This Pistol Will Terrify Anti-Gunners But Looks Scarier Than It Really Is

Image courtesy Heckler & Koch.

Some people have a dream of finally getting to shoot an automatic firearm. Maybe it’s all of the action movies that Hollywood makes, but there is a certain appeal to being able to pull the trigger on something that can pump out bullets that quickly.

But, as you may know, getting your hands on a machine gun is pretty darn difficult, so difficult, in fact, that there is at least one business has been started (in Nevada, of course) that collects these hard-to-get firearms so that people can sign up to be able to shoot them. Think of it as the shooting gallery at your local fair with real and powerful firearms.

Still, maybe you crave having a gun in your personal collection that at least looks like it could be an automatic weapon, even if it isn’t. If that’s you, then Heckler & Koch have you covered with their SP5 pistol. Andy Massimilian gives us the details:


This year, Heckler & Koch introduced a product long sought by American gun buyers: a pistol that replicates the look of the legendary MP5 submachine gun made by the company that invented it. The SP5 is made at HK’s Oberndorf factory in Germany and, with the exception of being semi-automatic-only and lacking a buttstock, faithfully reincarnates a venerated firearm that has come to define Germany’s Heckler & Koch perhaps like no other.

Like the MP5, the SP5 uses a receiver formed from two steel stampings welded together, but undergoes additional processes to prevent installation of the MP5’s trigger group and bolt carrier (to avoid having anyone inadvertently manufacture a machine gun, which is decidedly illegal for anyone without an SOT FFL, among other requirements). It operates using the roller-delayed blowback system which, though relatively costly to manufacture, is lighter weight and generates less perceived recoil than simple blowback-operated arms with necessarily heavy bolts.

As you can see in the picture above, this is a pistol which is almost certain to terrify anti-gunners, who typically know next to nothing about guns.

But, if you’re looking for something a little different, then this pistol may be just what you’re looking for.