Anti-Gunners Would Never Guess The Primary Reason For Gun Deaths In This Leftist State


What’s the single biggest “reason” that leftists give to justify pushing their insane political policy positions? It’s “for the children.”

That’s what you always hear. We need gun control to protect the children, but anti-gunners, like leftists in general, don’t pay attention to the facts of the situation.

See, leftists say that they want gun control to prevent mass shootings and to prevent people assaulting and murdering people with a firearm, and they, then, “justify” that gun control position by talking about how many gun deaths are occurring.


What they don’t tell you is how those gun deaths break down in terms of what really happened. If they did, they’d be hard pressed to say that they want gun control to prevent mass shootings because the number of deaths in those horrible situations, thankfully, aren’t very high.

So, what is the big cause of gun-related deaths? Anti-gunners will have trouble believing this even though it’s true even in a state-wide gun control zone. Cameron Sheppard gives us the details:

Recent reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more than 39,000 people died from firearm injuries in the U.S. in 2018, including 24,432 by gun suicide.

Dr. Frederick P. Rivara, author of the study, said 70 percent of firearm deaths in Washington state are due to suicide.

Sadly, of course, the folks who put together this study recommended “temporary firearm storage” as one possible “solution” even though their research says that this makes a difference in only “8 percent to 19 percent of suicides and unintentional shooting deaths among youth and adolescents.” You won’t be surprised to know that they don’t break out the numbers between suicides and “unintentional shooting deaths” to let you know how few of these are accidents.

The other two solutions that they propose involve background checks and red flag laws (again, no surprise there).

The saddest part about all of this research, though, is that, as far as we can tell from Sheppard’s article, the authors of the study don’t suggest actually dealing with the causes of suicides. Once again, as is typical among gun control advocates, they want to control the effect when the effective solution would be dealing with the cause.

And even though suicides are a much higher cause of gun deaths, even in the State of Washington, anti-gunners will continue to push gun control because of mass shootings. To protect “the children,” of course.



  1. “Gun Violence” is an idiotic term used by idiots… we all know it’s really ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE but Democrats and even Republicans love their addictions too much to do anything about addictions/drug abuse/illegal drugs availability…

  2. There was an old bumper sticker that said “Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than any of my guns” . (Anyone under 30 will probably have to look this up to understand and probably should) The Democrats don’t want you to see the truth, because as they say the truth hurts. When you take all the suicides out of the total of gun violence and then also remove Gang violence the true rate of gun deaths is fairly low. Then they say but if it only saves 1 life . No, no I don’t care and you can’t trample my rights for 1 persons life. If the Democrats want to save 1 more innocent life stop abortion. Democrat= Hypocrite

    • “If it saves just 1 life” – with the numbers out of the CDC (300,000 t0 1,000, 000 defensive uses yearly) it would seem that having a gun is a great argument for saving that 1 life.

  3. Yet again the hoplophobes target (pun intended) the mechanism of suicide and NOT the root causes. People who resort to suicide WILL resort to any means available to commit the act if they get into (to them) an untenable life or social situation. Unfortunately a gun is often a ‘simple’ solution to resolve their anxiety. Notice that they never give the totals for suicides by all other means……………can’t demonize guns if they do.
    The worst suicide I ever investigated was a guy with terminal illness who took an overdose of pain meds, washed down by copious amounts of alcohol AND he hooked hoses from the dual exhaust thru the vent windows of his ride and left the engine running. To say he was determined is a gross understatement. BTW – he parked in a secluded spot to avoid being seen too soon.

  4. Maybe they should ban rope as well. The whole idea that banning something will change the outcome. It may, to some small degree. But any sane person would know that the cause needs to be addressed, not the outcome.

  5. When there is overpopulation, Nature, has gambits to get that population-level down to pre-optimal population numbers.

    First: Nature somehow causes in our babies in our wombs before birth the hormones with which to create homosexuality. Homosexuality definitely slows the progress of overpopulation.

    Second: Chemistry gets so messed up in individuals and that causes suicide. Antidepressants are lifesavers for many people. Anti-depressants can cause suicides because the chemistry change in one’s body gives people the ability to physically kill themselves. Before the antidepressant, they were PARALYZED. Give them a chance to have more energy than when paralyzed and they will be more likely to commit suicide.

    Third: Nature causes a virulent disease and pandemic. Covid is lame and possibly a huge hoax. The patent process will not patent NATURAL stuff/things. Covid and its’ sisters are PATENTED. So obvious and in our face! The ‘author’ of these patents has the initials, BG. Who is still a wannabee Elite?

    These masks are such a joke. Look at the directions on the box that the masks were marketed. Right on the box of N95? in print, the words, “this product does not protect against virus, fungus as well as bacterial. These masks, however, are a wake-up call. Great practice for a future REAL pandemic. If there is an upside to this horrible disease?

    This past flu season had the lowest number of infected and the lowest number of deaths in the entire written history to date. 300 versus 400,000? Think about the why and the who.

  6. Guns. Why gun control? Power. If a group wants to control the “people”, it begins in kindergarten, then goes from there. The second part is control of the media , the control of the teachers , then control of the Government, then GUN CONTROL. When THAT group has control of the Media , the Government , and the GUNS, there is NO OPPOSITION . Having “Plants” in the MEDIA , I refer to Don Lemon[head] , “The View” , “Ophrah” , Late Night with Colbert aka COldBeer, or is that OLDBEER? , and others , one can see how easily the MASSES become controlled. 1960’s showed pseudo-intellects INVADING “Woodstock” and selling books on communism , openly selling , and there were buyers. John Kerry got his books there[ tongue in cheek] . SNL is the longest running propaganda show. So , Biden gets into the White House and his “masses ” are behind the “Green Curtain” pulling the strings. The Clintons , the Gates Foundation , The Fed., and the list goes on.

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