Richmond, VA Gathering Proves That Gun Owners Cause Peace, Not Violence


Anti-gunners, when it comes to guns, at least, are all alike. They’ve watched too many Hollywood movies and lived with too little actual experience handling firearms (usually no experience at all). In other words, they don’t have any idea what they are talking about when it comes to real world ways to reduce violence.

The January gathering of 20,000+ gun owners in Richmond, Virginia to protest Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s push to pass anti-gun legislation is proof that, contrary to what anti-gunner politicians and the mainstream media tell you, guns bring peace and not violence.

Not convinced? Rob Morse gives us the reasoning:


We recently conducted another massive public experiment and the results contradict the media’s story about guns. We put tens of thousands of armed men and women on the street in one small area. The rate of crime dropped precipitously when these armed civilians were there.

Guns brought peace. Let me show you what happened.

Twenty-five-to-fifty thousand people came to the Virginia Capital on one morning to lobby the legislature. Once they filled the capital grounds, they overflowed into the streets in every direction.

A few thousand people deliberately disarmed to enter the capitol building. I can’t prove that everyone else was armed, but the vast majority of them were since this was a second-amendment protest. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen and the people I’ve talked to, for each person who was not armed at the rally, there was another person who carried multiple firearms. Call it one gun per person in round numbers.

I couldn’t find reports of violent crime in the area of the protests when I searched the news and police records. The protesters even brought trash bags and left the city streets cleaner than they’d found them. The single reported arrest I could find was of a counter-protester.

This peaceful gathering isn’t a surprise once you study the record of legally armed civilians in the US. We’ve seen this phenomenon before and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I routinely stand in a room with twenty-to-thirty thousand armed individuals. I’ve done that over a dozen times and the results are uniformly boring.

I’ve never seen violence at those sites. I’ll go a step further and say that people are polite and there is very little conflict of any kind. We’ve searched police records and the rate of crime drops in every city when that many gun owners gather together. A public experiment on that scale is a sociologist’s dream come true.

The truth is out there for anyone is isn’t intentionally ignorant (or dishonest) about the issue to see. Gun ownership by non-criminals brings peace to an area, not violence.

But the willful ignorance (and dishonesty) of anti-gun politicians and the mainstream media is exactly what members of the #VAGunRightsRebellion have to keep dealing with on a daily basis. Good job, folks, on providing a real world example of how gun ownership helps society as a whole. Keep up that good work, and keep fighting for gun rights in Virginia and the United States as a whole.