Watch This Lady Destroy Gun Control Arguments In Front Of Congress [Video]


A well-constructed argument is a thing of beauty, especially when it is used to take apart stupid arguments (like those supporting gun control).

If you’re like me, then you really appreciate it when someone takes the time to calmly and rationally look at the facts (not feelings) about a situation when evaluating the best way to deal with a problem. If that describes you, then take less than five minutes to watch this video of Amy Swearer of The Heritage Foundation before Congress last month (September 2019):

Violence is a problem. Gun violence is simply a subset of violence, and the root causes of all violence are the causes of gun violence. The gun isn’t the issue, and attacks on specific weapons such as “assault weapons” (you know, the scary-looking rifles) miss the truth of the matter which is that so-called assault weapons aren’t magically evil weapons.


What’s especially nice about Swearer’s testimony is that she takes straight-forward statistics to demolish anti-“assault weapon” arguments including addressing gun violence overall, mass shootings, and why “millions of law-abiding citizens in this country also choose these kinds of semi-automatic rifles as their own personal defense weapons.”

Then, she flips the anti-assault rifle arguments and gives stories of actual (yes, real-life) cases in which an “assault weapon” is what protected a law-abiding American.

The anti-gunners listening to her must have been gnashing their teeth.

But maybe the problem is that the members of Congress (and their political party) who oppose private gun ownership don’t want to know the truth. They don’t want to think rationally about the issue. Why? Because they get political support and brownie points from low-information voters whose only knowledge about gun ownership is the rabidly anti-gun rantings of the mainstream media.

So, maybe Amy Swearer didn’t change any minds before Congress, but they know the truth now (even if they don’t like it), and that’s a start.



  1. Wonderful statement. Government really wants to disarm us. They have made up their mind and will continue their efforts to disarm the populace at every opportunity.

  2. Thank you Amy for telling the truth. The problem is that many in Congress care NOTHING about YOUR safety. They care about CONTROL. The gun control movement is not about guns, it’s about CONTROL! We MUST vote these people OUT!
    Vote Trump. Join the NRA.

    • I must partly disagree. Gun control is about guns. It is about government controlling (restricting ownership of) the guns so it can better control the people.

  3. Anyone else notice ol’ Ms Mcbath doing everything she could to not listen or give the appearance that she just doesn’t care. Typical politician action.

  4. The only thing missing is that true assault weapons have select fire or full auto fire. The AR-15 is a semi fire only and cannot be made full auto by just changing a few parts. These are facts democrats can never change. Even the A.T.F says ar-15’s are not assault weapons. when there is a agenda in play it seems the truth becomes hard to find.

    • Yeah and “full auto” empties a mag in seconds = how many loaded mags can one carry?… It’s only useful on occasion on the battlefield or everybody’d run out of ammo in minutes as it doesn’t majically appear like in the movies.

      The wingnuts Left keep repeating “automatic guns” as if either they’re idiots or think everyone else is- when only a few wealthy collectors have a Class-III permit and own full auto.

  5. The real problem with this is simple. Most people in congress already have their minds made up. Anti-gun politicians, can’t explain what an ‘assault rifle’ is, and don’t care how they work. All they do is virtue signal about how they care about saving lives when they don’t want to know that people do defend themselves. The media will not cover defensive gun use or defensive shootings with the gusto they cover criminals. The politicians that do understand are few and far between. Nice presentation though.

  6. Very well said the demo commeys do not care about your life they just want the power to make slaves of us just like russia and china. very smart lady

    • Very well stated. Control is all they’re after and they could care less how many minions die to get it and the children suck it up like a sponge.

  7. This young lady has far more intelligence in her little finger than most of congress together. Be proud to know her.

  8. Most Americans are law abiding citizens. We believe that we need law and order to have a safe and free society. We obey the law! Criminals are NOT law abiding!! Taking guns away from law abiding citizens by destruction and even elimination of our rights under the second amendment, would not effect those with criminal intent! Criminals through what ever devious methods they can “drum up” would get guns and use them to commit crimes on those of us who obey the law and don’t have guns as deterents! Leave us alone and instead of punishing law abiding citizens, punish the criminals!!!

  9. It’s not that dems don’t want to know the truth, they know it. They know that an unarmed populous is easier to dominate and control. They know that they can’t succeed in destroying the Union as long as there are citizens who can and WILL fight them. They are cowards who want to ensure their personal safety at the expense of EVERYONE else’s.

  10. Excellent, Testimony!!
    Strong presentation, factual, great statistical data and analysis about causes of death and violent crimes committed by weapons.
    Even though only a few seconds, the camera shot of Ms. McBath demonstrates what really happens in legislative and congressional committees, in my opinion. The committee members don’t seem to care or really show intertest. Their closed minds will never change with analysis and legitimate data and facts. We need as American Citizen’s to vote these leaders out, or place term limits on these career politician’s. They make too much money, have too many special benefits and do not lead or represent the majority of the American People. They our out of touch, they bury their head in the sand, and make promises that they can never deliver. And collect a pay check, for this job. What a tragedy.

  11. The only problem is that they are not interested in the truth. Their goal is and has always been to get rid of any civilian firearms so that their goal of completely taking over the country can be realized and citizens with adequate firearms stand in their way of doing that.

  12. I support gun control!
    That being , using both hands and hitting the intended target!! Has a gun EVER gone into a public place – any place and started shooting ? NO ! It’s an idiot that misuses the them ! And , that’s the problem , idiots! And they’re everywhere ! And . if violence is their objective , they will do it! Gun / no gun , they can use cars , busses airplanes , aeonium nitrate ……. knives , clubs …. If they’re intent is to do harm , they will !! They don’t have to have a gun! Taking them away from those conscientious , responsibly armed American patriots is not the answer! Background checks are a bit helpful , but they don’t wear T shirts that say “I’m an idiot planning to misuse this weapon”. No way to catch them all , but , taking everyone’s gun , will only create a population of defenseless victims!! Wake up U lazy ill-informed politicians !! Wake up voters , vote them out of their easy chair! They too , act like a group of idiots!!


  13. To add to what`s going on is our criminal element and illegals. There haven`t been advancements in the psychology field since 1957? They are putting mentally disturbed people in the mainstream jail population. They want to blame the gun instead of the real problem. They have turned the jailhouse system into a business. Instead of consequences, a murderer can get out in 5 years for good behavior. It`s time to bring back the death penalty right now there is no real deterrent for someone murdering you. 3 hots and a cot per day with a side dish of Oprah & Springer every night. It`s time to take our country back no more food stamps or government assistance. Watch them run for the border. As for the rest let our law enforcement do their jobs. As for Antifa put them in the back of a cattle truck and drop them off in the Tijuana border. Let Mexico have a cheap labor force. Blame it on the gun I think not? I blame ourselves for letting you sidewinders get in office. It`s obvious to me we had a failed coup. Free health care for illegals? Drivers licenses and give them the vote. Let the criminal element vote from jail? My guess is the enemy is already here waiting on the word for jihad. Are we too late I hope not people are starting to wake up. If Hillary would have won by now you would be sharing your wife with an illegal.

  14. Excellent statement, but I think we’re ‘kicking a dead horse’, even when a woman tells them (I don’t think anybody believes a man, today, about anything.) I think they’re programmed and on auto pilot. They’re BENT on destroying gun rights and the 2nd. Amendment, for ulterior motives which are automatically nefarious. They’re a process set in motion which must be stopped. Persuasion won’t stop them.

  15. I love what she said AND how she said it! These CONS/”representatives” that are occupying seats a real American could use is a REAL SHAM on Americans by these communists in the current

  16. I love this women! She hit the nail on the head, and some of what she said was not only right on but her presentation had hummer in it let’s pray congress actual heard what Swearer was saying and responds indigently. so how can one get a copy of this?

  17. The gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon.Getting rid of the tool does not eliminate the weapon.

  18. A shame the news media is afraid to show and/ or talk about this. I know it doesn’t fit their narrative or push to turn us into a socialist police state. Why talk about something that proves the inaccuracy of their supposed polls.

  19. ONE FACT, not mentioned, is that the AR-15 is a lawful hunting gun in many states, where hunters can make a clean shot to harvest food for the family table.

  20. Go Amy go. I was extremely impressed with Amy’s delivery, knowledge, and competency on the subject of guns. (I bet she’s a dead shot too.) I doubt any of those gun grabbers in front of her would want to take this young lady on in a debate, especially having to do with guns since they would end up both embarrassed and trounced. Her defense of AR’s (notice I didn’t call them Assault Rifles) was complete and made perfect sense to me. In a home defense situation where there’s a number of bad guys involved, there’s no question which gun I’d want to use to defend myself. Run for Congress Amy. I’d vote for you.

  21. Why not start first going door to door within the neighborhood where all the Criminals live and than we will see first how that works out. Vote Trump USA it’s all about you not be able to keep your Family and your self safe within your own Home.

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