Nine Reasons Why There Should Be No Gun Restrictions


Some people say that black lives matter. I agree. Black lives do matter.

The problem with people who keep wanting to bring up that black lives matter is that they are typically also the people who keep wanting to tell us that we need to ban guns to protect those black lives.

To which I want to ask, “Oh, really?”


If you’re one of those people who think that we need to ban guns to save lives (black lives, children’s lives, any lives), then Amy Swearer has nine real world examples of defensive gun use just from July 2020 that saved lives. Each of these nine are reasons to loosen gun restrictions, not to tighten them. Here are Swearer’s nine examples with our commentary:

  1. July 1, Madison, Wisconsin: A lady’s ex-boyfriend tried to force his way into her car (she was in it). She shot him.
  2. July 4, El Paso, Texas: A concealed carry permit holder intervened when a group of people attacked a woman. The permit holder got stabbed but shot the stabber.
  3. July 7, Jefferson City, Tennessee: A guy was strangling a woman outside of a restaurant. A good guy with a gun drew his firearm and intervened, ending the attack.
  4. July 10, Wesley Chapel, Florida: Armed robbers broke into a home. The homeowner fired when he saw guns pointed at him, killing two. The third got out of the house, but a neighbor held them at gunpoint until police arrived.
  5. July 14, Brownsburg, Indiana: A guy opened fire on “two cemetery workers.” A good guy with a gun stopped his car, got out, and shot and killed the attacker.
  6. July 20, Moss Hill, Texas: A man having mental health issues started swinging a machete at people. A motorist who had stopped pulled his firearm to keep him at bay until the man put down the machete and police could intervene.
  7. July 25, Dallas, Texas: A guy opened fire when he wasn’t allowed into a bar (due to “COVID-19 capacity restrictions”). Other folks in the bar shot back, and the guy fled.
  8. July 28, Dalton, Georgia: Four people attacked a truck driver at a truck stop and tried to rob him. He was able to pull his handgun, and the robbers fled.
  9. July 30, Troy, New York: A woman was being stabbed by her estranged husband. An off-duty police officer intervened and killed the attacker.

Now, would any of these victims have been better off if they had not had a firearm on their person or if someone nearby had not? The answer is no.

Those are just nine of the many reasons from the month of July, 2020, alone that we need less gun control, not more.

Defensive gun use happens everyday, and guns should be made more available for people to buy so that people can protect both themselves and other people.