Protester Calling For Disarming Police Shoots Himself In Foot


File this one under “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.”

If you pay attention to the news, then you know that many of the protesters calling for defunding of police departments and disarming police are the same ones calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

That’s no secret.


What’s (almost) humorous, though, is that a protester at one of these rallies was open carrying and shot himself in the foot. Dan Zimmerman writes,

We missed this when it happened last week. This video was from a protest that took place in Florissant, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb just north of Ferguson in St. Louis County).

An open carrying protestor (perfectly legal in Missouri) obviously didn’t know enough to keep his finger off the trigger, let alone engage the safety on his AR pistol. When he touched off a negligent discharge with a large crowd around him, the round went through his right foot.

Jenn Sarti writes of the incident:

A protester in Florissant accidentally shot himself in the foot on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The protester was standing in front of a line of Florissant police officers when he discharged his long rifle, striking himself in the foot.

Sarti continues,


So, this guy shows up armed at what some would consider an anti-police rally right in front of a police station. And it would seem that this person has no business having a firearm as it sounds like they don’t know what they’re doing.

In other words, this guy was dangerous in his ignorance, and he could have very easily increased tensions by protesting with a firearm in front of a police department.

Not the smartest thing to do.

Fortunately for him and everyone else, no one else got hurt by this guy or by police responding to someone opening fire.

But these are the geniuses saying that Second Amendment advocates are the ones who are unsafe to have firearms. Wow.



  1. Wouldn’t it be great , if more “Karma” came back and bit more “left leaning quasi-intellects” ????
    Especially “The goon squad” , Beto O’Rourke , Hillary Bill and OLD Chelsea , Nancy Peloci , Schumer ,Joe and Hunter Biden , AOC [the bar] , Ilhan [ill bred] Omar , Diane Feinstein , Bernie , “antifas” , Whitmyre , Warren , and all of Hollywood stars and wannabe’s , and the list is soooooo long , BLM ,Planned Parenthood etc

    • I remember Diane Feinstien got stop by police for charging a handgun in her purse. While boarding an airline! She had charge remove by HARRIS!

        • I think I know some smart, old fashion Democrats.
          I think I know what they will do in November, as I heard some very very smart ones declare straight that they did not want this “new” party controlling the country. Not my boss though. He forbade me to watch FOX, and said cnn was the truth.
          So when I hear a guy like my boss shoots himself in the foot, I start laughing. Then I consider telling that to my boss and see what he will do. Fire me? I’ve worked for him over a year. Does he advertise that his business is EOE? Will I laugh?

  2. There are probably a large number of these PROTESTORS that are being paid by the liberal/socialists (Democratic Party) to agitate and instigate. Really what they are are brainless useful idiots.

  3. blm political party just like elite leftist for more government control/power want themselves the only ones armed.
    Imagine if they had that power.
    The founding fathers knew what to not want or tolerate is that absolute power and it’s corruption.

  4. Between this black militia in Louisville and these BOZO’s shooting themselves left and right I say arm them all, sit back with some pop corn, have a few laughs, and let the Darwin theory take it’s toll.

  5. If you can’t handle a firearm safety, DON’T CARRY! It’s fools like this that will blame the gun, instead of their own stupidity!

  6. The big question is, who elected these morons into office? That Commie De Blazes Blasio won’t stop until New York is totally destroyed. He should spend his retirement years in the big house, with all the loony lefties who are out to destroy America for everybody else. The rest of us who work hard, who love this country, we don’t want to have it turned into a third world toilet. REMEMBER NOVEMBER: ALL THESE WORTHLESS LEFTY LOONS HAVE GOT TO GO, UNLESS YOU ALL WANT TO LIVE IN HELL FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

    • Ancient Flyer, if we lose in November, we won’t just be experiencing Hell for the next FOUR years. The potential is there for it to carry on indefinitely. And that’s what scares me.

  7. Agree with Tim. Tell the dumbass to turn the rifle around. The world would be a better place if the dumbass shot himself in the head instead. Defunding police is the dumbest far left idea yet!

  8. Part of me says The guy should be charged for Reckless endangering for every person within 25 feet of him. Idiot could have killed or injured someone. The other side of me doesn’t care since they’re are all leftist BLM/Defund the police Marxist A-holes it’s a shame he didn’t Hurt or kill a few of his Comrads .

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