POF Takes On Glock With P19 Pistol

Image courtesy Patriot Ordnance Factory, INC.

As you know, Glock is a brand with a big reputation in the firearms industry. Many gun enthusiasts are die hard Glock fans and swear by them, and, to be fair, Glock does have a reputation for quality.

But Patriot Ordinance Factory (POF) is planning to take on Glock now. Or, at least offer an alternative for pistol buyers to the Glock brand name. Tim Potter gives us the details:

POF has been making some of the finest AR platform rifles for quite some time, and constantly innovating on that design with breakthroughs like the Revolution. Last year, they surprised everyone with a Glock slide, and for this year POF is debuting a complete pistol.

The POF P19 is POF’s first venture into the pistol market and POF jumped right in with both guns blazing. The P19 is a feature-packed, complete Glock based pistol right out of the box. In true POF fashion, every detail has been examined and improved on; giving the end-user a pistol that won’t need any further modifications right out of the box.

Potter continues,


This is basically a complete Glock right out of the box with no further modifications or enhancements needed. Now, all those enhancements come with a price tag – the POF P19 will have a suggested retail price right around $1100. Now, I know that some of you might be going into sticker shock right now, and I get that. However, if you’ve ever tried to completely deck out a Glock like this, the P19 is actually a very good deal given everything that you get in the package.

As Potter implies, while Glock has a reputation for quality, they also can be more expensive than other firearms. So, if you’re looking for a Glock but don’t want to pay full price for a Glock, POF’s P19 may be a firearm to consider.



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