powerful gun take out a shooter before anyone is hurt is the only way to stop this.

  4. Yep, Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the only way to stop mass shootings or stabbings, let someone that has been well trained with a powerful gun take out a shooter before anyone is hurt is the only way to stop this.

  5. The “honorable”(sarc. intended) gov does not even comprehend the intent and meaning of the 2nd amendment. It seems that the playbook requires that they pay lip service to the Constitution to give them the ability to say “see I believe in it” while at the same time making statements that totally refute it.
    We do have the right to own “weapons of mass destruction” according to the 2nd Amendment because we are supposed to be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. Unfortunately we have been quite too long and have already let that right be stripped away. Thanks in part to the NRA attempting to be conciliatory we now have to be a criminal or go through extensive licensing and registration to own firepower equal to those we will be forced to defend ourselves against. Guess who they will visit first when the defecation hits the rotary oscillator.

  6. California has some of the most strict gun laws as does Chicago and New York. How is more resticctions going to help? Outlawing certain fiirearms is not going to help when people can get guns in any large city anytime theey so choose. But worse yet, banning firearms is a violation of the Ssecond Amnedment.That is a major crime.

    • That’s right, oath breaking is a Federal crime Title 5 USC section 7311 and 1333 / also Read Title 18 USC 241 & 242 also Title 42 USC 1983 & 1985. Archive this info to use hen the gun-grabbers want to talk about LAWS !

  7. Every citizen man or woman who does not have a criminal record and is of age should be able to buy and carry a gun with out any state interference. States make laws that only hurt law abiding citizens from carrying. It’s not that we don’t have enough gun laws, it’s that we have to many. The 2nd amendment does not state I must have a permit to carry. if more citizens were able to carry I believe there would be no mass shootings because if the shooter in El Paso killed 5 in the parking lot ,the second he entered the Wal Mart store he would have been shot and killed by a law abiding citizen with his own gun less saving the other lives lost inside the store. The government does not realize that in todays world it’s kill or be killed and you should aways be aware of your surroundings. As long as people have evil in there hearts and they know that no one in the store has a gun, these killings will continue. God be with us.

    • Can I share with you an old statistic of 900,000 incarcerations in the year 2015 alone and a great many of those were innocent? Do the names Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Jeanine Pirro; LT Lorance; soldiers Gibbs and Bales; Dinesh D’Souza and Conservative Artist CRamos; all arrested and criminalized during the Obama era or attacked in some professional way after by holdovers from his administration. All these names are law-abiding, conservative, loyal, service oriented Americans devoted to protection and defense of our Constitution, or Borders and our country. What though? We all now have a fake crime record essentially disarming most of us for being loyal Patriots and fervent Nations Defenders. But our firearms are taken away? Baloney!

    • Let us not be fooled! This is very likely a plot by the LIBERAL terrorists that want to destroy the USA! They surf the web looking for these cowards and mental cases then join them and further fuel their HATE AND MADNESS to KILL!
      Then use the horrible event to drum up actions to DISARM AMERICANS… Please thing about EVERY movement that started for a seemingly was thought to be the RIGHT THING to do!
      Those movements go off the rails, look at the Civil Rights Movement! It was a just cause right? Now look groups now want REPARATIONS, and any comment that isn’t of the LIBERAL madness thought process YOU ARE A RACIST! The Women movement, overdue and for just fairness, now a man only has to say a nice gesture and he is labeled a WOMANIZER, and she only has to say YOU DID say something or did something and your in cuffs! WITHOUT DUE PROCESS! Off the rails, and now the gun issue! Need I say more, TODAY is stricter back ground checks, I am for that, but down this DARK road is the eventual elimination of the 2ADM. The plan is to take America down a different path and you cannot do that with 350 MILLION REGISTERED FIREARMS! We have seen by experience that Guerrilla warfare Is warfare that has no end!

    • The COUNTRY of California is getting what they deserve and the PEOPLE as well!
      They vote in these SCUM BAGS! Now you will live with their madness. Maybe you can take them out in the next election or his helicopter possibly does it for you!
      California is so SCREWED UP! You need a REPUBLICAN OVERHAUL!

  8. Unfortunately, Governor Nuisance does not believe in the U,S. Constitution. After all, this is now
    the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kalifornia.

    God, I wish I could afford to move out.

    • Free America is not that far away Brother , I escaped the Corrupt , Bankrupt Third World Socialist Banana Republic of Mexi/Commiefornia close to 30 years ago , I am now ashamed to admit I was born in that Liberal Sh!thole San Francisco , Come to Arizona , Today I was in my local Wally World and I had no problem or even the slightest amount of fear or worry , Here in Free America We have Constitutional Carry and I know I am not the only one who carried their Sidearm under their shirt today , No Permit , No License , No permission , Just Me and my Beretta 96 and my Make America Great Again T-Shirt , Gun Free Zones are for fools , Liberal Free Zones are much better

      • That’s is a great story!!! Amen Brother!
        Rather be judged by 12 than CARRIED by 6 …..

  9. This guy is like Beto or Chris Cuomo or DeBlasio demonstrating their basic ignorance whenever they open their mouths. This schmuck doesn’t realize that a can of gas IS a weapon of mass destruction re Kyoto 7/18/19.

    • A gallon of gas is equivalent to a stick of DYNAMITE ! What a jerk that governor looks like as well! Michael Savage hit it on the head!

  10. I have to disagree with the author, “By this logic, California governor Gavin Newsom is functionally illiterate. His perspective and position on gun ownership would tend to further this conclusion about his (lack of) intelligence (his picture above reminds me of similarly clueless Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau).” He reminds me of the Kennedy clan (John, Bobby, Ted, etc.).

  11. Mass shootings last until another weapon shows up.
    Every politician has sworn under oath to uphold the constitution of the United States!

  12. I support any gun control measure that complies with the U.S. Constitution. Any restriction to the 2nd Amendment should apply to every other Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Voter ID laws should be no problem. Freedom of the Press would have to meet similar standards. Basically, any right provided by the U.S. Constitution would have to be subjected to background checks. The left wants “common sense” restrictions to Constitutional Rights. Common Sense would require the same restrictions to all Constitutional Rights, not just one Constitutional Right.

  13. Well, just consider how stupid the majority of voters are in Mexifornia since they and they alone elected both Brown and Newsom. Brown who started taking the state into purgatory and now Newsom who continues the journey, and they expect teh rest of us to bail them out.

    • God may one day separate country if California by a massive earthquake that will allow the USA to ability to SHAKE the flees off America! Sending it to it’s water grave!

  14. Only in californication the land of fruits and nuts could you find someone more stupid than jerry MOONBEAM brown. OL gavin comes along and takes the prize. Wonder who will top this A$$ Hole.

  15. All the various laws passed and all of the proposals being bandied about as the next phoney panacea against gun violence will continue to fail. What works is a swift and even application of justice and punishment. Fast track to trial, no plea bargain, no claims of mental incompetency, no parole and swift application of the death penalty, especially for mass murderers. Stop allowing criminals to hide behind mental health. The whole concept of Not Guilty by reason of Insanity is an Oxymoron. Change it to Guilty but insane. Quit coddling these monsters.

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