Gun Control Controversy Hits University of Virginia Campus, But Not How You Would Expect


College campuses in this day and age seem to all too often be places of mind numbing leftist conformity instead of places where thoughts and ideas can be objectively analyzed and discussed. And, typically, when subjects are discussed, only one viewpoint is allowed.

But that didn’t stop some students at the University of Virginia from weighing in on the gun control issue in a way that is likely to aggravate some of their professors. The staff at The College Fix give us the details:

The University of Virginia’s Beta Bridge has played host to student messages for some 50 years. Most recently, the bridge featured the mural “PROTECT BLACK TRANS WOMEN,” but this was painted over during the weekend with a pro-Second Amendment slogan.

According to The Cavalier Daily, the terms “2A” and “GUNS” were painted, while “WOMEN” was crossed out. The original message, put up by the SABLE Society, was repainted, but was again modified with the pro-gun terms.

The report notes the gun message appears to reference various Virginia towns threatening to become Second Amendment “sanctuaries” if the newly Democrat-controlled state legislature follows through with (allegedly) unconstitutional firearm restrictions.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the pro-gun message.

UVA spokesman Brian Coy said that although the bridge “is a long recognized public forum that may on occasion cause controversy or disagreement,” the university acknowledges “that people, particularly black trans women, feel demeaned or threatened by this message and the way it appeared.”

Coy added that university resources are available to those “impacted by the incident,” such as Counseling and Psychological Services, the LGBTQ Center, and the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights’ Gender Diversity Resources.

Of course, students quoted felt that the pro-Second Amendment update to the bridge was a “hate message.”


When you hear this, you have to ask, “Really? Just because it changed the focus of attention on the bridge to a gun issue?”

With no disrespect intended towards people offended by the update of this bridge’s message to be pro-gun: maybe they should ask themselves at what point it’s okay to talk about issues that are important to other people in stead of just focusing on themselves? Issues such as the way the newly elected Democratic majority in Virginia’s state government has made it clear that they intend to run roughshod over gun rights. It’s not like someone isn’t likely to paint over this sign tomorrow anyway (which appears to be common on that particular bridge).

But in the minds of too many people, gun rights are not real rights deserving of attention, and those going into state office in Virginia think that. Which is exactly why we’re seeing a #VAGunRightsRebellion right now.



  1. My maternal kinfolk are from VA and I now live in AZ but I 100% back your cause my brothers and sisters and I am also a lifetime member of the NRA and own guns myself. My children now live in SC and they were raised around guns and hunting and have raised their children as well in the art of guns for hunting and for self defense (protection) and for their loved ones! I’m on your side all the way, anything that I can do!

    • James make sure your kids know that when it comes time to vote Lindsey Graham is a Traitor and not our friend , He is using our Tax Dollars to bribe Governors and State Legislatures to push illegal Unconstitutional Socialist Gun Confiscation Schemes known as Red Flag Laws , Colorado , New Mexico , Etc.

      • As soon as any group of people becomes brainwashed from birth into any form of liberalism it totally destroys that person’s ability to think independently of the hive controlled society. They lose all common sense. All they do is parrot what they are trained to say. Much like a parrot or a dog or any trained animal. Liberalism is the main body consisting of many sub verities ie socialism, communism, atheism, well you get the picture. It’s a shame that this disease is spreading. The main contributing factors, as I have observed, are when GOD was removed from our schools. As soon as this happened Satan filled the void. And he is that at all the ignorant, and even stupid fools that fall for his lies. They call themselves Democrats for the most part and as you can plainly see the Democrats follow all of the aforementioned factors. Most people with common sense tend to be Christians. And they have a good understanding of GOD’s Word. Here again, we see a departure with the Democrats who fall into the category that Christ Jesus called liars who claim to be Christian but do lie
        As Christians and conservatives, we must convince good Christian men to run for elected offices and ALL of us must then SUPPORT THEM AND VOTE FOR THEM. It’s the only way this GREAT nation, ONE NATION UNDER GOD will continue. Satan and his are attacking us on every side. But as GOD told us “when we are week then we are strong”. He explained it this way. When we have done all that we can then we call upon YHVH. And you and GOD make a majority. We saw this in action in the 2016 Presidential election. When it looked like there was no chance for Donald J. Trump, a good Christian man, to win the election. It was at that weak moment that Millions of good Christian patriots called upon YHVH for help. Well, we won by a landslide. American patriot Christians and GOD are the majority. Let us show Satan that we have power over him and his. Christ Jesus gave us this power and we are told this in the wonderful Book of Saint Luke. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS! We love you FATHER and we need your help to save this nation. Please help us defeat Satan and his liberalists. This United States of America. One Nation under GOD, not liberalists, socialists, atheists, Satanists, communists or any of the EVIL that tries to destroy us, In You FATHER we are strong. I pray in Jesus’ name AMEN.

          • So Julie does the fact that others have an opinion contrary to yours qualify as a bizarre rant? The fact is that Dr. Bruce F Andrews opinion is based on actual facts as he opened with in his opening comments. “As soon as any group of people becomes brainwashed from birth into any form of liberalism it totally destroys that person’s ability to think independently of the hive controlled society. They lose all common sense. All they do is parrot what they are trained to say. Much like a parrot or a dog or any trained animal. Liberalism is the main body consisting of many sub verities ie socialism, communism, atheism, well you get the picture.”

            Perhaps it would behove you to actually be tolerant of others that have different views than you do and be willing to actually listen to them and try to understand their beliefs, it is actually what diversity is all about!

          • But accurate. The ONLY reason for their push at gun control is people control, period. Perhaps if you were to bone up on fascism’s and communism’s history you’d understand that was a first step everywhere. It’s not for the people’s safety which they care nothing about,m but their own.

          • “ As soon as any group of people becomes brainwashed from birth“

            He starts out describing religion, then uses religion to justify his opinion! Glad he’s not MY doctor of anything! Karl nailed it- batshit nuts!

          • Psalms 14: 1 The Fool hath said in his heart there is no GOD. Believe as you chose, but there are more opinions that rate other than yours. A good read would be The Wager by Pascale. Selah

          • Pascal’s wager is a one sided theory- nobody knows if a god takes the other side of the bet, even if that god exists. There may be a god, but that possibility has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment. The constitution is a deliberately non-religious document.
            The existence of one god but thousands of religions is already at odds with common sense. Then you get statements like “ Donald J. Trump, a good Christian man” and realize people actually believe that, despite all sorts of evidence to the contrary, and it doesn’t exactly score points for their thinking process or effort to persuade others.

      • What evidence do u have to support your comments? . Sen. Graham is retired military-Your claim does not fit his personna

        • You haven’t been paying attention to him for the last ten years then. Graham is nothing more than a RINO politician that played patty cake with the left throughout Obozo’s admin. He blows the way he thinks the winds is blowing, period. In other words to his advantage only.

    • I don’t know if you heard, but NRA members, like you and me, are now being referred to as “Domestic Terrorists”, since the left wing wackos have declared the NRA to be a “Terrorist Organization”! Strange!

  2. Ask any and all anti-gun owners; Where has the confiscation of guns for self defense from the general populous brought peace and harmony from that point on? Of course they can’t say which state, country, zone or hemisphere where that has happened. Only tyrants want your self defense greatly restricted. Does history show time and again tyrants killing defenseless populations. Get real.

    • It’s lead to nothing but a feudal system where the lords terminate those who disagree with them and history shows that in every case. Too bad children can’t read with any comprehension. It may not start that way but it always ends that way. DO NOT QUESTION or else.

  3. Continue this fight against TYRANNICAL rule in Virginia! . . . The STATE has NO right to illegally TRAMPLE on the RIGHTS of gun owners. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. It might be worthwhile for those students to understand that the Second Amendment wasn’t written to provide meat for the table, or to protect people from criminals or enraged deer or squirrels, it was intended to protect THEM from their GOVERNMENT. Removing the means of the people to get the attention of their government allows the government to do what it pleases……Which in EVERY case, has ALWAYS been, to remove other rights from the populace.

  5. What the Virginia governor and his tyrannical representatives is the REASON that the SECOND AMENDMENT was put into the CONSTITUTION. It was to give the people the ability to stop and defend themselves against from being overrun by selfish dictator driven IDIOTS. Immagine what might have happened if Hitler had not disarmed all the people so they could not fight his Nazi takeover movement.

    • well while your on that subject then think of how things would have worked out it the Kings Troops had been able to take the guns from the colonist, we would all still be paying tribute to the Crown of England, but 1/3rd of the people said “hell no” and then went on to defy the King and his cabal. But we are now facing almost the same thing again, it has started in Va. but what those gutless politicians are doing will eventually effect the whole county.
      Remember, He who gives up his freedom for a little security, will get neither freedom or security or freedom, Ben Franklyn.

  6. The fact that as “Coy added that university resources are available to those ‘impacted by the incident,’ such as Counseling and Psychological Services, the LGBTQ Center, and the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights’ Gender Diversity Resources,” it is a tacit admission that those in the LGBTQ community are mentally ill and can’t handle true diversity of thought.

  7. All those that are offended by the second amendment dont realize that once the guns are removed ALL of their rights Will be taken away. If you look at all of the “oppressed” countries in the world their choices, thoughts and “lifestyles” will end up in death or prosecution. We live in a blessed country that believes in God and moral values. The Amendments and the Bill of Rights were based in those values and God. Just saying.

  8. Well again the people of Virginia voted these Nazi’s in either vote them out or live with it.

  9. I must point to the third paragraph in the “report” that states …(allegedly) unconstitutional firearm restrictions. There is no “allegedly” about it! These new restrictions are absolutely unconstitutional and just proves our “Institutions of Higher Learning” are now just indoctrination centers to release mindless automatons into society to facilitate the rise of The New World Order! P.S. I have to agree with Recce1 that those “impacted by the incident” need to realize the real world does NOT revolve around them and they need to deal with the world as it is, not their idea of how it should be

  10. Liberals live in a world of ideology and conservatives live in daily reality . They love to try to sell thier ideology as reality but in fact it is not . Tyrants push thier ideology on society to control and have ultimate power over everybody . Reality is we the people have the power to oppose thier power grab and they know it . It’s called the second amendment . Our founder gave us this insurance policy just for idiots like Northam and the rest of the anti American communist . The tree of liberty will be watered soon in Virginia .

    • The people of Virginia need to IMMEDIATELY recall Northam and every Democrat legislator in that state to be ousted!!!

      This is just the beginning if it’s not nipped in the bud!!!

  11. Hello, as everyone from either side weigh in on ALL of OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS one must wonder what in the HELL is ACTUALLY going on????


    Let me paint a clear and concise picture for you all to see and absorb.

    Since 2008 we the American People voted for change and we got change in the form of Barack Obama…. He was just like you or I a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time SO WE THOUGHT!!!!! As time went on we found out that our GREAT COUNTRY had been COMPROMISED BY THE SUPER ELITE 1% OF THE MONEY HOLDERS WHO OWNED EVERYTHING OR AT LEAST THEY THINK THEY DO!!!

    Our President was at that time, NOTHING more than a PUPPET to do THEIR bidding!!!!! PS he did it extremely well.

    His instructions were to BOW DOWN TO EVERYONE in doing so he was STATING to the HIGHER POWERS that “WE THE PEOPLE” of AMERICA are now being primed for a COMPLETE TAKEOVER.

    The forces to be were ready to usher in their ideal GOVERNMENT of the [NWO] for those of you who plainly refuse to see the BIGGER PICTURE it means “NEW WORLD ORDER”!!!!!!

    Once this is in place their “DIVIDE & CONCUR” scheme would have successfully KILLED off most of our population to a manageable SIZE TO CONTROL… However, “WE THE PEOPLE” saw right threw their scheme and prevented it from happening during that time.

    REMEMBER JADE HELM 15???? If not there are others who still have it fresh in their memories where “WE THE PEOPLE” continue to RING THE BELL!!!!


    This operation “HAS NOT & WILL NOT END” until THEY the super ELITE have reached their goal of “TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY MINION IN AMERICA”!!!! Yes I’m talking to YOU!!! PS get over yourself your luck I do say F—ing I—-s when writing this….

    Hillary Clinton or as I like to refer her as “KILLARY” was the one that has the BALLS enough to complete the job that “WE THE PEOPLE” side tracked which once again “WE THE PEOPLE” have prevented once again!!!!

    Which brings us to “WE THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION” “DONALD J. TRUMP” He is the only one who’s called it ” “LIKE IT IS”…. Yes “WE THE PEOPLE” are grateful for it however, we’ve become LAX & LAZY, in my EYES and so dam QUIET, “WHY IS THAT”????

    Well, I say we’ve let the ELITE’S BROWN SHIRTS & MINIONS CREATE MAYHEM throughout the world to further advance their agenda…


    The elite have created a narrative to PHYSICALLY yes PHYSICALLY remove “OUR CHAMPION” ‘TAKE AWAY OUR CONSTITUTION” and create the “NWO”!!!!!!

    OOPS, what have I forgoten, oh ya JADE HELM 15…. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Well “THEY’RE HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT”…. Poised and ready to strike at a moments notice.


    Our CHAMPION has totally disrupted the ELITES plans for take over so their belief is that to sent our elections into total MAYHEM and then “PHYSICALLY REMOVE TRUMP” from office…

    As the SO CALLED ELITE continue to attack our 2nd AMENDMENT trying to take the very way “WE THE PEOPLE” protect ourselves from a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, “WE THE PEOPLE” push back at every attempt “PEACEFULLY”!!!!

    There will come a time where and when the SHTF, as there are plenty of signs out there right now so, better prepare and be ready for what’s going to happen….

    Virginia is a TEST!!!! Are you prepared for the long haul…

    I for one sincerely do hope so as THE “UN” TROOPS walk among us at the READY to strike at a moments notice ‘WE THE PEOPLE” “HAD BETTER DAM WELL READY AS WELL”!!!

  12. the state cannot make unconstitutional laws…PERIOD. If they attempt this, they themselves will be in jeopardy! WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING FOR THIS UNAMERICAN BULLSH_T.
    YOU WANT WAR….You’ll see one like never before!

  13. FredK….2020 is going to be an interesting year. May God bless President Trump, and may God bless the United States of America.

  14. I believe that any elected official that writes a bill, or votes for a bill, or signs a bill into law that is unlawful under the Constitution, 2nd Amendment, has violated their oath of office to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, have themselves become enemies of the Constitution and should be considered TRAITORS!

  15. I am not sure about all states, but I am sure of California and Texas, where every elected official and every law enforcement officer, from the smallest township to the very largest, all take the same oath and it includes upholding The Constitution of The U.S. and the Constitution of said state. If it is a fact that the same is true in all states, the what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, do they not understand. I would expect the county sheriffs to notify their Governors to obey the law, or suffer the embarrassment of arrest. Democraps are fond of proclaiming that, “Nobody is above The Law”!

  16. It was upon the Firm Foundation of a Judeo-Christian understanding of morality that our constitution was written. Our nation was founded by people who lived and believed in those very same fundamental Judeo-Christian beliefs.
    The truth of the matter is that the argument keeps coming back around to the point at which America removed God from the schools, government buildings, and even our common Society.
    At this point, once morality becomes a secular idea, rather than a religious responsibility, doing harm to one another no longer seems to be such a awful thing.
    Quite simply, God is Love…, therefore love is Godliness; thus selflessness is an act of Godliness. Likewise selfishness is an act of evil; as it is contrary to the act of selflessness.
    If we honestly and intellectually admit that selfishness equates evil, our entire perspective of how we live our life from day to day will be different. How we view one another, and how we see and support our leadership will be from a much clearer point of view.
    As a Christian pastor, I focus upon the acts of our president on behalf of this country, not on the mistakes he made before assuming this Office.
    By my acknowledgeing that he is not the priest to our nation, but is the president only, (placed there by God almighty); it is that I am able to focus on the job he has to do, in the face of more opposition than any president before him.
    My prayers are with him, for him, and for the nation which he gallantly strives to serve. God Bless America.

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