Seattle Is ‘Textbook Example’ Of Gun Control. Here’s Why This Should Scare Anti-Gunners


I really think that anti-gunners don’t want what they think they want. Sure, there are some who acknowledge, at least in private, that gun control is completely about control and not in the least about safety. And, frankly, no one even toying with the idea of gun control actually cares anything about rights unless they are losing something that they care about.

So, why do I say that anti-gunners do not want what they think they want? Answer: because if they get what they say that they want, then they would be horrified at the outcome. Anti-gunners want gun control because they think the resulting world will be full of shiny happy people holding hands. What it actually results in is Chicago or Baltimore or Seattle.

And I’m not the only person who says that Seattle is representative of what gun control looks like. Dave Workman writes,


The City of Seattle is a “textbook example of horribly failed policies,” according to a national grassroots gun rights organization headquartered coincidentally in nearby Bellevue that looked at the skyrocketing number of murders in several major cities Wednesday.

Fox News reported this week that the “Jet City,” which is also known as “The Emerald City” or its once famous nickname “Queen City,” has recorded 55 homicides this year. Liberty Park Press checked with the Seattle Police Department for confirmation.

Last year, Seattle posted 28 slayings, so the city that conservative critics say has become a magnet for drug abusers and homeless people has essentially doubled the murder tally in a single year, and 2020 isn’t over yet.

Workman continues:

“Seattle is a textbook example of horribly failed policies,” said [Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms] Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The city council just slashed the police department’s budget following months of civil unrest, vandalism, property destruction and rising crime.

“Five years ago,” he recalled, “the city adopted a gun and ammunition tax to finance a so-called ‘gun violence reduction’ program that drove business out of the city and obviously hasn’t prevented any violent crime.”

Then the city adopted a “safe storage” requirement for gun owners. 

None of the gun control implementation and other leftists policies have decreased violence or murder rates, but that doesn’t stop politicians in Seattle and elsewhere from pushing policies that only hurt the people.

It’s time that anti-gunners wake up and smell the coffee. Gun bans lead to increased overall violence, not less.



  1. But the sad fact is, there are SOOO many people who immediately stick their fingers in their ears when the hear anything resembling common sense and actual “facts”!

  2. It’s time they wake up and smell their own BS! And the “lovely” smell of Amendment XVIII and its success.

  3. The problem (well one of its many) the LEFT/Democrats, can’t admit when their policies and laws are wrong and don’t work! They double down on them and put they’re head in the sands , or actually up their A$$. They make excuses about why their laws don’t works or shift blame. Then they pass more of the same BS and can’t figure out why nothing changes and gets better. This is Why Democratic controlled cities have more crime and issues than republicans. They see police and law and order as the problems. I’d feel sorry for them And their stupidity, if I wasn’t so scared that their horrible ideas will spread like the the plague unchecked. In the end they’ll play their fiddle why Rome burns to the ground. Unfortunately this time Rome will be our Republic!

  4. You don’t get it. Democrats simply do not care how many people die due to crime. It doesn’t matter if the criminals use guns, knives, Molotov cocktails or bombs in pressure cookers or RVs-
    Criminals are the new Protected Class. In the country illegally? No, you’re an Undocumented Immigrant eligible for all sorts of money. In prison? You’re just a victim of The (white) Man’s law. Rioting and burning your city or a city you were bussed into? No, you’re a “peaceful protestor”. Arrested for robbery? No, you’re entitled to steal because The (white) Man kept you down.

    It also doesn’t matter to them that Dem cities are the densest concentration of crime, because they will promise to “fix” their cities until everyone os dead.
    And the people they don;t care about will keep voting for them.
    To Democrats guns are a symbol of the citizen’s power over the State- don’t pretend they don’t understand that, and that it terrifies them. They are all about control, and are terrified of citizens who refuse to accept them as Lord and Master. That’s why they claim The Enemy is doing what they do, enacting Fascist rule one after thew other.
    They don’t care about murder, or abortion, or starvation or any factor cutting their voter base because they know there will always be plenty more to fool into following them.

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