Why Is The American Bar Association Focusing On Gun Violence Instead Of The Law?


One of the biggest problems in our world today, in my opinion, is that there are too many people who want to advise other people about things about which they have no clue.

An example from my personal life: before I had kids, I would criticize (in my head) parents that couldn’t keep their toddler from yelling or screaming or just generally being loudly happy in a restaurant. Those folks should know better, right?

Then, I had kids and found out what a heel I had been. You can’t control a toddler to get them to be quiet in a restaurant. They are going to make lots of noise when you least expect it, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.


Which leads me to the American Bar Association. This is an organization which, you would think, is all about making sure that lawyers know the law and can do their jobs as lawyers, but, for some reason, they’ve decided that they know enough about the real causes of gun violence to wade into that fight (hat tip to here for the lead). Matt Reynolds writes,

Is there space in the middle to meet? J. Adam Skaggs, a special adviser to the ABA’s Standing Committee on Gun Violence and chief counsel and policy director at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, says it is hard to find common ground when the gun rights side is pushing “an extremist agenda in the courts.” On the other hand, he says gun control advocates have much in common with Americans who support reasonable regulations.

“I think the central argument is that like all other rights, the Second Amendment is not unlimited and has always coexisted with strong regulations and laws,” Skaggs says. “That’s no different today than it was at any other point in history.”

The especially irritating aspect to the American Bar Association having a “Special Council on Gun Violence” is that they are taking advice from a clearly biased source: the chief council and policy director of the Gifford’s Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence. If this were simply a matter of the ABA getting input on the legal side of things, we could talk about this (even though the Second Amendment is pretty clear for anyone who isn’t reading it with the agenda of trying to confiscate guns), but anyone associated with Gifford’s gun control efforts isn’t unbiased or thinking clearly from a Constitutional viewpoint which all legal aspects need to start with.

So, it looks like the ABA, like so many organizations is throwing their hat in the ring to try to limit your rights because they think they know the issues of gun violence better than people who actually use guns. Sad. Really sad.



  1. We, the People, are being completely left out of running the country! First, you have the “Big Brother” leftists who think billionaires know best when it comes to governing, when it is clear all they want to do is continue making We, the People, their handmaids and footmen, and acquiring more and ever more power (read: money)! Then you have the right, who think We, the People, are too stupid and naive to have any say on how to govern ourselves and feel it is their right and duty to lead us by the hand and tell us to leave everything to them. Thus, we have a situation where the two “Powers That Be” are having a power grabbing pissing contest keeping each other from getting anything done in DC and completely ignoring managing the most powerful nation on this planet!

    • They are not for freedom. They made their choice. They would rather plunder than labor. They have no respect for the second, and will justify it with excuses like it’s ‘outdated’, not ‘absolute’, it was ‘made solely for that time period’, or I love this one ‘the founders didn’t know how the future modern era would be’ even though there is evidence that they considered it, and made room for it and they even warned us about communism. I wanna say more, but it would take too long, apologies. Thanks for the article.

  2. The Gun Rights Group does not have “AN EXTREMIST AGENDA ” its just pointing out the Constitution were it says the People and Arms with no restrictions and ends with ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED “…………..

  3. The politicians want to have every gun confiscated for the good of the public. Well try this on for size. Politicians give up the armed army that protects your worthless behinds, if the public doesn’t need protection from the crazies, neither do you. Where I live if I call a LEO, he might be there in five minutes, if he is in town, hours if he is not.

  4. Why do they as the left does and ignore gang /gun violence. All they need to do is examine Chicago where some neighborhoods haven’t had a homicide in DECADES. And attornies are supposed to be educated.

  5. Those smart people who hold positions in government and/or who hold a degree in law or politics are completely out of touch with the average citizen because while they call for gun control, restrictions, and bans, these same people live in gated communities, secluded mansions and benefit from armed security teams, bodyguards, armed security and electronic measures.

    They don’t have to worry that their car won’t start or they might miss a bus and have to wait for a ride or walk home and possibly be assaulted by a heartless rapist, a spineless thug looking to score some cash or some punk trying to feel tough. They don’t have to walk in darkness scared of being robbed, beaten or killed. Some may even own cars that are lined with bullet resistant materials.

    And money flows into their hands like water from a faucet, so they have no idea what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck and hoping to put something into a savings account and worried about being able to pay their bills while also keeping their house up, keeping their car running and managing all the daily expenses of living.
    Nobody is going to lower their salaries, force them to stop working or to move to a place with high crime rates. They are unaffected by citizens, yet they are quick and callous in making decisions and implementing actions that may change if not totally ruin our lives. And they do so with smugness and indifference all the while pretending they are here to help us, serve us and make our lives better.
    In other countries and other periods in time, those who have sought to seek power were often run out of town, banished, removed from their positions and ridiculed or often simple hung or shot as per the choices of execution in the particular time and place.
    Sadly they see themselves as safe and assume that a positive social media show can save them since there are citizens dumber than they are and clueless to the traitors and power seeking, money grubbing elitist scumbags that call themselves public servants.

  6. So the other day I walked into a small local gun store here in southern Utah 😁. The sign on the door said “ masks required”. I walked in without one 😎 and asked one of the fellows working there (he wasn’t wearing a mask) do I really need one of these? His comment was awesome, we are all adults here and if you want to wear one that’s fine, if not that’s fine too. Now how mature is that. Maybe all the liberal (and some conservative governors) should take note and stop pretending they are the ones with all the answers and know what’s best for millions. They don’t know. Get out of our lives, please. Oh, and one more thing. If they’re going to close down all these mom and pop businesses, maybe they (all elected officials) need to have their salaries discontinued and see what it’s really like. How awesome would that be.

  7. Why does the ABA have a council on anything?

    This is at the heart of the problem.

    I can be an outspoken and civil, and in my own opinion, a responsible citizen. But, I do not deserve a platform to air my opinions, just because I have one …

    Let’s ask Bill Gates what he thinks.

  8. I recall that, when I was on AOL mack in the late 60’s that a lawyer posted that the American Bar Association had – and probably still has – a Socialist agenda.

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