You’ll Laugh When You See What Anti-Gunners Are Celebrating In A Gun Buyback


Sometimes you have to shake your head at the foolishness of some people. Sometimes you have have to outright laugh. Where I live, folks may even say, “Bless their heart!” when they see people do certain things because, often, that is code in polite company for “They’re so stupid.”

Well, this won’t be a surprise to most people who read this, but anti-gunners recently had another “Bless their heart!” moment, and, yes, you may even laugh out loud about this (hat tip to here for the lead). Jim Phillips gives us the details:

About 40 weapons were collected during a “Groceries for Guns” program Saturday at the Pilgrim United Church in New Bedford [Massachusetts].

Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro says the haul included 18 guns and 22 BB and pellet guns, some of which looked like the real thing.

“I’m always concerned about the BB and pellet guns because they look so realistic,” said Cordeiro. “Many times guns of this type are used in robberies, so its good to get them off the street.”

People who brought in guns were given gift cards from Market Basket and Domino’s Pizza.

Now, I get that the police chief may be excited that there are fewer pellet guns to be used for robbing people, but it’s simply laughable for someone to think that buying back BB and pellet guns (which made up more than half of the “weapons” bought back) is going to make any kind of meaningful difference on gun violence statistics.


Think about it. Yes, you occasionally hear about a kid getting a welt because their friend accidentally shot them with their BB gun, and I’m not suggesting that kids (who are the people who use BB guns the most) shouldn’t be careful with those weapons. But the fact of the matter is that you simply don’t hear about people getting killed with BB guns, and you certainly don’t hear about gun violence using BB or pellet guns.

So, was this a successful gun buyback? Because gun buybacks are sold to the public as a solution to gun violence, the only answer can be “No!” because the majority of the guns they brought in wouldn’t be used for gun violence anyway.

So, when I read this story, yes, I thought, “Bless their heart!”



  1. People,if you REALLY want to screw over the anti-gunners and this buy back program,make a load of ‘zip guns’ and ‘slam fire’ guns.These weapons are stupid simple to build and the material is readily available.When they call for the buy back of weapons,take your homemade weapons to them and sell them.They have to buy them back.I know people who have made thousands of dollars doing this.You keep your real firearms,and you sell them your homemade firearms.The joke is on them.;-)

  2. Not to mention that, as always, it’s NOT a buy-back –
    because the city NEVER PREVIOUSLY OWNED the guns!

    I’d say “Bless their (stuuuupid!) hearts”, but they’re
    wasting taxpayers’ money that could have been used
    to do something worthwhile. Just plain STUUUPID !!!

  3. What gets me is that they often get unusable junk and they’re giving people money for it. They have to be stupid to think anyone is going to trade a high quality, high dollar, well cared for firearm for a pair of Nike’s or $50 cash.

    If someone wanted some quick cash they could sell their good firearms for a fair price or a little less and make more money. These gun buying programs are like free money to people who have junk guns and are probably not responsible gun owners or the kind of people who buy and use guns. And let’s be real, a lot of those guns probably were abandoned or left behind by a dead beat father or another relative and so someone decided they’d just as well get rid of it because it may not be legal and they can get some cash.

    These programs may appeal to the poorest people, but anyone who can afford to buy and shoot is not going to trade their firearms to someone behind a folding table for an old, probably blemished pair of shoes or pocket change. And on top of the “purchases” the guns have to be transported and then destroyed unless they decide to keep some. Seems like a waste of time and money. Why not have a new program where people can arrange to turn over junk or suspect firearms anytime?

    Anyway, their failure provides Second Amendment supporters with a good laugh.

  4. Frankly , I am amazed that someone didn’t “make an AUTOMATIC firing rubber band gun”. Can you imagine getting $100.00 or more for a rubber band shooting “WEAPON”?

  5. This police chief has less intelligence than my granddaughters pet turtle. BB guns are good training platform for teaching gun safety to kids. Teach them the same rule on the BB or pellet gun as should be used for regular firearms.

  6. To the corrupt FAKE police chief. A law. Or lie. Take your pic said it is illegal to drink and drive. You idiot’s have piled more crap on that over the years. Some people adhered to it. But did everyone? NOPE. People still drink and drive. Even some of your so called officers and police chiefs AND politicians have been caught. You so called smart guys and gals seem to think whatever you do will instantly bring utopia. Which it never does. I know what you are doing. You are trying for the first time in history of this nation. ENSLAVE and CONTROL EVERYONE. You sons and daughters of Satan need to realize what a COMPLETE FAILURE you really are. You are trying your best to destroy OUR NATION. But in reality it is YOUR destruction that awaits.

  7. To guy above . Glad your friends made money off the fake guns . The rest of us whose tax dollars are getting abused aren’t so amused and neither should you be either taxpayer.

  8. To Jim S
    1 stay legislatures make the laws you don’t like.
    2 we were talking about gun buy backs not DUI ??

  9. I have two “inherited ” guns, one which I paid $66 for a gunsmith to tell me it was inoperable and couldn’t be made operable, the other only antique dealers still might carry cartridges for it. I’d happily trade either one in for $100 gift card, and that would have absolutely no impact on “guns on the street!”

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