Joe Biden Doesn’t Get It: Wants To Make You Register Rifle Mags


Joe Biden, like all of the other Presidential candidates running for his party’s nomination for the 2020 election, is an anti-gun nut. And, no, I don’t make that statement lightly or flippantly (okay, maybe a little flippantly).

Aside from the crazy statements that he made while Obama’s Vice President, Biden has continued to make patently absurd statements about guns and gun control.

His latest screwball idea? Register ammo clips. No, I’m not kidding. AWR Hawkins writes,


Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden suggested owners need to register ammunition magazines while speaking at a gun control forum organized by MSNBC and advocacy groups March for Our Lives and Giffords on October 2.

Earlier in the day, Breitbart News reported Biden’s push to register AR-15s then, during the forum, he suggested registration of ammunition magazines as well.

Biden talked of banning the sale and manufacture of “assault weapons.” He then discussed his plan for “assault weapons” that are already in circulation, saying, “Under the Firearms Act of 1934 there was a situation where, when they outlawed machine guns, they said, ‘Okay, you can continue to have the machine gun if you own it, but guess what? You’ve got to let us know you have one.’”

He then said, “I want that for all ‘assault weapons.’ I want that for magazines.”

Biden then contended, “If we know you have one, the likelihood of that ever being used in a commission of a crime, after a voluntary buyback, is highly unlikely.”

It would seem that Biden has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the classic blunder when it comes to gun control: believing that guns and their accessories are the cause of violence (We take that idea apart here).

The truth of the matter is that registering magazines isn’t going to solve the problem. People will go back to revolvers (which don’t have magazines) or they will manufacture or get their hands on a belt feeding mechanism to get around the magazine issue. So, Biden’s proposal will not deter shootings and actually could make it easier for people to kill more people in less time by making belt feeding mechanisms easier to get their hands on.

If they think that bump stocks are a problem, this will give them a real cause for having a meltdown.

And, still, Biden’s proposal still won’t solve the root problem.

Frankly, our country will be a safer place when anti-gun zealots like Joe Biden get their heads out of their collective behinds and focus on root causes of gun violence.

Because it is never about the gun.



  1. Joe needs a complete medical examination. Next, he’ll want to register spare gas cans?

  2. Joe Biden should not be allowed to handle firearms. Several years ago he was showing a shotgun to his guests. He dropped it and it discharged. Everyone ran for cover.

  3. Biden gets it alright As long as we have the second amendment communism will never exist in America. and freedom forever

  4. I will buy a extra mag and he can register it for fee , $50,000 fee a month payable to me in cash ! Kinda like the deal Hunter got in the Ukraine

  5. For $3500 you can go belt fed on your AR at brownells today. Another $350-$400 for a binary and your set! Biden, as all democrats in my opinion, is a brain dead anti-american communist!

    • Saw a video where someone was working on a belt fed shotgun. Worked pretty good although it did jam up a time or two. Once the bugs are worked out it will be a force to reckon with.

    Wow. What logic! A criminal will use a mag if it’s registered or not, a criminal will not register a mag at all, a criminal will not turn in their mags for buyback, a bought-back mag is of course unlikely to be used if the police have destroyed it (duh). Neither will true patriots turn in “all” their mags for buyback and destruction. There are so many mags out there right now that if every manufacturer quit making them forever we would still have enough left over for WW5. Sleepy Joe needs to wake up and smell the nitrate.

  7. Not too terribly long ago, a guy at my favorite watering hole and I were discussing this very subject. He gave me his viewpoint, saying that, he had a fairly good sized collection of guns. and, if confiscation were to occur in any form, he was going to load up all but one gun, and a few hundred rounds of ammunition, and then drive around town, leaving a gun and some ammo on random street corners. …….Merry Christmas, Beto, Elizabeth, Joe, Bernie, and all you other wonderful American petriots

  8. Really cool idea, then every gun owner could buy and gift a magazine to everyone they know, once everyone gets one, then we’ll all be a part of the problem, gun owner or not!
    I’m going to give a high capacity one to everyone on my Christmas list!!!!

  9. How could anyone in there right mind take this lying to faced jerk seriously? The old fart will do or say anything to put himself and his hemorrhoid cushion on the Oval Office desk (wheel) chair.

  10. The Democrats can’t take America over while we are still armed! That’s what it’s all about eliminating the resistance!!! The crap of banning this and banning that are only baby steps for the big picture!!!

  11. FredK….The gun grabber’s final goal is complete control over every aspect of your life. This can only be accomplished by gun confiscation. All the communist countries have a dis-armed populace. You can not control an armed citicentry. Hitler did it Stalin did it, Castro did it. And what happened, is history. WAKE Up, America! May God bless President Trump

  12. Joe Biden is as dumb as they come, especially when it comes to firearms.
    What serial number should I use to register them? None of my magazines have a serial number, so how do I register them, Idiot?

  13. You said, “His latest screwball idea? Register ammo clips.“ I want to know, did Biden say “ammo clips” or was that an inept use of the term clip by the writer of this column. I’d expect that from an anti-gun politician, but a column by and for gun owners should use terminology correctly. How can we criticize their ignorance of terminology if we can’t get it right. And if Biden did call them clips… well maybe we should let him try to “register” all the clips that are out there while we all keep our magazines!

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