Biden’s Attorney General Pick Should Scare The Daylights Out Of Americans


By now, it should be obvious to anyone who is remotely paying attention that the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris ticket is very possibly the most anti-gun political ticket that has ever had a chance of actually getting into the White House.

Biden keeps making it clear that he doesn’t understand gun laws, gun safety, or what is involved in protecting a life (see here for an example). Harris is simply downright hostile towards the Second Amendment and anything that would keep her from being able to run roughshod over the rights of Americans (see here for more on that).

Now, these two horrible candidates have come up with possibly the worst choice for Attorney General that they could ever have come up with. You’ll know this guy. He’s a piece of work, and not in a good way (see here and here for reminders). Harold Hutchison writes,


Who is elected President matters – and not just because the President signs legislation and has the bully pulpit at his (or someday, her) disposal. It also matters because the President of the United States can appoint officials to the Cabinet, and those are often the people who would make a lot of the policy decisions.

This is why Second Amendment supporters should greet reports that New York governor Andrew Cuomo is a potential contender for the post of Attorney General in a potential Biden Administration with great alarm. When his track record is taken into account, Cuomo isn’t just a foe of our Second Amendment rights, he has clearly shown a pattern of retaliation against those who exercise their First Amendment rights in opposition to his agenda.

Look, with Beto and their “gun czar” and Cuomo as their Attorney General, Biden and Harris have set themselves up to be the single most dangerous Presidential ticket put forth by a major party in U.S. history. Simply put, we can’t let these two get into office, and we need to do everything that we (legally) can to make sure that the vote is clear that Biden / Harris have lost in 2020.



  1. If Biden and Harris win this election then we all can say GOOD-BYE to home of the free because if you know anything about socialism you know that the Government controls everything from where you work, live and how you income is to be used because it all goes to the government and then they give what they deem appropriate for your social standing. WAKE UP AND DEFEAT THESE TWO COMMUNIST

  2. I’m really wondering and waiting to see that if by some miracle Biden wins that if Texas and it’s adjoining states will secede or stay with the destruction of the United States that his winning will bring.

  3. Biden and company have already won the election weather we like it or not and all of us on the right are now going to have to eat it! What a mess this once great country is now in!

    • People need to understand, there is a BIG! difference between won and stolen. This election was not won it was stolen by a corrupt liberal party, bent on destroying the country. President Trump is doing exactly what should be done, he is fighting their corruption and exposing the left for what they really are. Have you stopped to wonder why the Republican voters would vote in so many new Republicans into office, then turn and vote the seated, Republican President out? Not logical! Did not happen! Bidden/Harris, are literal enemies of the state.

      • Your statement is based in radical ideology, and not supported in fact. Like the presidents unfounded and rediculous arguments , they are solely based on what he says rather than fact. The challenges in the states he lost, legal as they may have been also produced nothing of any substance nor supported in fact. Like so many who support the president they lack the willpower to accept the facts, that on its own is more scarier than the president himself, because it becomes a force harmful to democracy.

  4. We are in for a real fighting internal war complete with blood and savagery . Think “Terminator” where the govt. are the terminators and we are the “Connors”. I pray this does not come to be but I urge every freedom loving citizen to refuse to back down , stand your ground and fight with everything at your disposal and at all cost to defeat tyranny and oppression. If we are UNITED we have a chance. There are millions of us . NEVER ALLOW THEM TO CRUSH OUR FREEDOMS . FIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. BECAUSE IT DOES. Make no mistake about that.

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