Anti-Gunners’ Preferred Student Safety Method Linked To Huge Increase In Psychological Issues In Students


Leftists have a problem, one that they refuse to acknowledge. That problem? It’s that they push for short-sighted “solutions” to problems without thinking through the unintended consequences of those “solutions.”

Take, for example, gun violence such as mass shootings. Anti-gunners claim that they want our children to be safe. That’s an admirable goal. The problem is that anti-gunners want to ban guns (as if that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals), and they also push for other relatively pointless tactics, like active shooter drills (without guns to shoot back) to make themselves feel good under the delusion that they have actually made a difference when they haven’t done anything but make the situation worse in other ways. Katharine DeRosa writes,

A recent study suggests active shooter drills in U.S. schools could lead to depression and anxiety among families and employees.

The report analyzed social media posts from elementary, middle and high school students, teachers and parents before and after participating in emergency preparedness drills. 

Participants showed increases in the following mental health concerns:

– 39% increase in depression 

– 42% increase in stress and anxiety 

– 23% increase in physiological health

– 22% increase in concerns about death

Everytown for Gun Safety, a non profit organization that works to combat gun violence through research and gun control legislation, published the study with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Social Dynamics and Wellbeing Lab. 

DeRosa continued:


The results demonstrated upward trends in stress, anxiety and depression among middle and high school communities. Stress and anxiety increased by 52% for high schoolers, their teachers and parents. Depression increased by 55% for middle school students, teachers and parents. 

So, active shooter drills increased stress and anxiety by over 50% for both middle school and high school students which, very likely is going to lead to increased suicides, but that’s okay to Everytown for Gun Safety because, hey, they’re teaching kids how to be safe from an active shooter.

As if that has worked very well in any active shooting situation.

Instead of stressing out our kids, we should get someone on campus that has a firearm, is trained to use it, and will use it if there is an active shooter situation to protect children. That’s a realistic way to give real security to these kids instead of ramping up these kids to potentially suicidal stress levels, all so that we can “feel good” that we “did something” by running these kids through drills without actually providing them any safety measures to stop a shooter.

Like everything else about guns, anti-gunners have the entire situation backwards, and instead of helping keep people safe, they’re putting our kids in even more danger. It’s absolutely unacceptable.



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  2. Anyone out there old enough to remember the “Duck and Cover” Drills in the ’50s and ’60s? This was a “feel good” practice then. It’s quite possible that these Drills put a lot of stress on those going through the Drills; a similar scenario to what is discussed in the Article (maybe, ?).

    • Tim,

      I agree with you 100%, and to add on to your comment I suggest the following: allow VETERANS who are also teachers to conceal carry on campus. And of course they should train with police, but my point is, VETS are well trained in the use of firearms in stressful situations.
      The most recent statistics I could find indicated, across the country, a little more than 2% of teachers are military VETS.

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