Now, There Are Almost 100 Virginia Gun Sanctuary Counties


Just last week we reported that a number of counties in Virginia had voted to become gun sanctuaries in response to the crazy proposed gun control laws that the new Democratic regimes seems hell-bent on implementing.

When we first reported about this last week, the number of gun sanctuary counties was at thirty. Then, the number was revised to eighty. Now, nearly 100 counties in Virginia have decided to become gun sanctuary counties. AWR Hawkins writes,

The November 5 elections were pivotal inasmuch as they gave Democrats a majority in the Virginia legislature. Democrats will take their seats in early January 2020, at which point they are expected to embark on a war on guns.

On December 15, Breitbart News reported that 90+ counties and municipalities had reacted to the threat of more gun control by declaring Second Amendment Sanctuary status. In the county of Rockingham, over 3,000 pro-gun residents showed up for the board of supervisors meeting and broke out into cheers and applause when Second Amendment Sanctuary status was declared.

Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins took a stand for his county, warning state-level legislators that he is ready to “deputize thousands” of residents in order to defend gun rights.

The Roanoke Times reports that Pulaski County declared Second Amendment Sanctuary status on Monday night.

Pulaski’s declaration brings the number of Second Amendment Sanctuary declarations to “nearly 100.”

On December 12, Breitbart News reported Gov. Ralph Northam (D) vowing “consequences” for counties that refuse to enforce gun controls.

When you consider that there are 95 counties and 38 independent cities (which are kind of the same thing as counties in Virginia), this basically means that two-thirds of the state (68%) has already rejected gun control, yet the new Democratic governor and legislature are threatening to unconstitutionally take away counties’ right to nullify laws which should not be enforced.


This situation just keeps heating up, and, at this rate, we could end up with a Virginia gun rights rebellion on our hands.

This is going to be a situation to watch.



  1. I will drive to Virginia and help defend our 2A rights. Those dimwitted Democrats empty threats will be met with fierce patriotic resistance.

  2. The County Sheriffs and City Police Chiefs or Commissioners all swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States when they were installed in their offices. It heartens me to see them abiding by their oaths instead of the State’s constitutional violations. Let the State lawmakers try to retaliate, and the State WILL have a civil war on their hands! P.S. I am in the process of buying a home in VA (Accomack Co.) and will be ready and willing to support the 2A sanctuary!

  3. So, where were all these pro-2nd amendment people when the votes were made in November? The position of the candidates should have been clear back then!

    • Exactly Phil! This disconnect makes no sense to me. Would be interesting to know what % of Virginians actually voted. I’ve seen it happen a lot over the years- nobody gets out to vote but then they get pissed off about the results.

      • Julie, I voted. I live in the rural South Western tip of Virginia. Compared to Rich-mon and other highly populated, government workers area’s, All of our votes mean little to the higher population areas in voting power. These areas were flooded with money by Bloomberg, who has an armed services protecting HIM but for the peasants of Virginia, no guns. This Socialist is also running for the president of America. He will use his money, Sorus’s money and our money to buy the title.

      • Might be similar to Illinois where the cemetery residents outnumber legal resident voters? Still can’t believe Pritzker actually got elected Governor of the State of Chicago.

      • Julie, I live in Fairfax County and I voted straight Republican. I was outnumbered by Demoncrats on the take from Soros, Bloomberg, and some Chinese backed organization.

  4. This is PRECISELY why we need the 2nd Amendment! . . . This is to prevent the tyrannical Left Wing Democrat REPROBATES from taking over the country (and also the states) and declaring the U.S. Constitution “null and void”. If this turns into a civil war, so be it! There are a LOT more of these PATRIOTS than there are card carrying communists. and, I’m sure there will be a lot LESS of them around – they fled the state of Virginia, in prison for SEDITION and TREASON, or BURIED (public hangings aren’t such a BAD idea). This is where we take our stand as patriots. I applaud the County sheriffs and City police chiefs for this great stand that they are taking. We the U.S. Citizen WON’T stand for this! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Sitting on go to make the ride to Virginia when the time comes, if it comes to that point, along with a large group of like minded patriots from across the nation! When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is order!

  6. I will fight this tyrannical government with my fellow Patriots good job Virginia

  7. They need to consider seceeding from Virginia and joining west Virginia. Two counties, Berkeley and Jefferson in the West Virginia panhandle did that After the state of West Virginia was formed. That would pretty much leave only the Richmond area, the Norfolk area, the Alexandria area
    and the Williamsburg area in Virginia. If these guys think the national guard will fire on their fellow citizens they might be in for a surprise. This isn’t Little Rock or Waco & they’re not fighting against desegregation or for some cult leader. You might be surprised how much aid they might get from out of state as well.

  8. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing…
    Sir Edmund Burke.
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed periodically with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.
    T. Jefferson one of the most famous Virginians

  9. Cant the citizens of Virginia petition for a revote on grounds that the vote was bought by billionaire bloombut former ruler of NEW YORK CITY. AN NOW RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. GOD FORBID.

    • Bill – since governor black face is pro abortion – even very late term ones – he already has blood on his hands.

  10. The politicians are the ones that should be arrested for not abiding by their oath to uphold the constitution, breaking the law, and ousted from office.
    This is look like another Nazi Germany situation. Take away the people’s gun and take control, because can’t defend themself from a tyrannical government.

  11. Does anyone think for a fraction of a second,that Virginians won’t march on Richmond and physically pull those criminal congressional leaders who are violating their oath of office and the citizens constitutionally protected rights out of their offices at gunpoint,try them by a citizens grand jury,convict them and send them to prison for the illegal crimes those crooked government officials committed?I have NO DOUBT the first full blown local civil war WILL start in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  12. The Governor will first begin his attack with financial sanctions against the counties. Watch how that works out of him. It will backfire like a broken breech on cannon for him and it will end off pissing off ordinary citizens who will by default side with the 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties. This will happen without a shot being fired, but if he uses coercion he will be in for a big surprise. At that point Trump would probably send in the US military to remove the Virginia governor to prevent violence from spreading.

  13. Do you people know you can start a portion to oust those politicians from office this is the way to go

  14. The Liberals cannot understand how deeply freedom runs in the hearts of patriots. They may be about to find out the hard way.
    Thomas Jefferson wrote that the Tree of Freedom must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Looks like one of these “times” could be at hand.
    The “Oath” taken by military, law enforcement, etc. is to “support and defend” the Constitution, NOT the frigging government, especially when the government becomes tyrannical.

  15. The people of Virginia need to band together and have a statewide recall of any and all politicians that voted for the rescinding of the 2nd Amendment. If this fails, then get everyone loaded and locked for the physical removal of the SOCIALISTS. Finally, for all future elections, make sure all voters are aware of the stance of every official running and make sure the Socialists are voted out of office. Must make sure the real patriots vote in every election.
    There are a lot of patriots watching and supporting the real patriots in Virginia and what the outcome will be for all of our futures.

  16. All of these proposed unconstitutional anti-gun laws are a clear violation of not only the 2and Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but also to Article I, Section 13 of the Virginia State Constitution.

    I applaud the Counties and Sheriff’s who have the gumption uphold their sworn oath to the U..S. and Virginia Constitutions and tell the Governor and the State Legislature to go pack sand.

    I condemn the governor and the Democrats in the legislature for their blatant disregard of the highest law of the land.

  17. I have a question regarding Virginia the question is if the gun laws is that bad can that state constitutionally turn around and break the state up make it soft Virginia I know there’s different causes the dakin so call do that but I think has to be done by the supreme Court I believe US supreme Court for state to break themselves up make them South Virginia

  18. Northam is a baby killer and a socialist dem like Hitler and communist like Stalin. He supports the eugenics of Hitler with killing babies, taking our guns like both Hitler and Stalin and would love to turn Virginia into a NY or California. This gun action is typical BS by liberal Dems and the very heavy socialist movement in the Dem party. We need to register and vote some of these anal cavities out of office! The answer is at the POLLS!!!
    Vote for conservatives that are willing to support our constitutional rights! The Socialist Dems will destroy the constitution and this will become a socialist nation with NO FREEDOM!!!!! Election in 2020—Register and vote in federal and state elections and lets put these anal cavities out of work!!!

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