They Want To Disarm Us, But They’re The Ones Shooting People


Some anti-gunners are naive and ignorant. Some are just hypocrites. Sadly, on the surface, you can’t tell which are which by their talking points.

But actions speak louder than words sometimes, and a protester at a protest linked to Antifa in the southwest U.S. showed himself to be a hypocrite.

You won’t believe this one (hat tip to here for the lead). Pat Reavy writes,


The victim was driving a white SUV on University Avenue and was attempting to turn onto Center Street when a group of protesters began “crowding around the vehicle. A male protester ran to the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at (the) driver and shot one round through the window,” according to a synopsis of the incident by Provo Deputy Police Chief John Geyerman.

The driver, who was struck by a bullet, “hit the gas trying to leave the situation,” Geyerman said.

Cellphone video recorded by witnesses shows the SUV appearing to push through the protesters, with at least one person falling to the ground.

As the SUV is speeding away, the gunman ran after the vehicle and fired a second round that went through the rear passenger window, according to police.

After the shooting, video shows the gunman then “conceals the firearm and continues to protest,” Geyerman said. “This same protester later approached another vehicle at 500 North and University Avenue, striking and breaking the window with the handgun.”

Now, remember, Antifa and other leftists groups are the one calling for repealing the Second Amendment, yet, you don’t typically hear news stories of legal gun owners shooting other people except in self-defense or, sometimes, an accident. The kind of violence described in this story typically comes from criminals and those on the political left who want a revolution.

But they want to disarm us. We can’t ever let that happen.



  1. Anyone crowds around my Vehicle and is in a Threatening manner will meet 230Gr of Lead from my 45 now I have 2 full Magazines in my holster and 2 more in my door panel so by my Math there will be 32 Dead Rioters around my truck. and I’ve got a 6 shot 22 Mag with a full box of Ammo for Back up. Anyone care to come after me?

  2. This anarchist, communist-inspired violence is not “Free speech”!
    And if Antifa is demanding an end to the 2nd Amendment, let them waste their breath.
    The Bill of Rights does not “give” to our people anything they did not previously have, given them by God before the existence of any government on our continent.
    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights exist to protect what our Declaration of Independence declares as a matter of ratified law to be that our rights are from God, not government, not the king, not the governor. The Bill of Rights says “Hands off!” to government and its officials. One can examine history and substitute in the language of the 2nd Amendment the personal arms-du-jour for our firearms and the need was then as it is now, the duty the same, the need for the right to keep and bear arms be untrammeled.
    The NFA of 1935, its justification based on a court case which was never reheard by the lower court at the remand order of the USSC, set a precedent for the destruction of the 2nd Amendment. The violation of constitutional law was and is painfully obvious. The knee-jerk GCA of 1968 destroyed the 2nd Amendment, so obvious was the violation of constitutional law by the government. The existence of the ATFE has destroyed the 2nd Amendment, so obvious is the violation of the 2nd Amendment strictures against government interference in the right and the need for American citizens to keep and bear arms for any lawful purpose they deem fit, particularly as a hedge against overzealous government.
    We must be very careful, therefore, that we do not adopt the language of ignorance and state that the 2nd Amendment is a Constitutional right. It isn’t. But when we say this, it provides grist for the government mill to act on their erroneous belief that the 2nd Amendment is what gave the People the right to keep and bear arms, hence government convinces itself, because We The People are the ones saying it, that it has a right and a duty to regulate the commerce of firearms because: fill in the illegal political language of illegal justification to stomp flat what the Constitution says to the government it will not do.
    What we must be extremely watchful for and careful to note and to mark, and be instantly prepared to respond to, is if in the face of this small but very noisy communist uprising in our streets government decides our citizens will be safer without firearms.
    If that happens there will be two rebellions in the streets.
    Let the Antifa idiots waste their breath. The 2nd Amendment is already history. What remains, therefore, is for our people to be prepared to act as in the days before we had a Constitution, when the Redcoats at the orders of their king were marching to confiscate shot and powder. Times having changed, but search and seizure has not changed. Illegal then, illegal now. And no government law prohibiting its actions, especially one which has been thoroughly stomped flat, is going to prohibit government from doing whatsoever it wants.
    Keep your powder dry.
    Molon Labe.

  3. They want to take YOUR gun, not theirs! Their are NO examples, anywhere,of unarmed people being free. If you give up your weapons, you will be their SLAVE. I will die a free man!

  4. ” But they are peaceful Protestors” Everybody in that crowd/mob should have been shot on the spot, Peaceful? Not So !!

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